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Douglas can make impact

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Ryan from Altanta, GA:
Taking into account the contracts they signed and their skill levels, who do you think has been the smartest free-agent acquisition so far for Jacksonville?

Vic: In my opinion, Hugh Douglas offers the greatest impact potential. Jack Del Rio wants play-makers and Douglas has always been that type of player. Considering the Jaguars' need at defensive end, the salary cap room Tony Brackens would provide if he was released, the structuring of Douglas' contract and what he offers in the way of production and leadership, he gets my vote as the Jaguars' best offseason acquisition.

Bharat from Jacksonville:
While I understand drafting the best available player, I have a question regarding usage. We seem to be set at OT now. If Maurice Williams and Mike Pearson are healthy and good, would the drafting of Jordan Gross be with the intention of moving him or another to guard? I worry about logjams for that price.

Vic: Somebody would have to move. Maurice Williams is certainly athletic enough to deal with a position switch. But there's nothing wrong with competition. You can't go wrong by drafting good players.

Tyler from Jacksonville:
What's your take on the new Jaguars weight room? No free weights? At the gym I go to, it's usually the wimps that use the machines. Do you think it will really prevent injuries?

Vic: I stopped using free weights after I dropped 400 pounds on my big toe during a clean and jerk. Since then, I've become a big machine guy. Tyler, I'm sorry I can't answer your question. But time will answer it. We'll have to wait.

John Parres from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
About a month ago, I heard Mike Hollis say he would welcome the opportunity to return to the Jaguars now that coach Coughlin is gone. Knowing what our kicking situation is, would you welcome him back or has he worn out his welcome?

Vic: I would welcome him back. Mike's a great guy and a very accurate kicker. But I'm not hearing anything that suggests there's interest.

Terrence from Columbia, SC:
Drafting the best available player is good strategy, but what should the Jaguars front office do if Byron Leftwich is still on the board? Would he not be the best available player? Also, look at what the Vikings did when they chose Daunte Culpepper, who definitely was the best available player.

Vic: Best available is best available, and James Harris impresses me as someone who truly believes in the best available player philosophy. During a recent conversation with Harris, he said you either draft the best available player or you move out of the spot. I would have no problem with drafting Byron Leftwich if, indeed, he is the best available player.

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