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Bradley on offense: "We're further along than we anticipated"


JACKSONVILLE – The Jacksonville Jaguars' 2015 Training Camp officially came to an end Thursday afternoon, and on the "Gus Bradley Show" Thursday night, the Jaguars head coach said he expects the team to keep their focus in the coming weeks.

"That's the great thing about training camp: you do have their focus, they're staying in the hotel, you take up the majority of their time," Bradley told host Jeff Lageman. "I think it will be a great challenge for this team. We had a walkthrough (Thursday), actually took the pads off and hats and really challenged them mentally, and they responded very well. So I hope they respond even though we're breaking camp."

With the end of camp comes the first road game of the preseason Saturday night at MetLife Stadium against the New York Giants. Bradley said that there are a few things that a team can learn from the first road trip.

"Just getting your routine down on the road and knowing how to take all the time you have allotted for you and make the best possible use for it (is important)," Bradley said. "Then to go in another environment, all the sudden the offense is looking at snap count cadence, some crowd noise issues."

For many rookies on the roster, Saturday's game could be an eye-opening experience.

"(We have) guys playing in a different environment that they're not accustomed to," Bradley said. "We still have some young players on our team that this will be their first road game ever in the NFL."

Also on Thursday night:

  • Bradley on the Jaguars offense: "I think we're further along than we anticipated. Sometimes it takes a while. Now, it is a preseason game and there's not a lot of game planning going on, but still you have to go out there and execute and I thought our execution was pretty good."
  • Bradley on difficult roster decisions ahead: "Special teams are so critical. These receivers, you're looking at that group and guys that can be four-core players, as well as a returner, it helps them as far as the more that they can do."
  • Bradley on personnel meeting schedule: "We have personnel meetings with the whole staff a couple of times a week, we had one last night again, where we talk about every player on the team, every position. We don't get into specifics, maybe the numbers that we're going to keep at each, but we get a good feel and then each scout gets an opportunity to talk. And then Dave (Caldwell) and I just go through it…We try to keep an open mind, because we know the next couple of games a lot of things can happen."

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