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Bodies get old very quickly

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Paul from Jacksonville:
If the Jets and the Titans are that bad, then what does that say about the Colts?

Vic: : It says the Colts have a quarterback capable of overcoming the team's deficiencies.

Dave from London, Ontario:
In your blog you stated Kellen Clemens was inactive. How can someone who is inactive come into the game?

Vic: Clemens was the Jets' "third quarterback" and the "third QB" can play but, if he enters the game before the start of the fourth quarter, the other two quarterbacks may no longer play. Clemens entered the game in the fourth quarter, which means he could've been replaced by either of the Jets' "active" quarterbacks.

William from Jacksonville:
I saw a highlight of Larry Fitzgerald catching a touchdown pass. He makes the catch and in almost one motion flips it to the nearest ref and high-fives his teammates; no chest-bumping just acknowledgement. Pure class.

Vic: When Fitzgerald was at Pitt, I remember telling Tom Coughlin that if Fitzgerald won the Heisman Trophy he might begin a trend toward post-touchdown non-celebrations. Unfortunately, Fitzgerald finished second in the Heisman voting, which I think is one of the most unforgivable oversights in Heisman history. They gave the award that year to Oklahoma's Jason White, who won because the majority of voters sent their ballots in before White turned in a poor performance in a loss to Kansas State in the Big 12 title game. White, of course, never played a game in the NFL. If he was the best football player in America, then I'm Ernest Hemingway. What a shame. College football had an opportunity to give its highest-ranking award to a truly great player, and they gave it to a run-of-the-mill guy because of regional bias. I'll always wonder what Fitzgerald might've established in the way of post-touchdown influence, had he won the Heisman Trophy.

Mike from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
I'm writing in reference to your thoughts on fan behavior. I believe fans should be able to ridicule fans of opposing teams to an extent without thinking it's going to be a problem. If there are no derogatory comments or acts of violence, it's still just fun. Do you think fans should just keep their mouths closed and watch the game or have a good time and put a foot down when the time is right? I'm still unsure of your opinion, so enlighten me.

Vic: I'm numb. I don't recognize the right to ridicule any person for any reason. What bothers me most is that I expect to receive several more e-mails agreeing with your point of view.

Scott from Jacksonville:
Troy Aikman had a bad back, Steve Young concussions and Bo Jackson a hip. What exactly happened to Boselli to end his career, where surgery or time off couldn't help him so young? And did he ever play for the Texans?

Vic: Tony Boselli underwent surgery on the labrums in both shoulders. They could not be repaired and he never played again. These players are human beings. They are not bionic men. Football takes its toll on bodies and I struggle to understand why fans don't understand that players get old very quickly. That's why I say football is a young man's game. I've been to several Hall of Fame induction ceremonies at which inductees from previous classes have been introduced and, in many cases, they struggled to stand or hold an arm in the air to wave. This is a vicious game. Please appreciate what these men sacrifice for the riches the game returns. Mostly, appreciate what the men from the early history of professional football sacrificed for riches that did not exist then.

Thom from Jacksonville:
Where are the Jaguars ranked now in total offense and defense?

Vic: The Jaguars are 15th in total offense (10th rushing and 16th passing), and eighth in total defense (12th against the run and 10th against the pass).

Rob from Milwaukee, WI:
I was watching the game with my girlfriend this weekend and she asked me how they can have the first down marker on the screen without covering up the players. I had no idea. Any clue?

Vic: It's invisible paint.

Brent from Dunedin, FL:
Is there any way you could have one day when every "Ask Vic" question is from someone from Arkansas? Their questions and your responses are great.

Vic: I gotta take a break, so I'm banning them for awhile. I'll announce when the ban has been lifted.

James from Puyallup, WA:
Chuck Knox's favorite mantra was "you gotta play the hand you're dealt." How appropriate is that for the Jags currently?

Vic: Chuck Noll would say, "and we never complain about the cards we get." Losing Mike Peterson is a terrible blow to the Jaguars. No matter who replaces him, there is going to be a gap in performance somewhere because you just don't lose a player as good as Peterson and not feel the loss. I think you have to accept that as fact and close that gap by playing above expectations in another aspect of the game. We went into this season with the idea the Jaguars would be a ball-control team that would play to its strength, which was defense. That meant the Jaguars would stress field position and an offense that took care of the ball and capitalized on scoring chances when they presented themselves. The defense has been damaged significantly by the combined loss of Peterson and Reggie Hayward. In my opinion, the burden falls on the offense. They're going to have to do a little more; score more and hold the ball longer. The offense is on a roll right now. Let's see if they can keep it going.

Brett from MCAS Iwakuni, Japan:
In response to Kyle from Texas, I have to say that he has a point about the win-loss record but he must also take a look at the opponents' losses as well. The Steelers lost all of their games to top teams in the league, not to mention the top defense in San Diego.

Vic: That's a very good observation, too. I like that kind of deductive reasoning.

Davarrion from Buenos Aires, Argentina:
How are we going to adjust to continue the season without Peterson?

Vic: What about me? How am I going to continue the season without Peterson? Nobody thinks about what I just lost. Peterson was the best quote in the whole locker room. I have just been dealt a crushing blow.

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