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Bouncing back


And while Aaron Kampman said being here isn't ideal, and while he doesn't want to be here again, that doesn't change the fact that the Jaguars usually have been able to respond particularly well in these situations.

A big loss on the road? Early-season issues?

And yes, being written off by just about anyone doing the writing?

The Jaguars are there again this week, having lost 32-3 to the New York Jets Sunday, but Kampman said the Jaguars have been and remain a team that can handle the situation.

Even if it's not where they want to be.

"We're not going to blink," Kampman said as the Jaguars (1-1) began early preparations to play the Carolina Panthers (0-2) at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, N.C., Sunday at 1 p.m.

Kampman, a veteran defensive end who remains out this week while returning from a knee injury that kept him out the last eight games last regular season, said that was the message of the team's leadership early this week.

"Keep going," Kampman said. "Move forward, get better. Focus on the positives and get better at those and find a way to eliminate things that are negatives."

Head Coach Jack Del Rio said the key in the situation facing the Jaguars is being "consistent in your approach."

"There are times when you have a bad day in this league," Del Rio said. "Heck, the Jets had one last year against the Patriots in the regular season. It may have been every bit of what you saw (Sunday), and they bounced back and beat them in the playoffs.

"The biggest thing is to understand the extremes and then sometimes the way it's reported or the way your wife or girlfriend may treat you at home. You kind of have to block all that stuff out and get on about your business of preparing the next opportunity. That's a challenge but that's what must occur.

"And you have to kind of man up, take it, take it on the chin and man up where you need to then move on. So I think that's important for us and I believe we will do that."

The Jaguars last season beat Denver in an emotional season opener, then lost to San Diego 38-13 on the road in Week 2 in a game in which then-quarterback David Garrard threw four interceptions. The Jaguars last season then lost to Philadelphia in Week 3, 28-3, and had two more losses of more than 25 points before recovering to reach 8-5 and lead the AFC South in December.

They also lost four games by 14 or more points in 2009, but responded to reach 7-5 before slipping from playoff contention.

Fast forward to this season:

The Jaguars beat the Tennessee Titans in Week 1, then followed that with a lopsided loss to the Jets Sunday, a game in which quarterback Luke McCown threw four interceptions.

 "As I stood here a year ago, when we got beat by San Diego pretty good, I didn't feel as optimistic probably about the team as I feel right now," Kampman said.


"I know the players we have," Kampman said. "I know the chemistry we have. We had a good team last year in a lot of areas, but this one's better, in my opinion. We're obviously extremely disappointed, but we're resilient.  We've been resilient, and I feel a lot better about where we are at this point than where we were last year."

Jaguars wide receiver Mike Thomas said two weeks is too early for major concern, and pointed to the Baltimore Ravens' 26-13 loss to theTitans as evidence. The Jaguars beat Tennessee, 16-14, in the regular-season opener, while the Ravens beat defending AFC Champion Pittsburgh 35-7 in Week 1.

"It's the NFL," Thomas said. "You look around the league – a lot of teams are 0-2, some are 1-1 and some are 2-0. You're going to have weeks like that throughout the whole season. You'll see some teams take a whupping.

"Look at Baltimore-Tennessee. The Titans shocked a lot of people by beating Baltimore, but it's a week-to-week league. Everybody can play, so it's pretty much expected that some teams are going to have their days. We have to stay hungry and keep working, look for and expect success, as opposed to looking for what we had last week.

"We have to have the mentality that it will be better next time, and that gives us a chance."

Kampman said he has little doubt the Jaguars can and will take advantage of that chance.

"There is definitely a sense of an indomitable spirit in a lot of our guys," Kampman said. "There is that type of mentality in a lot of our guys. There is a warrior mentality in a lot of them. They understand the perspective, as well. I think this is true: failure is only reserved for those who don't get back up after they've been knocked down. I think our guys understand that and try to live with it."

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