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Brunell has benefited

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Vijay from Montreal, Quebec:
On the "Tailgate Show" on WOKV 690, you went on a lot about Mark Brunell, and even compared his toughness to Bradshaw's. You made me respect Brunell a lot more than I did at the end of last year, because I saw someone who acted like he didn't care at all. Do you think Brunell needs to change his attitude?

Vic: Change has a way of rejuvenating us. That's why we all need change, from time to time. Mark Brunell is benefiting from the change this new era in Jaguars football has created. There is a definite bounce in his step that Mark might even admit was lacking last season.

Matthew from New York, NY:
What is the purpose of the intentional grounding penalty if you can just spike the ball?

Vic: The intent of the intentional grounding penalty is to restrict quarterbacks from blatantly grounding the ball for the purpose of avoiding a sack.

Mike from Jacksonville:
I'm still learning about the game and have a question none of my football "teachers" have the answer to. What is the difference between a punt-returner and a kick-returner and why are they not the same person?

Vic: If you're asking why punt-returners are often not kick-returners, and vice versa, the best I can offer is this: Punt-returning is a make-you-miss kind of endeavor, since the returner usually has a couple of defenders in his face as he's catching the ball. Kickoff-returners are afforded a running start; it's all about finding a crease and splitting the coverage. In short, punt-returning is a little more about wiggle, while kickoff-returning is more about straight-line speed.

Dave from Woodbridge, VA:
An ugly win is still a win, so I am happy for our Jaguars in the victory over Minnesota. The Times-Union claims Marler got a leg up on the kicking competition, but since all three kickers were not given the same task, do you see things the same way? Also, did you see anything that surprised you, either positive or negative?

Vic: Seth Marler took the early advantage over Danny Boyd and James Tuthill because Marler suffered no setbacks. Boyd's miss from 29 yards hurts; Tuthill can certainly be forgiven for his miss from 53 yards, but it would've sure helped his cause had he made that kick. It's not all about the game. These three guys have been auditioning since spring practice. In my opinion, Marler is judged to offer the most upside.

Ed from Fernandina Beach, FL:
I was excited about the return of football and the play of most of the team, but can you tell me who you thought was a disappointment in our first preseason game?

Vic: After two impressive weeks of practice, Leander Jordan struggled, especially in his first series. He's a better player than he showed in Minnesota. He'll get another chance this Friday against Miami. He needs to produce a top performance if he is to continue his left tackle competition with Mike Pearson. Rob Meier has also been a training camp sensation, but I don't think he had his best game, either. I bring these two guys to light because they had received so much praise during the first two weeks of training camp.

Howard from Winter Springs, FL:
In addition to trying to cut down on the number of penalties, what will the Jags be trying to learn/accomplish in the second preseason game?

Vic: I think the big thing is to expand the offense. That needs to be accomplished in games two and three, because all teams shut it down in the preseason finale.

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