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Draft Transcripts: Sullivan, Greene and O'Brien

Jaguars WR Coach Jerry Sullivan

(On what he liked about Rashad Greene) "I think he's a very humble guy in this day and time of divas. I met him at the train station in Indy, which is not a place to have an intimate conversation, and then watched him go to different tables listening to agents and teams. He was very humble, you didn't feel like you were getting the agent's spiel – he was talking from the heart and handling himself in a business-like manner. I was very impressed with his demeanor and how he handled himself. When I came back, I watched tape on him and liked his aggressiveness and the aggressive nature he plays with. He's not afraid to go inside; he'll take the hits and pop up and is very productive. I'm sure Jameis Winston was happy to have him as a comfort zone guy. He came in on a visit two weeks ago and was the same guy. I know he went to St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Fort Lauderdale and George Smith is one of my good friends who has coached there for years and he played for George. George is a no-nonsense guy and he is a great reflection of George and his demeanor. I'm thrilled for him and for us to have him."

(On a young group of wide receivers and adding another young prospect) "It's good because the big stage doesn't bother them. If you look at the guys we had last year, we had (Allen) Hurns from Miami, Marqise (Lee) from Southern California and A-Rob (Allen Robinson) from Penn State playing in front of 100,000 people, so those guys have been on the big stage and now they just have to get used to the competition level."

(On his route-running abilities) "I think he's very instinctive; I think he will be a guy who will be very coachable and conceptually be able to take what we throw at him and put it on the field. I think he will do well and don't anticipate any major problems."

(On if the Jaguars are avoiding spread offense receivers) "To be honest with you, I've never looked at it like that. You bringing it up to me, I've never seen it like that. I just see the guy on how he plays. Generally guys out of a spread offense are, well, the route tree is a little foreign subject to them. From our standpoint, we haven't really been involved in that in terms of the young guys that we have. I didn't pay attention to that, I just base it on what the guy does."

(On WR leadership after Cecil Short's departure) "I think they're all neat personalities. Marqise (Lee) is comfortable at last in his environment; Allen Robinson was coming on last year in terms of some leadership; and I think (Allen) Hurns has a quiet sense of leadership. I don't know if we have a guy who, quote, will jump up and down on the table. From year one to year two you should make a significant jump and I hope they're leaders by how they play and not how they talk. In this league you are judged by how you play. I don't care how they Twitter and Facebook and all that social media stuff, I just want them to let their playing speak for them and that's what gains you respect in the NFL."

(If he is worried about lack of veteran leadership and him having to fill void) "I don't ever worry about that. I've been doing that for a long time. I run my ship and farm my own land."

(Have you ever had any veterans that have balked at how you do things?) "No, and I've had some screwy veterans."

(On surrounding Bortles with more talent and improved state of offense) "I'm very appreciative of the scouts, general manager and coach for seeing it and doing something about it. We coach them and they go out and get them. You get tired of hearing the phrase 'get better,' but that's the way you have to approach it and hopefully the results of what we do will be better."

(On Bortles and receivers throwing together in California) "They said it went well. Obviously, it's probably a little bit different structurally, but they like it – it was good."

(On relationship with Greg Olson) "I like the system he has and I think it has a lot of depth to it. I like the system. There is a lot of familiarity for me and I think, he's been doing it a long time and put in a lot of time and effort in how he's organizing and how he's studied different facets of the NFL and has put things into an order that he believes will be good for us."

(Level of concern with Marqise picking up new offense) "Well, some of it was our fault. We gave him too much, too soon. When you're a kid who comes from one environment to another, you know guys are young and I think year one to year two will be a good jump and like I said, he's much more comfortable in his own shoes at this time than he was a year ago. He'll come along. It's a day-by-day proposition and that's how I want him to see it, and I don't want him to get frustrated if he takes a step backward. He is going to be fine."


WR Rashad Greene

(Thoughts on being a Jaguar?) "God put me to be here. Truly in my heart and just talking to my father about a visit that I had, I told him I could see myself in Jacksonville, so I am where I truly wanted to be in my heart. Now, it's time to take advantage of the opportunity regardless of where I went in the draft. It's an opportunity that not a lot of guys get, so I am going to take full advantage of it and go in and work my tail off for the organization." (What was it like meeting with Jerry Sullivan?) "It was great meeting with him from Indy to Jacksonville and now putting it all together, it's almost like it was destined for us to work together because he was the first person to approach me in Indy and now he is my position coach. I am more excited about the whole thing and just being able to work with a guy like him."

(Have you talked to Telvin Smith?) "I haven't talked to Telvin yet, but I am sure that conversation is coming. It's going to be great having him as a teammate again knowing the type of guy he is, the leader he is, the player he is and all around person he is. It's going to be great."

(On receivers here) "I know about a few of the guys, playing against them when we played UM, just knowing that they're young and it's a place where they're trying to build. I am proud and happy that I can be a part of that young group to learn and grow together and hopefully one day win a Super Bowl because I am sure that's the ultimate goal for the whole entire organization and be the best receiving core we can be."

(How much playing in FSU's pro-style offense will help you transition into the NFL?) "It will help me a lot in different aspects of just learning and understanding the game and being able to play anywhere that I am needed. There wasn't a spot on the field that I didn't play at Florida State and I am sure it will be the same there in Jacksonville. Wherever Coach Sullivan needs me, he knows he has a dependable person who is going to be consistent at wherever he puts me and to be able to win games and just have fun out there with the organization and my future teammates."

