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Draft Transcripts: Caldwell, Bradley, Robinson


(Opening statement) "We got another true junior in Mr. Robinson, so we're excited about that. This is a guy that brings another element to our offense. He's a bigger guy, a little over 6-2, 220 pounds at the Combine, very explosive with the ball in his hands too. He jumped 42 inches in the vertical jump and close to 11-foot broad jump but that doesn't measure what kind of kid he is. He's extremely hard-working, extremely grounded, highly competitive, again, I feel like a broken record. He's very humble and hard-working and I think he's going to bring an element of competition to this team. He was one of our favorites from the beginning and we had him right behind Marqise Lee on our board. They were right there neck and neck and when it came down to it we never imagined we would go back to back receivers because we didn't think we'd have an opportunity to do it. As it started to go we started to make calls and trades. We had a couple lined up behind San Francisco but San Francisco was the best deal and most willing to work right away, so we were able to do it."

(How important is it to get a basketball type receiver?) "Very important especially for Chad and the quarterbacks to be able to throw it when he's covered, and in this league you're going to be covered a lot. This is a guy who is a big guy who can outmuscle defenders and high-point balls but he has very good run after catch too. He averaged close to 15 yards per catch this year and a lot of that was after the catch."

(How well does his skillset mix with Marqise's?) "Very good between Allen, Marqise and Cecil we feel really good about that. Ace (Sanders) is kind of our specialty guy, and then we've got competition now."

(Does this cement the fact that Justin Blackmon won't be back?) "I think we've covered that and moved on for this year."

(Will you cut him?) "We can't."

(On another guy that's 20-year old) "We have quite a bit of intel on him. Brian Simmons our area scout on our scouting staff and we interviewed him at the Combine. You can't find anybody at Penn State to say a negative word about this kid."

(97 catches in Big Ten. Is that rare?) "Very rare, especially with a freshman quarterback."

(How did he get those?) "They do a lot of quick game to him and he runs after the catch a lot. That's why I said he is very good after the catch. Seeing him in the Ohio State game and Indiana game where he reverses field he can really create on his own. This is a big target and big targets are good in this league."

(Moving up to get him does that say anything about your confidence in Mike Brewster?) "I think we said that all along. When we went after Alex Mack it wasn't anything negative against Brewster it was more of the ability to add an elite player at that position, and maybe move Brew to right guard. We actually have some good feeling about Brewster and we need to add some depth at the offensive line. I don't know when that's going to be but we'll figure it out."

(On Mike Brewster and competitionat center) "Him, Pat Lewis and Jacques McClendon will probably be the ones battling for it.

(What about guard?) "Will Rackley and whoever doesn't win that job will be up for that job."

(Will Allen Robinson be an X or Z?) "He will probably be both. He can play inside and he can play outside, he can play all three positions."

(Backup? Play him right away?) "I think you will see him pretty involved right away. We'll run a lot of three-wide sets and I'm sure he will get plenty of reps."

(How intriguing was __?) "Very intriguing. He had a lot of production in a pro-style system."

(On his consistency) "That's the type of kid he is. You're going to see a very hard-working kid that's going to be very consistent. He's got excellent hands and can make the contested catch which is critical at this level."

(Attacking offense was a concern?) "I think I told you guys we needed some guys outsie of Cecil (Shorts III) and Marcedes (Lewis) that can hand the ball to the referee and this guy can do it."

(Fortify offensive line for the rest of the draft?) "Somewhere along the line I am sure we'll pick an offensive lineman."

(Best available?) "Yeah I think so. To be honest with you we aren't too overly concerned about it. You guys may think we're crazy but we have guys that we feel like can step in and be competitive. We talked about Brew and Pat Lewis and guys like that, Sam Young, Frenchy we feel good at right tackle. So we're not too overly concerned about the o-line."

(Not overly concerned about the offensive line?) "Nope."

(On Robinson's weight) "He will probably be about 215."

