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Enjoy the game

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Michele from Cocoa, FL:
I've noticed with fans of other teams that they support their team no matter what. What do you think it would take to create that kind of culture in Jacksonville?

Vic: Habit and tradition will create that kind of culture. The longer the team exists in Jacksonville, the more it'll matter to everyone and the more rooted it will become in the town's soul.

Paul from Grimsby, England:
I can't recall another time when it has happened, but one of your responses has provoked anger in me. You said: "This question is the best example of why the league should not put a team in London." This is a massive generalization concerning the knowledge of the fan base in the UK. Considering some of the questions you get from Florida citizens, this would also mean that Florida shouldn't have a team.

Vic: What happened to that wonderfully dry English sense of humor? Don't tell me you're gonna do a double-chinstrap pull on me.

Debbie from Indianapolis, IN:
Would it really be a signature win to beat the Colts when it's a must win for the Jags and doesn't mean much to the Colts? Would it really be a signature win if Freeney and Mathis are not playing and other injured players that would play in a meaningful game are not playing? Beating the Colts Thursday night is important to the Jags but I would not call it a signature win (if they win). I would call it a signature loss for the Jags if they did not win because they should beat a team at home that has nothing to play for when it is so important to the Jags.

Vic: Whatever.

Ryan from Charlotte, NC:
I, like you, believe motivation must come from within and that going Tim Tebow on a huddle of grown professionals is not the answer, however, it does seem the rah-rah stuff works for some of them and the end zone dance thing works for others. Do coaches customize their coaching for guys like that to help them get up for a game?

Vic: Yes, they customize their tolerances, to an acceptable limit, because coaches understand that players require the freedom to motivate themselves.

Richard from Atlantic Beach, FL:
Your answer to Myles from the UK was poor. He is just trying to understand. If the masks were gone our players would rapidly learn that using an unprotected face to block or tackle can be painful and might mar their pretty features, and maybe they would start to block with their shoulders again and wrap up their tackles. Lord knows, tackling has gotten pitiful.

Vic: I was just havin' a little fun with my old buddy Myles. Maybe the two of us will lift a few next fall, if you know what I mean.

Dan from Chapel Hill, NC:
At the beginning of the season, I answered the poll on about my expectations for the season. I am pretty sure the wording of the option I chose was "playoff contender." If it wasn't, I chose the closest to that. As such, being in the playoff chase in December has satisfied my expectations. It has been, to date, a season of ups and downs, but I am happy with the progress of the team. Any wins from here out are gravy. Thanks for helping me learn to keep a level head about expectations.

Vic: I'm satisfied by what the Jaguars have done this season, regardless of what happens the rest of the way. They've given me a December of playoff contention and reason to believe they can be a playoff contender next season. That'll likely be my expectation when next season begins, and that's the real gain in what's occurred this season because, frankly, when this season began I thought the Jaguars were two rebuilding years away from being a legitimate playoff contender. They've closed the gap quicker than I expected.

Andrew from Toledo, OH:
Since the Jaguars still have a chance, are they gaining more experience than if they played for nothing down the stretch?

Vic: Absolutely, they are. That's why you want this to continue for as long as possible because it gives these young players a base line for the future. There's a feeling that goes with December you can't appreciate until you've been in one. It's that one-day-at-a-time feeling coaches talk about. It's the feeling that every day is "Groundhog Day" and life other than the daily routine and pursuit of the playoffs has been suspended until your season's fate has been decided. What I'm describing is a singleness of purpose that creeps into the soul of a team at this time of the year. You can't manufacture it in September or October but, as November nears, you start to get a feeling of anticipation. It's wonderful. I live for it every year. In the few years I've covered teams that didn't have a December, I felt as though something valuable had been taken from me.

Brandon from Jacksonville:
Weather doesn't look so good for Thursday. That could make the game a lot less enjoyable. What do you suggest? I'm taking my fiancée.

Vic: I think you should take a raincoat.

Al from Mt. Vernon, NY:
I would really be interested in knowing your opinion as to why this coaching staff is so stubborn about refusing to use their best one-yard, gotta-have-it play, the Garrard QB sneak. I can think of at least four games between this and last year where they have simply ignored this option and been pushed back on the successive attempts and forced to settle for field goals. In one game they fumbled the hand-off. This team has too little margin for error to be trying to prove something. You always blow this question off with some snide remark but we all have knowledge of the game, Vic, and there is a fine line between stubbornness and stupidity, and I just cannot understand why the play which always works on fourth and one, when the entire stadium knows it's coming, is such a bad idea on first and goal when the defense can't be sure of what's coming. But go ahead, I would absolutely love to see you try and explain this, but don't worry, I know you won't because, just between us two, we both know it's just plain gutlessness.

Vic: Garrard is tied with Chicago's Jay Cutler for the most third-and-one and fourth-and-one rushing attempts in the league by a quarterback. Garrard is nine for nine and Cutler is seven for nine. It's not as though they don't use him. That's the best I can tell you.

Nick from Las Vegas, NV:
There's talk here in Las Vegas that Dirk Koetter is on the short list for the head coaching job at UNLV. Have you heard any talk over there regarding that?

Vic: Yes, I've heard the same thing and I heartily recommend him for the job. He is an outstanding coach and administrator.

Brad from Jacksonville:
How exciting would it be if we were to beat the Colts Thursday night, somehow make the playoffs, meet up again in the AFC championship game and be responsible for their only losses of the season, like the Titans did to us?

Vic: And what if there was beer, too?

Jamie from Oxford, England:
I'm an avid reader of yours and a big fan, but I resent your comment about having an NFL franchise in London. Granted, it wasn't the most intelligent question, but you get plenty more stupid ones from Jacksonville natives.

Vic: You said it, I didn't. With that, folks, let me finish by saying: Enjoy the game. I'll be with you in spirit through the night and in my game (night) blog.

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