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Draft Transcripts: Caldwell, Bradley and Cann

Jaguars GM Dave Caldwell

(Opening statement) "We're excited about this. From the beginning of last year, 70-some odd sacks was obviously not what we anticipated. We said we were going to try and upgrade this offensive line. We did that Jermey Parnell and (Stefan) Wisniewski and now our third-round pick in A.J. Cann. It's a four-year starter, 51 career starts at left guard in the SEC. He's strong, he's heavy-handed. He's a good athlete. He can play left guard, he can play right guard. He can probably play center. We'll see where it's at. We'll have great competition in there this year and we'll take it from there."

(Is this a sign that you are not pleased with Zane Beadles?) "It's a sign that we need to always keep in mind that we have to protect the quarterback and run the ball. This game is won in the trenches, offensively and defensively. If there's a player of value there, we're always going to make it a priority of building this offensive line. We have a first-round pick in Luke Joeckel, a third-round pick in Brandon Linder and a third-round pick in A.J. You can never have enough offensive linemen."

(Where do you think he projects best?) "Probably left guard or right guard. In time, he could be a center. I know he hasn't done that, I know he's practiced at it. Other than that, he hasn't had any game time at it."

(What did South Carolina Head Coach Steve Spurrier say about him?) "He loved the kid. I believe he was the team captain. He was a great team leader. He's as polished as you're going to find. He has an upbeat personality and he's a great cultural fit in this organization."

(On his body type) "We like the body types. You talk about Brandon Linder, he's 6-5, close to 320. Luke Bowanko is 6-5, 310, 312, somewhere along those lines. Luke Joeckel is in the 6-5 range and he's nearing 320 these days. The body types we have are pretty good. Now, they're all starting to fill out in the first, second or third years. This guy is stout and he's strong. He may be a little short than the other guys, but he has a good base and he has good power."

(On changing the look of the offensive line) "That was a thing. That was a piece-by-piece-by-piece and that's what we're starting to do at every position. We've done it a little bit with the defensive line, now offensive line. It takes some time, and the running back position and receiver position. We're doing it piece-by-piece and getting better incrementally."

(Is this line built as a gap-scheme line?) "It's a pretty versatile line with the athleticism and the power of a guy like A.J. or Brandon Linder. Those guys can play in any scheme. Jermey Parnell can play in any scheme. It's going to give us some flexibility where we can run some gap principles and some zone principles."

(Was the offensive line position one that you have not yet been able to create competition?) "We feel like last year was some pretty good competition. Some of the young guys went out and pretty early, like Luke Bowanko and some of those other guys there, Brandon Linder. Now it's real. Now we have 10, 11 guys in there. It's going to be a good deal."

(Did you visit with Cann?) "We visited with him at the combine."

(Did you see his pro day or private workout?) "No, he was at the combine."

(Will you get back in the third round?) "Not necessarily. You can only play so many receivers. We have three young guys that we like and guys that are there vying for those fourth and fifth spots."

OG A.J Cann

(On his first thoughts after being drafted) "My heart dropped. When I saw the different area code, I was like, 'Okay, here we go.' I was starting to get a little stressed because I thought I would've been gone off the board a long time ago. As soon as I got the call from Jacksonville, I was like, 'Okay, let's go.' (Jacksonville) gained a good player. I can't wait to go, I'm so excited."

(On if he remembered his meeting with the Jaguars) "Yes, I do, it went really well. There was a great vibe in the room, the conversation was great, we even had a little humor. We laughed; it was a great vibe in that room the whole time. I can't tell you it wasn't, because it was."

(On what his relationship is like with Doug Marrone) "He was (at the meeting at the Combine). He seems like a very competitive coach and that's something I'm used to because I'm a competitor myself.  I just can't wait to start playing for him and help this team out the best way I can. If it's right guard, left guard, center, the best way possible I'm going to help this team and I can't wait to get started."

(On if it was difficult on him expecting to go in the second round and not being drafted until the third) "It was kind of stressful in the moment, me just sitting here like, 'When am I going to go?' There were some teams that had some interest that I was expecting to go, so I was sitting here like, 'Okay, this team is going to call, okay this team is going to call, this team is going to call.' When I got the call from the Jags, it just took my breath away."

