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Can't allow officials to decide the game


The following is the transcript of Tuesday's question and answer session between Vic Ketchman and Jaguars owner Wayne Weaver.

Vic:Wayne, what is your analysis of your team's current state?
Wayne: Well, Vic, it's hard to describe. I had a great feeling going into Tennessee. I really felt our guys would go up there and win a football game. They played their hearts out, but we just seem to find a way to lose them. I don't know the answer to it, but something has got to change. This team has to get itself together and realize that we don't have many Sundays left to get back the game.

Vic: Is there enough of the season left to salvage the season?
Wayne: The only thing I would say is typically when you're 2-5, you'd say no. All you have to do is look at the AFC Central and if we put a string of wins together we could still be in the thick of it.

Vic: Does it bother you that players criticize the defensive scheme? That happened yesterday. There are players questioning what was used schematically late in the game in Tennessee.
Wayne: It does bother me. It bothers me that in both games it appears we were playing soft and the scheme is just not getting it done.

Vic: So, you would prefer a more aggressive style?
Wayne: Listen, I'm not going to interject myself at this point in saying what style we should be playing. I'm not a football person and I've always said that I would stay away from that. It appears both in the Baltimore game and in the Tennessee game, very late in the game, after we stop the run, they were able to run and throw at will on us. They ran at will in both games late in the game.

Vic: What about instant replay review? Do you think it was properly used in the last two games? Did you get a fair shake?
Wayne: Well, it's hard to say. Reasonable people could say the ball in Baltimore was trapped. It appeared to me the ball was trapped, but to say it was totally clear, I don't know, Vic. You just can't allow the games to come down into the hands of the officials. You have to win the football game itself.

Vic: You're still in support of instant replay?
Wayne: Yes.

Vic: You were at the owner's meetings last week. What were the main topics of discussion?
Wayne: Stadium security had a high priority, making sure the clubs are doing everything within reason to make sure our facilities are safe for our fans. I think we are doing a good job here in Jacksonville. We're going to look back at some of the things we are doing and see if we have any soft spots. We spent a great deal of time on Super Bowl issues. I was pleased the membership voted to give us the additional Super Bowl tickets and temporary seats we are putting into the south end zone that will help us fund the stadium renovations. We're excited about that. It was just a number of issues that relate to the game and how we can put on a better game for our fans.

Vic:Talk about those Super Bowl ticket incentive plans that were revealed last week and how they will benefit Jaguars fans.
Wayne: It's a common practice and what we will do is buy the tickets from the Super Bowl agency at face value. We will sell those tickets at face value to sponsors and major corporations both nationally and internationally. Then we will package inventory with those tickets and we will get a premium in order to raise money over the face value of the ticket. We believe that we can raise somewhere between eight and 14 million dollars with those tickets. The money can only be used for the renovation and cannot be used for any other purpose.

Vic:Of course, it is not coming out of the Jacksonville community, for the most part. This is going to be a national sale of these tickets?
Wayne: Absolutely; obviously, if we have one of our major corporations here in Jacksonville that would like to participate in the program, we would love to have them do that. We think that the market basically is national with a major focus on the international market. We believe the international market has been underserved in terms of the amount of Super Bowl tickets available for them. We think we can package it up and serve that market that has been underserved.

Vic:When do the renovations have to begin?
Wayne: We're in the process now of looking at the next steps. We have to go to some final designs, I would say, very early next year, to at least get started on this, if we are going to be completed by 2003 or 2004.

Vic:Obviously, this season has not played out the way you had hoped. At what point do you begin addressing the future of this team.
Wayne: I think we already are. We are looking to have some very difficult decisions to make next year. We are studying every possibility of what our options are and what players may or may not be involved.

Vic:Finally, what is the current status of this Sunday's game against Cincinnati, as it pertains to it being televised?
Wayne: We are very close. The last time I checked, either early yesterday or late Friday, we had something like 2,000 tickets left, so I think we are going to make it and we won't black out this game.

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