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Can't hide real love

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Jerry from Tamarac, FL:
From what you can tell, how many of the NFL's general managers are need pickers vs. value pickers?

Vic: I asked Gene Smith that question last Thursday and he said the best available player teams were decidedly in the minority.

John from Jacksonville:
"NFL Network" recently rated the 10 greatest football upsets. The Jaguars over the Broncos in 1996 was number six. That helps to confirm with me that it was the greatest win in Jaguars history.

Vic: There's no question about it. It was the best day in the history of the Jaguars.

Matt from St. Johns, FL:
The people who judge without knowing the facts are the same ones who watch a show on "The History Channel" about D-Day and claim to be a World War II historian.

Vic: If you're referring to the Ben Roethlisberger saga, and if you really want to know the facts, then I suggest you click on this link and read the story. It appeared in Sunday's "Pittsburgh Post-Gazette" and it is an exhaustive piece of journalism done by a true news reporter who knows how to do police blotter reporting. As I have previously written, hard news reporting should be done by hard news reporters, not sportswriters. Hard news, especially police blotter reporting, is a whole different ballgame. You have to know where to get the information you need, what questions to ask, who to ask and how to ask them. You have to know how to put the whole puzzle together. Jonathan Silver obviously knows how to do it. Read his bio. That's the kind of pedigree I want in an investigative reporter and his is the kind of reporting I trust. I don't want someone else's self-righteous opinion. I want facts. After you've read his detailed account of the facts, decide for yourself what happened and then let's be done with it, OK? As one of my esteemed readers said, I'm a sportswriter, no more, no less, and I have a draft to cover.

Rob from Jacksonville:
If you've never, ever peeked at the Jaguars draft board, how do you know Beanie Wells was so highly ranked by the Jaguars?

Vic: GM Gene and I have developed our own form of speechless communication. If after I ask a question he just stares at me, I know the answer. I asked him about Beanie Wells a couple of times after last year's draft and he just stared at me. Of course, this followed a six a.m. Starbucks meeting between the two of us at the combine, when I asked him about Wells, who was to work out that day, and he spoke about him as though he was Jim Brown. I think I can say with all assurance the Jaguars liked Wells a lot, just as I can say they were gaga about Darrelle Revis. I don't care how hard a guy tries, he can't hide real love.

Brandon from Westminster, CO:
In your opinion, who was the best athlete to cross over from football to baseball?

Vic: Bo Jackson and Jim Thorpe are the candidates, though I've read that Thorpe wasn't nearly as skilled in baseball as he was in football and track. Jackson is probably the best.

Benjamin from Jacksonville:
The complaint is not enough wins, but they have a better average of wins per season than more than half the league since 1995. We also have more playoff wins than some teams that have been in the league for twice as long or more. Am I wrong for being content with the fact that, more often than not, the Jaguars are still in contention through the last four games?

Vic: You're not wrong. The Jaguars have given their fans a competitive product, but one playoff win since 1999 isn't good enough. The Jaguars need to take their performance to a consistently higher level and I think they're in the process of doing that. This draft will go a long way toward deciding if that's true.

Austin from Jacksonville:
Would you trade Rashad Jennings and Mike Thomas to the Patriots for Randy Moss, if offered?

Vic: I think you know the answer to that. It's a young man's game.

Doug from Cincinnati, OH:
Having an NFL team in your city is like having Kim Kardashian as a neighbor who cuts the grass in a bikini every Sunday. I don't care if she cuts her grass in circles, lines, squares, etc. I don't even care if she does a good job. I just want to watch.

Vic: I've always liked to watch.

Ed from Orange Park, FL:
Reading "Ask Vic," I have learned that the gray is gone. Everything must be black or white; good character, bad character. I guess the OK character and not-great character have been eliminated. I just want the Jags to draft and acquire players that can play good football and won't continually embarrass Mr. Weaver.

Vic: That's exactly how I feel. I don't wanna see them live well, I wanna see them play well. If I wanted to see humanitarianism, I'd want the Jaguars to draft Mother Teresa, if she was still alive, of course. I don't wanna see humanitarianism. I wanna see somebody hit somebody, but that doesn't mean I want them to hit people off the field, too. I want them to be law-abiding citizens that only hit people on the field. That's all I want. That's good enough for me. Just be law-abiding citizens that hit people on the field and win games. Is that OK? Do we really need them to be more than that? I don't.

Kyle from Jacksonville:
With recent trades and the Raiders' usual first-round busts, it's looking more and more like Eric Berry will be available at number 10. Your thoughts?

Vic: I won't say it's likely but I think it's possible. He's a safety and teams aren't crazy about paying top five or top six money to safeties, especially in a draft that has so many big guys in it. I'm expecting a run on big guys right at the top, and it could possibly push Berry down to the Jaguars, and I'd have to believe he'd be an easy pick.

Franchot from St. Augustine, FL:
I remember last season Gene Smith said he'd rather get base hits than try to hit home runs. Is it fair to say Jason Pierre-Paul would not be selected because of the risk he represents?

Vic: GM Gene was speaking figuratively. He was trying to convey his reluctance to get wild with his picks. If you draft according to your board and not your dreams, you'll likely advance runners around the bases successfully instead of striking out with the bases loaded. Having said that, yes, Pierre-Paul represents significant risk and reward. He has home run talent but the gap between his talent and his technical skills is huge and will probably require a couple of years to close. Not select him? I wouldn't go that far, but I would expect that there are danger signals attached to him. In the end, however, you go with your board. If he's the top guy, you gotta go with him.

Adam from Orlando, FL:
Out of that group, I would select C.J. Spiller. What if Vic was GM Gene?

Vic: Just go to my final and all-important value board, which is to be posted today. Of the group that appeared in my Monday editorial, Jimmy Clausen is the highest-rated guy on my value board, therefore, he would be the pick among those players.

Daniel from Jacksonville:
So I'm driving home the other day and I see a license tag that reads "BAP," and I immediately think "Best Available Player." What have you done to me? I just started reading your mailbags, I love them and I'll be reading them for years to come. I'm happy to have a little escape from fan ignorance here.

Vic: There is no escape. This is just a place where we rest.

Kristian from Belo Horizonte, Brazil:
On a poll at called "The team to beat in the AFC South in 2010 will be the," I pressed Jaguars and it didn't accept the answer. I then reloaded the page and tried again and it didn't accept the answer. I finally then reloaded the page once again, this time selecting "Colts" and it got voted in. Is the NFL setting my expectations for me?

Vic: No, it's Polian; he makes the rules.

Jesse from Hilton Head Island, SC:
Do you not consider Earl Thomas a prospect or do you think he will already be off the board by the 10th pick?

Vic: The reason I didn't include Thomas among the group of candidates I named in my editorial is because I haven't been able to uncover any buzz for him. There's another way to look at that, of course: He's their guy and they're making sure they don't tip their hand. Yes, Thomas should be considered a candidate, but I'm not crazy about taking safeties in the top 10 and the only mocks I've seen that have the Jags drafting Thomas would seem to be needs-based.

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