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Del Rio media friendly


It was a gesture that bordered on an apology. It was an olive branch, of sorts.

Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio was asked if he had spent any time in this bye week on personal reflection of his first six games as a head coach. His answer wasn't expected.

"The biggest thing I've realized is I really want to win, I'm committed to the way we're doing things, and I've got to do a better job of not taking out my frustrations on you guys," Del Rio told reporters at this afternoon's press conference. "I have more resolve than ever at getting this thing turned around," he added.

These are calmer days than the start of this new era in Jaguars football has produced. The Jaguars' 1-5 start to this season has produced a lot of tense moments at press conferences -- especially this past Monday -- when pointed questions have met with tense replies. Maybe all of that changed today. Del Rio certainly took the first step toward making that change.

It was a day for reflection. For the first time since the season began, there were no burning issues; no great quarterback debate, locker room accidents or suspensions.

This afternoon produced the season's most even exchange between Del Rio and the media who covers the team. There were no hugs, but who knows where this will lead? In that sense, it's similar to what remains of this season: Nobody knows what it will produce.

Del Rio is hoping it will produce something similar to what happened in Carolina last season, when Del Rio was the defensive coordinator on a Panthers team that laid the foundation for this year's 5-0 success. But it didn't happen without crisis.

At this point in the season last year, Del Rio and the Panthers were in the midst of an eight-game losing streak. Who would've predicted Carolina would be one of only three undefeated teams six weeks into this season?

"Many of those games we lost were like the ones we're losing now," Del Rio said. "Teams have to learn how to win. When that happens, things have a way of snowballing.

"If you stay the course and do the right things, you'll get the results you're looking for. I do see some of the indicators that we're beginning to turn the corner," Del Rio added.

To that end, the next game will probably go a long way toward defining how history will record this season. The Jaguars will host the Tennessee Titans on Oct. 26 in the definitive game of the Jaguars' "Take Back Our House" theme.

More on that next week. For now, Del Rio wanted to savor the calm today's press conference seemed to produce.

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