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Don't ask me about music

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Dave from Woodbridge, VA:
If we attempt to pick up a waived kicker, does our draft order figure into whether we get him rather than some other team? Are there other teams with similar kicking woes as the Jaguars?

Vic: The Jaguars are ninth in the waiver-wire claim order. Ahead of the Jaguars are San Diego, Oakland, Arizona, Giants, Washington, Detroit, Cleveland and Atlanta. It's the same as the draft order. In my opinion, it's likely the Jaguars will be the highest team in the order looking for a kicker. That's why it's important to stay patient. Someone will come free.

Nimrod from Toronto, Canada:
To start off, I just want you to know that I love your columns and I read them every day. It's pretty much my only link to the Jaguars up here. Anyway, my question is whether or not you think it was a wise decision to cut Brackens.

Vic: It was time to move on.

Howard from Homestead, FL:
Will those of us who are out of town and without a dish be able to hear the Jags games on the website this year? Or even better, does the NFL have a system where you can watch games over web TV?

Vic: You may hear the radio call of Jaguars games on this year only if you subscribe to "NFL Field Pass." There's no web TV for NFL games. It's play for pay, Howard.

Chad from Jacksonville:
If Tony Brackens retires, will he be the first "career Jaguar?"

Vic: That's a great question. Boy how the game has changed since I started covering it. Back then, it was rare for a player not to have played his whole career with one team. In fact, no player on the Steelers team that won Super Bowl XIV had ever played for any team other than the Steelers. To answer your question, Tony Boselli might technically qualify as a "career Jaguar" because he never played in a regular season game for any team other than the Jaguars. Michael Cheever is a "career Jaguar" because his back injury ended his career. As of now, R. Jay Soward is a "career Jaguar," but I don't think those are the kinds of "career Jaguars" you're talking about. I think you mean the kind who were drafted by the team, starred for the team and then retired without having played for another team. Boselli immediately comes to mind, in a tainted sort of way. Tony Brackens would be another and, if he doesn't sign with somebody else, would be the true representation of what you're describing.

Corey from Rochester, NY:
I was wondering if I can ask two questions. Does Jack Del Rio think Paul Spicer can fill in for Tony Brackens, and does he think Reggie Williams can be what Keenan McCardell was for the Jaguars?

Vic: I think coach Del Rio feels very strongly that Paul Spicer can fill the void at left defensive end. As for Reggie Williams, he's expected to be a different kind of receiver than Keenan McCardell, who has always been a definitive possession receiver. The Jaguars' expectations for Williams are that he will be a big-play, touchdown-maker.

Jay from Jacksonville:
If five drafted rookies get season-ending injuries during the preseason, how can you keep them on your team without losing roster spots for the regular season?

Vic: You just put them on injured reserve. You don't lose roster spots during the regular season for having put players on injured reserve. You lose roster spots (except for vested veterans) in training camp until the cut to 65 for having put players on injured reserve without them first having cleared waivers.

Sharon from Port Charlotte, FL:
I am a victim of Hurricane Charley. I've been hearing that a lot of professional athletes have raised money for our relief efforts. I am wondering if my beloved Jags did anything to help. Thank you to all of those who did help during this time.

Vic: Sharon, you immediately came to mind when I learned that Charley had made landfall in the Port Charlotte area. I'm sorry for your loss but trust you have not been physically harmed. I hope it will boost your spirits that your beloved Jaguars participated in relief efforts. They sponsored a collection – in conjunction with the Red Cross – during the Tampa Bay preseason game. More than $11,000 was raised and given to the Red Cross for distribution in your area.

Dan from Bethesda, MD:
I was at the Tampa Bay game on Friday and also a few last season and I noticed that the defense seems to get pumped up every time they play a certain song. I was wondering if you knew the name of the song and who sings it. By the way, great writing on the website.

Vic: I get a lot of questions like this, so I hope everyone will read this and know that "Ask Vic" is a bad forum for information about music. First of all, I am in the glass-enclosed press box, where we couldn't hear a fly-by if one of the jets pulled up to the window and gunned it. Second of all, and maybe most importantly, my grasp of popular music ended with Motown. I can't hear what they're playing and I wouldn't know what it is anyhow, and that's just fine with me. I like to watch.

Robert from Jacksonville:
I was wondering what is your take on covering seats?

Vic: I wish I could come up with another way of shrinking the size of Alltel Stadium, but, clearly, it must be downsized and I don't know how else that can be accomplished.

Paul from Jacksonville:
I'll take you up on your offer, too. How is the defensive line competition shaping up?

Vic: I think they'll keep eight. Marcus Stroud, John Henderson, Hugh Douglas and Paul Spicer are the starters. Rob Meier is a great swing man. Brandon Green and Bobby McCray are young depth at the ends. I think Willie Blade has the edge for the fourth spot inside.

J. from Tallahassee, FL:
I received a call Monday from the Jaguars. I'm a kicker attending Florida State and have been reading about all the kicking problems within the team. Unfortunately, I missed the phone call and I'm unable to come into contact with anyone regarding the call. Any thoughts?

Vic: They were probably trying to sell you season tickets.

Evan from Regina, Canada:
NFL Scouts Inc. rates Marcus Stroud as one of the five-best two-gap defensive tackles in the game. I was under the impression the Jags employed a one-gap scheme. Was I mistaken or is Scouts Inc.?

Vic: The Jaguars do no two-gapping.

Kent from Jacksonville, FL:
I have listened to a local sports radio host criticize Byron's wind-up throwing style. In your opinion, is this something of concern or just a subject they can use to generate conversation?

Vic: High and tight is what you want. Byron Leftwich gets technique training every day. It's an old story.

Greg from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
How fast is Jimmy Smith today in the 40? Is he still a 4.4 guy, because the guy can still separate from most defensive backs. I am very impressed with his speed at age 35.

Vic: I don't know what his 40 time is, but when the ball is in the air he's still the fastest receiver on this team.

Chris from Pass Christian, MS:
For our 10th year, who is the player we cut who, in your opinion, went on to have the best career? In other words, which fish did we let get away.

Vic: It's so hard to define "let get away" in today's environment. If you limit it to players who were officially waived, there really isn't a guy who qualifies as a major mistake. And you can't use salary cap casualties because the decision wasn't based on talent evaluation. If there was one guy I could say they let get away, it would probably be Jeff Posey. The Jaguars were in a tough salary cap spot, but they could've signed him for a little more than minimum wage. In most cases, the regret has been for the players who didn't get away.

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