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Follow pace of ticket sales


Make sure you check your "gas gauge" on Friday. You may only have a tenth of a tank.

That's what Jaguars Chief Financial Officer Bill Prescott estimates will be the reading when the Jaguars post on a "gas gauge" of sorts that will serve as an indicator of season-ticket sales.

"The tank right now would be at a tenth full. We've just begun the renewal process," Prescott said.

Jaguars fans will be able to track the renewal rate of those season tickets, along with the pace of new season-ticket sales, in the upper right-hand corner of the home page of Next to the "gas gauge" will be a "view ticket sales" button that'll take readers to a bar chart of ticket sales toward filling the general bowl.

"A little over 26,000 season tickets are up for renewal. If we renewed 100 percent of that, our gas tank would be half full," Prescott said.

Vigorous new season-ticket sales so far give the Jaguars a head start on their goal to sell out the general bowl for next season. That number is 50,957, which represents the third-smallest TV blackout number in the league.

Why the transparency?

"We think it's important, with all the public discussion and with the efforts of 'Touchdown Jacksonville!' and 'Team Teal,' for everyone to know what our progress is toward achieving that goal," Prescott said.

"There's no doubt we're encouraged by the new sales, but with 100 percent renewal and where we are right now, we're still only half full. It's a pretty big void to fill," he added.

Prescott is the author of an "Inside the Business" blog that appears on It can be found in "News."

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