(Are the three wides Lee, Robinson and Shorts?) "Yeah and we've got some other guys. Ace is going to go in there. They are not all going to take every rep in the offense. Mike Brown is still going to be in the mix and there's going to be competition. That is the central theme."

(Which is the slot guy?) "We'll see. We've got some time to figure it out."

(Depth of this draft play in your needs?) "Yeah, very good. When we met with the coaches we were thinking about one of the top receivers we were going to get; both of these two guys were in our top six."


(Opening statement) "I'm extremely excited about Allen. I know Dave and I talked about these guys on the board when we were looking at some talented receivers up there. (WRs coach) Jerry Sullivan is a guy that's really high on Allen. He did a lot of work on Allen Robinson, even more so work than he did on Marqise (Lee). He knows him really well. The traits that Jerry looks for in wide receivers, he has; the ability to drop his hips, and come out of breaks, all those things plus his size. That was the one thing we were targeting was the ability to find size at the wideout spot."

(Does Jerry Sullivan make you confident in having young guys playing right away?) "Yeah. Jerry was in my ear. We watched him and talked about him and went back and watched him again today. We watched both those receivers and we were trying to decide between which two. It was one of those type deals. What happens if they're both there, then what? We decided Marqise and when it got closer to our pick and Allen was still there we talked about the possibility of trading up to get him."

(How much does he complement Lee and Shorts?) "I think very well. I think you had the question about how to get them all on the field at the same time. He's probably truly more of an X because of his size. He'll add competition at that spot and the ability to play three-wides and open up. Tandon Doss is doing some good things with us, along with Ace and Kerry Taylor are doing good things for us. I think it elevated that room and has created more competition and that's what we needed."

(How much better do you feel about the offensive potential?) "I feel better now at the wide receiver spot. We'll see what happens with these guys. You hear hearsay about Marqise that he should have been a first round pick, possibility of being a top wide receiver, but I just feel like it's better. I love that they're both really competitive and great people. Marqise was the bell cow to the room there and that's what Allen was at Penn State. So to have two strong personalities like that come in it's going to add quite a bit to our room."

(How much strain does it create on a defense with bigger wide receivers?) "It just gives you options. I think the bigger guy too where you can see where it can benefit us is in the red zone."

(Does this put pressure on Jedd Fisch now?) "Well like we said, we've got some needs. You talked about the offensive line. We've got to address them but we've got some picks. I think when we put it all together and our board, he was the guy that was remaining at that spot and we didn't want to take a chance with it."

(Surprising you're not concerned about the line) "We haven't had pads on.  Brewster came back and he looks really good. He's bigger, he's stronger, his mindset and all those things he's doing a great job now. Zane Beadles next to him has helped him out tremendously. He just has a different mindset, so we're excited about that. We know we've got to create even more depth there too."

(Who's the other guard?) "We'll see what happens. Let's talk on Sunday or Saturday night."

(How does this change the perception of the Jaguars offense?) "Sometimes when you take a quarterback like we did with the first pick, and there's talk about here's a guy that you're talking about not playing. Well, it's important for our players to know it's not for 2015. We've got to take advantage of this time now. I think the addition of these two guys makes a statement that we're trying to get better now. Our players understand it when you make a pick like we did in that first pick it's a commitment to the organization. We've always said sometimes you fall in love with guys and you have to make cuts because you have to do what is right for the organization. I think that was the first-round pick. These picks right here is another statement and we've got to do what's right for the organization and bring in competition. At wide receiver was important."

(Any relief on Blackmon situation) "I don't know if I can say relief. I feel like at times there's probably a little emptiness that there's some unknowns there and you don't know how it's working out. I don't want to shut my feelings off. I was hoping it would be better than where it's going but we'll see."

(How is it going?) "We haven't heard much and it doesn't sound like it's going in the right direction."

(Why not?) "Just like Dave said, we can't count on him."

* *


(Thoughts on how the second night of the draft went and Jaguars team) "I really didn't have any idea as to where I would go tonight. I was just sitting around, anxious to get on a team. I'm blessed for this opportunity and I think it's a great opportunity to play for Jacksonville."

