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Eight months to pick

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Ray from Williamsport, PA:
I heard Jacksonville has invited Trevor Harris from Edinboro for a private workout next month. I go to Edinboro and I have watched him play the last three years. He is one of the best quarterbacks in Division II. Do you think he can be successful in the NFL?

Vic: Harris is a big, fast, tough quarterback who was impressive at the Cactus Bowl. This is the kind of guy you wanna sign in undrafted free agency because he's ultra-competitive and that's the kind of player you want in your training camp. The knock on Harris is that he has an adequate-at-best arm. Why might Gene Smith be interested in him? Well, once upon a time, Smith was the recruiting coordinator at Edinboro.

Adrian from Reading, UK:
I've been looking at various pundits' mock drafts. Why do they all insist on picking players for need at every position? Have they not heard that some GMs are occasionally interested in taking the BAP?

Vic: It's a way of identifying need and matching the player to that need without having to predict trades. Every team wants to address need, but they don't want to reach for a player to do that, so they're all trying to fit themselves to the pick instead of fitting the player to the pick. When you look at mock drafts, interpret them broadly, not literally. Look at the order of the players and the team needs that are being identified. It should give you a feel for how teams are going to move up or down on draft day.

Edward from Lakewood, CA:
Does a player you sign in free agency count against your compensatory picks if he doesn't stick for the whole year?

Vic: He has to be on the roster for 10 weeks to count against a team in compensatory picks consideration.

Richard from Tampa, FL:
Is it illegal to promise a player payment of a roster bonus to avoid salary?

Vic: It's illegal to guarantee a roster bonus without putting it in writing. The kind of arrangement you're suggesting is called a wink-wink deal and it's against the cap rules. In a wink-wink arrangement, the team might restructure a player to move money out of the current year and into a future year, for the purpose of creating cap room in the current year. If the team guaranteed the roster bonus, a portion of it would be prorated into the current year.

Josh from Jacksonville:
Who is the player that most excites you in this draft? Who are your targets in round 1-3?

Vic: First of all, my target in every round is the best available player. As far as players that excite me, I'd have to restrict myself to players I believe I'll have a chance of drafting. Why get excited about Ndamukong Suh? In this draft, it's the down-the-line defensive players that excite me because the depth and quality of this draft on the defensive side of the ball, in my opinion, is going to yield big-time hits in the later rounds. The defensive tackle crop is loaded.

Danton from Mount Dora, FL:
How many compensatory picks do you think we will garner?

Vic: Gene Smith is hopeful of receiving two. I tend to think the Jaguars will get one.

Shane from Orange Park, FL:
In the NFL, when a cornerback gets into his later years, would it be OK for a team to turn him into a safety?

Vic: That's the normal progression, but only for cornerbacks that are good tacklers. You have to be able to tackle to play safety. Ronnie Lott made that move seamlessly because Lott was a hitter. If you can't tackle, you can't play safety. It's that simple.

David from Merritt Island, FL:
You said "it's real easy stuff; just rank 'em and pick 'em." Picking 'em is easy, ranking 'em is very tough business.

Vic: Yes, it is, but you have eight months to rank 'em, as opposed to only a few minutes to pick 'em. That, in my opinion, is one of the big bonuses to picking BAP. You have eight months to make your pick.

Josh from Virginia Beach, VA:
I'm a huge out-of-state Jags fan and fan of yours. What are your thoughts on Jason Worilds from Virginia Tech?

Vic: He's an undersized, speed rusher who may fit best in a 3-4 scheme as a rush-backer.

Steve from Jacksonville:
Just noticed the update to the "Fuel Gauge," which appears to be making nice, steady progress. At this point in the process, what is your feeling as to how we're doing?

Vic: I like what I'm seeing. I plan to do a story later today that'll provide another update. Victor from Jacksonville:
You said you like short, quick defensive tackles. Both Marcus Stroud and John Henderson were by no means short. Besides being very strong and very good athletes, what made them so good?

Vic: In his prime, Stroud was lightning quick. He was very light on his feet and nimble. In Henderson's prime, he was overpowering. Both players had stay-low issues. When they struggled, it was usually because they got too high.

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