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Crystal ball not needed

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Josh from Glynn County, GA:
What is the situation on Brackens as of now. Will he play here next year?

Vic: Tony Brackens is recovering from his knee surgery of last fall. He has not participated in any spring drills. It's hoped he'll be able to practice in training camp. That's all we know at this point in time. Clearly, what happens in training camp will determine Brackens' outlook for 2003.

Nate from Tampa, FL:
I'm intrigued by Marques Ogden. Do you know how he's done so far and does he have a chance of making an impact at tackle?

Vic: I'll need to see more before I can jump on the bandwagon.

Sean from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
What in the world are people thinking when they talk of the Jaguars quarterbacks and always fail to mention Quinn Gray? Have they not seen the great job he's doing in NFL Europe? Could you look into your crystal ball and see where he might fit in, if at all, this year?

Vic: Sean, you know, of course, the Jaguars spent the seventh pick of the draft on a quarterback to whom they are about to give several million dollars in signing bonus, right? And you must know the Jaguars have a second-year quarterback who has had a sensational spring, right? And you've probably heard of a guy named Mark Brunell, who desperately wants to remain the Jaguars' quarterback but is afraid he's being pushed out by the young guys, right? I don't think you need a crystal ball to get the rest of the picture.

David from Jacksonville:
All this talk about who should be the second/third wide receiver is driving me nuts. I may be wrong but I seem to remember that toward the end of last season both Lockett and Ross were starting to fire up. So why spend money on Stokes, Gadsden or Freeman? I think we should run with them and look toward the draft next season, if need be. My question is: Do you see any possible long-term solutions in the draft next year or the year after?

Vic: I like the way you think. The draft always offers long-term solutions.

Brad from Nashville, TN:
You wrote about Kevin Lockett possibly stepping in and being the number two receiver. What does a wide receiver have to do better to move into the two slot than when he was in the three slot?

Vic: must prove he's worthy of the promotion and the extra playing time. How do you do that? By making plays on a consistent basis.

Paulette from Jacksonville:
Vic, first of all, thanks for your column. You make the offseason tolerable and not so long. My questions is, and I'm sure I'm not the first one to ask, but why not pick up Willie Jackson? Don't be so quick to dismiss it as old news. Willie is a big fan favorite, a local guy and a really good player. I think Jimmy (Smith) likes him, too, and maybe he could fill Keenan's shoes. Why not?

Vic: Paulette, I can't answer for the Jaguars, but my reaction to your question is that it's a young man's game and this team needs to get younger, not older. Player development is the key to success and the Jaguars have some young wide receivers worthy of development time and effort. Vic from Jacksonville:
Vic, when do you normally go on vacation and what do you like to do on your vacation?

Vic: I usually go on vacation the final two weeks of June -- right about now -- and I like to spend my vacation playing golf and buying cold beverages for my playing partners.

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