(On relationship with Marqise Lee) "I talked to him at the Combine. We're both good friends with Silas Redd. I think he's a great player and a high-character guy."

(On his feelings coming to Jacksonville with another wide receiver with a different skill set) "I can say that we have a pretty good group that was drafted this year. I'm coming in with these guys and we're going to push each other to be the best players that we can be."

(On benefits of playing in a pro-style system in college) "I think it benefits me a lot. For now, the sight adjustments, the coverage adjustments are second nature to me, so that's not anything too different that I will have to deal with at the next level."

(On his basketball career and how it helped his receiving skills) "I played basketball my whole life up until I got to college. I think it helped me a lot in terms of quickness, lateral agility, and just all-around agility. I think it helped me a lot to play basketball for that long period of time."

(On if he was disappointed with his 40-yard dash time) "For my first 40 time, I was pretty disappointed at the Combine, but I just honed into my training after the Combine and got back two in there at my pro day. I ran a sub-4.5."

(On vertical and broad jump making up for his disappointing 40 time) "That's just something that I'm blessed to have that ability to do really well, to be pretty explosive. I just wanted to go out and show the scouts what I could do."

(On being a part of the new nucleus of the Jaguars' offense) "I know they have a lot of great current players on their roster. As a rookie, I just want to come in and try to find a spot on the field. I want to find a spot on my team and try to help my team as much as possible."

(On if he worked with Blake Bortles at the combine) "No. Actually, he was in the first group."

(On if he was at Penn State for the Joe Paterno incident) "Yes I was."

(On playing during the Paterno incident) "It taught me as a player how to continue to focus on the task at hand. With the whole thing coming down, we still had to play on that Saturday and Saturdays in the future. We didn't let it sidetrack us too much because at the end of the day we still had goals and my goal, which was to win the Big Ten."

(On why he didn't transfer when players were eligible to leave Penn State) "Penn State blessed me with a great opportunity coming out of high school. I wasn't too highly recruited out of high school, I was about a two-star, so I really didn't have too many other big opportunities that were thrown at me. Penn State was one of the schools that threw one at me and I was very blessed for that, so I wouldn't have had the opportunity (to transfer to another major school) anyway."

(On why he was only  two-star prospect out of high school) "I think it was just me being underrated. My senior year in high school I had 66 catches, including the postseason, for about 1,000 yards, and about 20 touchdowns, so I had a really productive senior year of high school. I don't really know what it was, but I was pretty underrated."

(On why he did not get a lot of college offers) "I had some offers roll in after Penn State, but Penn State was with me through the whole process. They were the first ones to jump on me and show a lot of interest. I had offers from Syracuse, Michigan State, and Colorado."

(On what having 97 catches in the Big Ten with  freshman quarterback says about him) "I think it says a lot. For me, the biggest thing was helping my team to win. I know there were a lot of things on the quarterback's plate with him being a freshman, so the biggest thing to me was to try and help as much as possible and try to help him be as comfortable as possible with what I was doing to help the team out. He played a pivotal part in our offense being the quarterback and Coach (Bill) O'Brien loves to throw the ball, so he and I had to try and be as comfortable as possible with each other so we could make some plays."

(On if the Michigan game was his highlight game his junior season) "I'd say the highlight game for me of last year was beating Wisconsin our last game. Everybody had doubted us because we were coming off a loss, everybody was projecting Wisconsin to beat us and go on to the Rose Bowl, so there were a lot of different things that factored into that game. I think with that we just honed in. We only traveled 42 scholarship players that game and we went to Madison, Wisconsin and beat a great Wisconsin team."

(On if he has met Paul Posluszny or Nate Stupar, both former Penn State players) "I played with Stupar my freshman year, but unfortunately I have not met Paul yet."

(On if the final drive against Michigan was his favorite of the season) "I had a couple of big catches on that last drive to help us get into overtime."

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