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Well, I'm back. So goes another vacation; 50 weeks before I do it again. So, what's been happening while I was gone? While I was standing over a three-footer for bogey, I heard the Jaguars signed a couple of guys. That's nice. I turned on the old computer this morning and found my "Ask Vic" e-mails bin overflowing. My first thought was, "Didn't I tell them I was going on vacation for two weeks?" Then, when I began opening the e-mails, I found the most prominent question to be: "When are you coming back from vacation?" Now, folks, if I had been here to answer that question, I wouldn't have been on vacation, right? Think about that for a moment. There were other questions. I guess some people wanted to get a head start on my return. Apparently, they don't play golf. A major percentage of the questions wanted to know what I thought of the J.J. Stokes hiring. So, I'll answer that now: I think it's OK. He was affordable; won't strain the salary cap. But I can't say the deal excites me. It's a one-year contract, which would suggest it's a stop-gap measure, and that's OK because there's a lot of that going on in the free agency era. Signing Stokes is OK, but it's not an event worthy of the unbelievable anticipation it received. Someone wanted to know if I thought Stokes will replace Jimmy Smith as the Jaguars' number one receiver. Now, that's what I call really losing perspective. Oh, yeah, there were a lot of Randall Godfrey questions, but those have since been rendered unnecessary. So, would I have wanted the Jaguars to have signed Godfrey? No. Why not? Because I'm still the same guy I was before I went on vacation. I truly believe in the concept of developing young players. Too many re-treads can give a team a stale taste. There was the same collection of Mark Brunell, David Garrard, Byron Leftwich questions. Nothing has changed there, either. Brunell is for now, Leftwich is for later and Garrard is competition for now and later. Someone wanted to know who I thought Tom Coughlin would've drafted, had he still been the Jaguars' head coach. Hmmm, that's an interesting question. I think he would've been real tempted by Terrell Suggs. Without a doubt, the Jaguars have distinct need at defensive end; for now and for the future. And there was the usual battery of "Do you think the Jaguars are going to make the playoffs" questions. And my answer remains the same: I cling to hope that might happen, but I don't think it should be a realistic expectation. Oh, and I got some questions about's Vic Carucci stealing my "Ask Vic" format. I'm flattered. For better or for worse, I'm back. Training camp is just around the corner and it's time to get into a true football frame of mind. Go ahead, click on "Send."

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