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Coach wants to see you

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Chris from Chicago, IL:
Rod Woodson said: "This is a young man's game." He was referring to Matt Ryan starting for the Falcons. He said he is young and, as long as he plays well, Mike Smith will have a head coaching job in Atlanta. Do you agree?

Vic: I couldn't have said it better myself.

Bill from Jacksonville:
Garrard's job as a veteran QB is to not get happy feet. He is supposed to stand in the pocket and deliver the ball. No excuses. Just like a receiver's job is to run across the middle and catch the ball without slowing up because he is afraid he is going to get hit. Garrard has to stand in there like he is completely protected until he knows someone is there, then decide to either get rid of the ball or run. No excuses.

Vic: No excuses can be applied to some other situations, too.

Chris from Jacksonville:
When a player is cut from the team, is he notified by coach Del Rio, his position coach or by some other means, such as a notice on his locker?

Vic: The "Turk" comes to the player and tells him: "Coach wants to see you. Bring your playbook." It's code for you've been cut. It gives a player a chance to gather his thoughts as he walks down to the coach's office. When I was a young reporter and I first heard about this, I didn't believe it, but then I saw it first hand. I can remember it like it was yesterday. I was standing outside Tony Dungy's dorm room at training camp, interviewing Tony about having just been traded to the 49ers. While I was interviewing him, the "Turk" knocked on the door to the room of Roy Gerela, a kicker with three Super Bowl rings. "Roy, coach wants to see you. Bring your playbook," the "Turk" said. Tony heard it, too. I said to him, "They really do say that." He nodded.

Dave from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
Would you agree that Matt Jones' improved effort and play began prior to his arrest, back in OTAs?

Vic: No, I would not agree. I thought he was horrible in OTAs. He didn't participate in a lot of the practices due to assorted hurts and, when he did participate, his body language was at its all-time worst. I thought he might even get cut before training camp began. Matt Jones' revival began in training camp; no question about it.

Paul from Jacksonville:
How did Miami not make the list of worst stadiums?

Vic: I probably should've put it in the worst five. Gillette Stadium is certainly better than the one in Miami. I think I just wanted to express my disappointment in Gillette, which is shocking considering that it's part of the new wave of stadium construction.

William from Jacksonville:
If Jerry Porter starts the season on the PUP list, is he allowed to practice at all or is he barred from practicing until he is eligible to come off the PUP list?

Vic: Players on PUP may not practice. If Porter begins the season on PUP, he will not be eligible to come off PUP until week six of the season. In week nine, a player on PUP must either be put on the active roster or moved to injured reserve.

Scott from Jacksonville:
Concerning the offensive line, do you think we still have enough to get it done up front with all the injuries, retirements and Khalif Barnes' iffy performances, both on and off the field? Can they control our power running game like they did last year?

Vic: Barnes is the key. He plays the premium left tackle position. If your blindside blocker has a bad year, so will your quarterback. As Barnes goes, so will the offensive line.

Brandon from Taylorsville, NC:
Did it make you mad when Del Rio smarted off to you during the press conference? He did kind of shut you up.

Vic: A good reporter never gets emotionally involved in an interview session. A reporter's only intent in a press conference is to gather information. It's not about the questions. It's about the answers. When a coach responds in a heightened way to a question, he's expressing his sensitivity to the issue. That's an answer.

Keith from Jacksonville:
It seems like with the coin-flip rule, the pro and college games are becoming increasingly similar. Is that a good or bad thing? I kind of like the pro game to be tougher.

Vic: I know somebody who totally agrees with you. At the owners meetings in March, when the coin-flip and two-feet-in-bounds rules were adopted, I asked Tom Coughlin what he thought about them. Tom sarcastically said they should just adopt the college football rulebook. I agree with him. The coin-flip rule change is ridiculous. What does it matter? Somebody has to get the ball to start each half.

Todd from Beaufort, SC:
I pulled this off the Tuesday Morning Quarterback website. This is the result of loyalty and what one day we hope Jacksonville will be like: "Considering that there are 60,000 names on the waiting list for Eagles season tickets, and the 99.7 percent renewal rate by existing season-ticket holders, those at the bottom of the waiting list should expect a chance to purchase season tickets in about 4,000 years."

Vic: That situation is the same for several other teams in the league. They are the elite franchises of the league and they are the standard against which franchises such as the Jaguars must compete.

Bob from Neptune Beach, FL:
What is your prediction on which teams will make it to the Super Bowl?

Vic: I'm going to pick San Diego vs. Dallas.

Scot from Jacksonville:
Who do the Jaguars have left on the PUP list? Any chance they keep some guys there until the bye week to avoid having to cut players this weekend?

Vic: Jerry Porter, George Wrighster and Jeremy Mincey are the players remaining on the PUP list. Chad Nkang is on "active/nonfootball related," but the PUP rules apply. It sounds as though Mincey and Nkang are ready to come off. I don't have a feel for Porter's return. Wrighster is likely to stay on PUP into the regular season.

Drew from Jacksonville:
It looks like the first home game (Buffalo) will be a blackout. I'm tired of seeing the Buffalo Bills and this is the third straight season they come here to play. If the league would schedule someone other than the Bills, we might buy tickets.

Vic: When I read something like this, I worry.

Don from Richmond, KY:
Pick one Jaguar from the past (in the prime of his career) to join the team this year. Who do you choose?

Vic: Tony Boselli or Jimmy Smith; either one would do wonders for this team.

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