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Give this draft more time

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Mike from Jacksonville:
Everyone seems to be so excited about our draft this year, but I just don't see why anyone should be excited. Henderson, the ninth pick, can't assume the starting role from Smith, who hasn't done anything since he's been here. Pearson does not start; Ayodele does not start. Garrard is the only pick I know was a good pick. Can you give me your opinion on our first four picks of this draft?

Vic: I have every reason to believe John Henderson will break into the starting lineup soon. Mike Pearson, Akin Ayodele and David Garrard will require more time, but that's par for the course. Let's wait.

Alice from Kingsland, GA:
My question is concerning the number two quarterback position. I have really been impressed with the performance of David Garrard during the preseason. He seems to have a strong arm and strong legs. He will stay in the pocket until he can't any longer and then fight off the defenders and make yards running. He reminds me of Mark in the early years. I think he has earned the number two spot. My husband says we should go with Kent Graham because he has the experience. He said we shouldn't burn Garrard up in his rookie year but look at him for long range. What is your take on this situation?

Vic: I don't think it matters who the number two quarterback is. Whoever he is, he'll be number three quickly if he doesn't play well.

Jerry from Christiansburg, VA:
How do you think the fans in the local Jax area will handle a time in which the Jags may indeed be "rebuilding" and may not see success as they have in previous years? I have driven nine-and-a-half hours to watch several games -- in Pittsburgh and in Cincinnati -- and have found the fans in Jax are far behind other city's fans in their degree of loyalty. The bottom line is this team will have success if the fans will support them. Do you believe they are up to the task?

Vic: I maintain my belief that Jacksonville will be a great NFL city, in time, but I'm not blind to the decline in ticket sales over the last five years, and it began while the Jaguars were still in ascent. The NFL will succeed in Jacksonville. Observations over the next couple of years will give us more information about what has to be done to make this a Pittsburgh, Green Bay, Washington or Denver.

Harry from Jacksonville:
You covered the Steelers for many years. With the number of large defensive linemen the Jaguars have, would a 3-4 defense be more potent?

Vic: No; the Jaguars don't have the right kind of defensive linemen for a 3-4 scheme. They especially lack the kind of low, squat, cat-quick player you need to play the nose tackle position. Large defensive linemen aren't the norm for 3-4 teams. The physical traits necessary for 3-4 defensive linemen are more specific to their function, which is to create dysfunction in the blocking scheme so the linebackers may run unabated to the ball.

Billy from Jacksonville:
As I see it, the outlook on this season is easy. By all accounts, our offense should be better; deeper line, deeper and better at running back, deeper at wide receiver and a good addition at tight end. However, the defense is weaker. So, as I see it we can improve on the 6-10 if our offense is more improved than our defense has declined. Does this seem like a legit analysis (of course all this is barring injuries) to you?

Vic: Your thoughts have merit.

Keith from Neptune Beach, FL:
Looking at the preseason as an optimist, despite the woes in the passing ame, is it fair to say that both the offensive line and the entire defense are mostly good young players with lots of upside who belong in the NFL? And is it fair to say the Jags appear to have found an excellent backup QB in a late round of the draft with David Garrard?

Vic: I like what's happening on the offensive line, on defense and with David Garrard, but I'm not ready to proclaim this thing "done."

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