(How comfortable are you in the slot?) "I am very comfortable. I am comfortable playing any position as far as receiver goes and wherever I am needed,  I am ready to go full speed ahead."

(What do you know about Blake Bortles?) "Tremendous quarterback. I watched him in college, saw his production last year and I understand that he is a guy that loves the game, wants to be a very good player and what better situation coming in with a guy that is young, just like you, and we can all grow together as a receiving corps with a quarterback that's young. As a team, we are pretty young, as well. I've got a good feeling about this and it's going to be a tremendous ride."

(Disappointed you didn't get drafted in the fourth round?) "No, I understand it's the process. You have to go about what you may need before and being that they're young at the receiving position that probably wasn't the first place they wanted to go at first in the draft. I understand the process. They got me and that's the most important thing. I am happy to be a part of the organization and I am ready to go to work."

(Do you remember anything about James Sample when you played against him?) "He was definitely a guy who I remember, who ended up covering me a couple of times. I caught a couple of passes and he made some tackles. He is a tremendous player. I could see he was all around the field making plays. I am sure that's what they want in Jacksonville; a bunch of guys that are passionate about playing football and want to win and go out there and have some fun."

(Did you hear anything about how technical Jerry Sullivan is as a receivers coach?) "Yes, I definitely heard about Coach Sullivan being hands-on with the receivers. The fact that he enjoys doing what he does, coaching receivers, is a big plus for me knowing he will get out there with me hands on and show me different things. You want that from a coach instead of someone that just tells you what you need to do. I know he's a hands-on guy and that's what I like most about him."

Jaguars Director of College Scouting Kyle O'Brien

(On what stood out about Rashad Greene) "He's just an outstanding football player. He knows how to play the game. He's produced throughout his career, he can play inside, he can play outside, he has also returned punts. Not only that, he's a two-time captain. He has the traits both on the field and off the field that we're looking for and we feel very fortunate to be able to get him in the fifth round, that's for sure."

(On how rare it was to get a player of Green's caliber in the fifth round) "Like I said, we feel very fortunate to have him here. When you watch the film, obviously last year a lot of people were looking at Kelvin Benjamin and he's an outstanding player, but when (FSU) needed a big play, Rashad was usually the one that produced it for (FSU), and that's been his whole career, it really has been."

(On why Greene fell to the fifth round) "I'm not sure, but I'm glad he did."

(On if the Jaguars considered drafting Greene in the fourth round.) "Yes sir."

(On his football IQ) "He's just kind of an old soul who loves football. He approaches the game like a professional, he always has. A lot of kids play the game in college because they like it and they're told that's what they're good at; Rashad loves the game of football and he approaches it that way."

(On if Greene is slated for the slot receiver position) "We feel that he has the ability to compete both inside and outside, as well as compete as a punt returner. We feel fortunate to have such a versatile, smart football player."

 (On what stood out about James Sample) "His physicality. He has the ability to uncoil his hips and strike at the point of attack. We also feel that he has some versatility to play both strong and free (safety). He began his career at Washington and then they wanted to move him to linebacker, so he went the JuCo route, one year at Louisville, but he literally showed up at Louisville two days before camp. His ability to take that information, process it, and become a day one starter we feel is pretty impressive."

(On if the Jaguars thought they'd lost Greene after picking Sample) "When you look at the board, you have to weigh certain gambles and we still had some wide receivers and we had a couple of players at the same level, but you have to look underneath to see just in case these people go, but we're very fortunate to have both."

(On if James Sample and Rashad Greene were very close on the Jaguars board) "Yes sir, from Jump Street."

(On if the Jaguars were stunned that Greene was around in the fifth) "Yes, we truly were."

(On if the scouts talk to former teammates to get an idea of draft-eligible players) "When we interview players, whether at all-star games or at the combine, we always ask them if you can bring one teammate with you to help you win a Super Bowl, and a lot of the Florida State players, almost across the board, said Rashad Greene and their answer for that was because he does things the right way."

(On if the Jaguars were impressed with A.J. Cann's durability) "It's huge. Not only the 51 games (played), but the 51 games against some of the top competition across the country and he's always stood out. Again, we feel fortunate this year where we believe we've gotten a lot of guys who love football and A.J. is another one of those. Two-time captain for them, as well."

(On if the players falling to the Jaguars feels like they've won the jackpot) "Absolutely. I'm an Irishman, so some people rub my head (laughs), maybe that's part of it. We do, we feel very fortunate this year, and not only some good football players, but some good football traits to help embrace and cultivate the culture that Dave and Gus have been creating here."

(On if there's a certain weight the Jaguars would like Greene to play at) "He can play at 182 (lbs.). When we spoke, he can get up to 188-190, but he's smooth either way."

(On why the Jaguars liked T.J. Yeldon) "When you're looking at some of the other guys, their freshman year, you're like 'who's this kid?' You start looking on your phone to see if he's draft-eligible. (Yeldo was one of those, from freshman year, all of the scouts were going to that school like, 'we're waiting for him to come out.' He's got excellent vision, his lateral agility is excellent, he just knows how to run the ball, to be perfectly honest with you. He gets the yard that are there. Some people question his explosiveness, but when you turn on the film, it's countless times where he's literally carrying three or four guys to finish the run, he has to be gang-tackled. He's a little high-cut, he's got a longer torso, so he might be a little higher at the point of attack, but when those guys try and tackle him, he's carrying them. He's not falling backwards, he's going forward."

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