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Bradley on heightened environment: "That's good for us"


JACKSONVILLE – With tonight's game nationally televised on CBS Sports in prime time, Jaguars Head Coach Gus Bradley expects his team to handle the heightened environment professionally.

"The master of ability is the guy that can go out there when it's calm or a heightened environment and play the same and not get too caught up in it," Bradley told co-host Jeff Lageman on the "Gus Bradley Show" Thursday night.

"That's always a challenge for some of these younger players. Not to talk about it is unrealistic. We have to talk about it. We brought it to their attention, we made note of it, we addressed it and we moved on."

Bradley also said that the third preseason game, called the "dress rehearsal" game around the league, is in many ways about preparation during the week, but also for the starters to go into the second half if possible.

"(This week was) for us as a coaching staff to get another chance to look at the reports that we want for the regular season and the presentations that are going to take place. (Also) for the guys in the locker room to come out at halftime, and go out in the third quarter and perform."

Bradley also discussed the team's recovery session after Wednesday's walkthrough practice.

"The soft tissue injures, I think you're starting to hear a lot of talk about it, some of the injuries taking place, and you have to be aware of it. You really design some of your practices accordingly.

"We get great information from our strength coach and (athletic) trainer and we utilize that and make some of our decisions. One of those things was to take some time on a Friday and implement some of these things for our guys to have an opportunity to take care of themselves."

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