(On which teams he expected to hear from) "There were a ton of teams throughout the process that had interest. Everybody said New England had interest, everybody said St. Louis had interest. My agent said (the Jaguars) had interest, too, earlier, but then I was like, 'Dang, when are the Jags going to get me?' Turns out that (the Jaguars) were still waiting on me and (the Jaguars) got me. (The Jaguars) didn't leave me hanging and I'm glad (the Jaguars) did."

(On if he has pride in his durability) "I played through a lot of nicks and bruises; there are not a lot of games that I miss. This past year I played with a sprained MCL because I know that I have to play the best possible to help my team out. I knew they needed me throughout the season to help out in any way that I could and that's what I had to do. Even though (my MCL) was just sprained, I don't think (my MCL) held me back that much at all. I was able to play through it. It's the competitor in me and I just like to compete and play football."

(On if he is healed from his MCL sprain) "I'm fine. I've been fine for a while from my MCL sprain. I'm fine with that."

(On if he expects to compete for a starting spot) "Me being the type of player that I am, I want to work hard no matter what. If I was a starter, I was going to work hard, if I was the backup, I was going to work hard, so I want to give it everything I've got, no matter what, if I was to start or not. I'm willing to get in, learn the process, learn the plays and whatever coach needs me to play, I'm going to fit in and try to play with the best of my ability."

(On if he does a Spurrier impression) "That's a tough one. I don't have a good one, but before games, you've got me, A.J., and then there's P.J., then there's J.J., so I don't think (Coach Spurrier) realized it, but before games, he never called me A.J., he always called me P.J. or J.J."


Jaguars HC Gus Bradley

(What do you like about him as a player?) "His strength and versatility. Like Dave said, he can play either guard spot and we had in our projection he can play center. He is very powerful, very strong, a smart, intelligent player."

(What do you look for when you meet with an offensive lineman?) "When you meet with him just to see his personality, demeanor, toughness to play the spot, but I think for us the versatility came back when we saw him on tape. I think that's what we came back to."

(Did he play through some injuries?) "I'm not sure about that, the number of injuries and things like that. That would be a better question for the scouts."

(On adding guys at positions that were underwhelming the last couple of years) "That's what we were just talking about in there with Shad, that we are starting to get position groups that there's even more competition, more numbers to bring that competition level up."

(Did you feel that you had to go with what you had?) "It was our choice to do what we did with the youth that we started with. That was by choice but there's another choice that we're making bringing in added depth, added competition. With the guys with size I know you said are we changing a little bit more gap scheme. I'd say that size has become more of an issue with us. We're looking for guys that have a little bit more size. Linder has gained weight, Luke Joeckel has put on some more weight, Zane Beadles has really toned up and put on some good weight. Across the board I think we are getting bigger. Still, we want that athleticism, to be versatile."

(Does Beadles need a wakeup call?) "All of our guys, I don't know if it's a so-called wake up call. For Zane, I think he went through the season and he probably didn't play as well as he had hoped. But I thought when he came back in when we saw him in just visiting with him I think he knows what he needs to do."

(What does he need to do?) "Just play more consistent. I think he took on a leadership role with the offensive line. Maybe that along with what he had to do was straining him a little bit, but I think he's back now making sure he does what he needs to do and help the other guys around him in a little bit different manner."

(If you don't take a wide receiver do you feel good about the group you have in place?) "Yeah, we feel good about it but if there is a guy that is on our board that is high and available. Right here, we were looking at our options and this guy came up. He was the highest on our board and we took him. We will see how it shakes up tonight or tomorrow."

(He's more of a left guard?) "Yeah. I think he can play both but he is athletic. Usually your left guard is a little bit more athletic because teams will pull the left guard to the right side of the offensive line and he has the athleticism to do it."

(On signing Beadles to a contract last year and now drafting his position this year) "When you're building a team you really need to build it on both sides of the ball; offensive line and defensive line. This is just a way to build that offensive line.

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