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Don't expect help from Houston

Join *Jaguars Inside Report *Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Mathias Holmgren from Stockholm, Sweden:
I would say the main issue to address offensively through the draft and free agency would be to solidify the offensive line. Do you agree?
Vic: I agree the offensive line is an area in need of fortifying, but I'd like to see the Jaguars turn away from need-drafting next April. The best drafts are produced by drafting the best available players, regardless of position. The Jaguars' needs have now reached the point the team can draft the best available player and still be addressing a need.

Aaron Tull from Atlanta, GA:
Why would a team put a player on injured reserve? What is gained and lost by doing that? The reason I ask is that Fred Taylor has been questionable for the entire year, yet, the team has not put him on injured reserve. Why?
Vic: Moving a player from the active roster to injured reserve creates room on the active roster to add a replacement player. Tom Coughlin hasn't put Fred Taylor on injured reserve because Coughlin has maintained hope Taylor would be able to return to action. There are other factors, too. The pool of available running backs did not offer the Jaguars anyone of significance who they could afford on their salary cap.

Tom Crumpton from Jacksonville:
When exactly is the expansion draft for the Houston franchise? Do you think the Jaguars will expose any veteran players to try and shed salary? Is there any chance the team will be able to keep Seth Payne? Gary Walker?
Vic: The expansion draft will be conducted in February. Yes, the Jaguars will probably make some of their high-amortization players available, since their amortization would go with them to Houston if they were selected. However, Houston GM Charlie Casserly has said he is not interested in absorbing a lot of bad contracts. He may only take a couple of big-money guys, satisfy the percentage requirement, and call it quits. He had made the comment to me earlier this fall that there may not be time for a commercial in TV's coverage of the Texans' selection process. The Jaguars are facing massive salary cap problems and there will have to be personnel losses. Having drafted Marcus Stroud in the first round last spring, and having to pay him the major portion of his signing bonus next March, it's reasonable to think the team will have to make a decision between Gary Walker and Seth Payne.

Jaclyn Coughlin from Cleveland, OH:
I would like to personally apologize to Tom Coughlin and the Jacksonville Jaguars. The behavior was not appropriate but it happened and it did not severely hurt anyone. Some people did act before they thought about what they were doing and feel real bad. But be honest, that was not a fair call. Another play was already run. By the way, what do you think of Mark Brunell telling Tim Couch we have great fans and he wishes he had fans like the ones in Cleveland?
Vic: I think Tim Couch was attempting to politic for the Browns fans' favor. What is it with you people? Are you so insecure that you require constant reaffirmation? Who said the Browns don't have great fans? Cleveland has great sports fans. Feel better?

Rob Johns from Jacksonville:
Vic, how do you think the Jags responded in Cleveland to the notion they are a soft team? There appeared to be no retribution for the Browns' actions in September, as I didn't see Couch get roughed up at all. And, except for Jeff Smith's stupid penalty, Warren seemed to escape unscathed with six tackles and a sack. What are your thoughts on the "soft" issue after this game?
Vic: The Jaguars got three sacks, but I was somewhat disappointed by their pass-rush. Overall, I was impressed by the fact the Jaguars responded firmly, especially with their running game. That's how you shed the "soft" tag; run the ball, and the Jaguars did.

Brian Hartman from Knoxville, TN:
In week one, the Jaguars beat the Steelers to a pulp, 21-3. Ever since Tony Boselli and Fred Taylor went out, they have struggled offensively. Their defense has played very well all year and has given them a chance to win every game. Looking at the Steelers' record now and the fact the Jags are the only team to beat them like this, is it too far-fetched to consider this a playoff team if everyone is healthy?
Vic: I think it's dangerous to think that way. That was the attitude after last season, and it resulted in a lot of contract re-structuring and efforts to keep the core players together, and all that did was worsen the Jaguars' salary cap problem. You are what you are. It's time to move on.

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