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Getting to know Maurice Jones-Drew


Maurice Jones-Drew sat down with this week to discuss his reading interests, if politics are in his future, his favorite athlete and much more in his personality profile.

Favorite TV show?

First 48 and House.

What did you watch growing up?

I didn't really watch too much TV. I used to play video games and be outside a lot. I used to play Madden and Tecmo Bowl.

Favorite music?

I listen to pretty much everybody. I'm a variety guy. I don't really try to limit what I listen to.

What are you reading right now?

I just finished President Obama's speeches and Rich Dad, Poor Dad (by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter). I have a bunch of books in my library that I need to pick up and start reading.

Favorite kind of books?

I like anything political or anything that enhances your mind; makes you think about things. Outside the box thinking. I don't like to think like normal people.

Is politics something you want to pursue someday?

No. They're cutthroat. I just like to read about it.

Who is your favorite athlete in another sport?

Ronaldinho. I'm a big soccer fan.

Who is the one person you'd like to trade places with for a day?

My son (who is 16 months old). He has it made. He gets to do whatever he wants.

Favorite city to visit?

Vegas baby!

How do you like to enjoy the offseason?

I take the little time I have and spend it with my family. We'll go to a little island somewhere and hang out, relax for a couple of weeks. Most of the time I train. It's a year-round job so I usually hang out and train in Miami or San Francisco. My whole day is training and video games.

Favorite subject to study in school?

One thing I got real interested in was the Holocaust. It just shows you how strong the mind is because for people to survive that, just with the little ounce of hope of seeing their family, is amazing. It brings it back to football to where when your body is telling you you're tired, your mind is like, 'No, I'm going to keep going.' Just little things like that I try to relate to my life and football. It shows you it can always be worse and you just have to take everything and run with it.

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