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Darned if I do or don't

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

John from Atwater, CA:
Besides the 21st pick in the first round, what picks do the Jaguars have in the other rounds of the draft?

Vic: They have all of their own picks and no compensatory picks, which means the Jaguars will be selecting 21st, 52nd, 87th, 123rd, 157th, 194th and 237th.

Mark from Yulee, FL:
It looks like Denver's third-round pick in the draft has been forfeited. How does a pick get forfeited?

Vic: By doing bad things. In this case, it's for cheating on the salary cap.

Pete from Jacksonville:
I've been reading and listening to you for a few years now. I've agreed and disagreed with you on many different things. I've also heard you praise the Jaguar organization as well as criticize it. My question asked bluntly, if you choose to answer, is who signs your paycheck? I don't wish to question your credibility or motives but it would be nice to know if there are potential career ramifications to opinions you may have.

Vic: My salary is paid by the Jaguars. If you suspect I would lie to you, then why ask me to tell you the truth? You be the judge of my reporting. The crazy thing is that I've gotten two e-mails this week accusing me of not being a fan of the Jaguars. Now I get one from you questioning my journalistic integrity.

Justus from Purvis, MS:
I'm 14 and I want to be a sports reporter, or something like it. I was wondering what would that type of work be classified under if I go to college?

Vic: It's called journalism and one of the classes you would take is called "Ethics." I am a 1973 graduate of the Kent State University School of Journalism, which produced a Pulitzer Prize winner while I was there.

Kelvin from Atlanta, GA:
Boselli was a great offensive tackle, Vic, I'll give you that, but let's be real here. Willie McGinest owned Boselli in the (1996) AFC championship game. He is the only person I saw simply give Boselli fits. That really bothered me because before that game I was saying how Boselli dominates everybody. Do you not remember that game for some odd reason?

Vic: Fortunately, I maintain a copy of the play-by-play account of every game I cover, so I don't have to completely trust my memory. I just looked at the play-by-play from that '96 AFC title game. Willie McGinest was credited with no sacks. He is credited with three tackles and one pass-defensed. The two teams played in Foxboro earlier that season. In the play-by-play from that game, McGinest is also credited with no sacks. He was given two tackles and three passes-defensed. The following year, the two teams played late in the season in Jacksonville. The play-by-play from that game shows McGinest with no sacks and four tackles. The two teams faced each other in Jacksonville in the 1998 playoffs. The play-by-play from that game credits McGinest with no sacks and three tackles. That's four games, no sacks. After one of those games, McGinest praised Boselli and told reporters he had practiced against Boselli every day for two years at USC and it came as no surprise to McGinest that Boselli is as good as he is.

Alan from Buford, GA:
What are the dates for the "Ask Vic" convention this year?

Vic: I've yet to give it a thought. We'll probably build it around a preseason game, as we did a year ago. It's going to be awhile – probably not until June – before I can supply you with details. We'll jazz it up a little this year; a little less khaki.

Josh from Jamestown, NY:
Why is everyone so satisfied with Josh Scobee? He missed some critical field goals and I don't see him as being any better than Seth Marler, Hayden Epstein, etc. So what's the deal, Vic?

Vic: I don't agree with you. I thought Josh Scobee was outstanding for a rookie. Nate Kaeding, the second overall pick of the third round of last year's draft, was 20 of 25 in field goals with just two touchbacks on kickoffs. Scobee was 24 of 31 in field goals with 11 touchbacks on kickoffs. Let's not forget that one of his misses was from 60 yards, and he barely missed. I'm not in favor of drafting kickers much before the last round and I thought the Jaguars reached in the fifth round for Scobee, but I was wrong. I believe he's this team's long-term future at the position and when you can find that kind of a kicker in the fifth round, you do it. Kaeding, by the way, missed the potential game-winner in the Chargers' playoff loss to the Jets. Missing critical field-goal attempts is part of the learning curve for a rookie.

Justin from Jacksonville:
Should I (as a small-market fan) be nervous reading some of the stories about the NFL owners meeting in Hawaii? It sounds like the big-market owners are trying to muscle-out the small-market owners over the issue of revenue sharing. I don't like the implications to both my beloved Jags and the entire NFL as we know it.

Vic: It's not just about big-market vs. small-market teams. It's about the haves vs. the have-nots. If at any time the NFL provides for a system that favors the big-market/haves over the small-market/have-nots, the NFL will go the same route as Major League Baseball. The concept of sharing the revenue is what made the NFL the world's best professional sports league. It is Pete Rozelle's enduring legacy. Any owner who favors anything other than a strict strategy for sharing the revenue is acting against the best interests of the game, and he knows it.

Stan from Laurel, MD:
Along the lines of Josh's (from Jamestown, NY) question, if you could have any one offensive player, who would it be?

Vic: Peyton Manning in the regular season and Tom Brady when it counts.

Ronnie from Jacksonville:
One of the first things Jack Del Rio said the day he was hired was "no more three yards and a cloud of dust." It seems that is what the Jaguars have become. As a season ticket holder since day one I am looking for a more open offense. Will that come this season? Give us something to cheer about and the stands will be full.

Vic: Actually, it was Wayne Weaver who said that. "Will that come this season?" Probably not to your satisfaction. You want the other "ville" and the other league.

Andrew from Jacksonville:
Who exactly is involved in the management of the salary cap and contracts for the Jaguars?

Vic: Paul Vance is the Jaguars' lead contract negotiator and the man who is ultimately responsible for the salary cap. Vance is assisted by Tim Walsh, who is one of the league's rising stars in capology. If I was awarded an NFL franchise today, Walsh would be the first person I would hire.

Ryan from Jacksonville:
Alex Barron figures to be long gone by the 21st pick, however, Khalif Barnes and Jamaal Brown could still be available and both appear to carry similar draft grades. So if you had to make the call on draft day, which one of these two players would be the best fit for the Jags?

Vic: Khalif Barnes is a left tackle and Jamaal Brown is a right tackle. Barnes, therefore, would be a better fit. If you have the same grade for both guys, always take the left tackle.

Gregg from Salt Lake City, UT:
What makes you think you have any idea how Bill Parcells feels about Drew Henson? From watching ESPN?

Vic: I have a source inside the Cowboys. But, really, is there anybody who doesn't know how Bill Parcells feels about Drew Henson?

David from Oviedo, FL:
How long does it usually take for a team with a new offensive coordinator to run on all cylinders? I'm sure some fans will be expecting too much too soon. Can you give us some perspective?

Vic: That'll be the big question going into spring practices and into training camp. How long will it take Byron Leftwich and company to absorb and embrace the design and spirit of Carl Smith's offense? It would be ridiculous to expect that it'll happen overnight. There's another issue, too: How long will it take Smith to get a feel for his personnel and find the best ways to utilize that personnel within his offense? I don't know the answers to those questions, but I will be an interested observer this spring and summer and I will relay information to you in my practice reports.

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