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Good, but not number one

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Alex from New York, NY:
What does it mean for a defensive back to "sit" on a route?

Vic: It means he's vulnerable to a double move because he's attacking the first move. In other words, on a down and out, he's attacking the out. Against guys who "sit" on the out, you wanna run a down, out and up, but your quarterback has to have the time to let that kind of route develop. The Titans' pass-rush doesn't afford the time necessary and that's why their defensive backs can "sit" on routes.

Brian from Orange Park, FL:
Jaxson de Ville's attempt to light a fire under this team resulted in catching his head on fire.

Vic: Yeah, Jaxson's gonna have to go to the barber for a little trim work and a dye job until the new stuff grows in. During the Jaguars' dramatic entrance on Sunday, executed through a mock cage that is defined by some kind of flame-looking devices on each side of the cage, de Ville apparently wandered a little too close to one of the devices and a spark from it caused his head to begin smoldering. You've heard coaches tell their players to play like their hair is on fire? Well, I guess that's what de Ville was trying to do. I'm big on smoke and fire and dramatic entrances that scare the visiting team. I think we need more of that kind of stuff; more end zone celebrations, too.

Eric from Gainesville, FL:
I've heard you say a couple of times the NFL is a business. If it's such a business, why doesn't it cater to its customers, its fans, and stop penalizing for TD celebrations? I'm a fan and most fans I know love TD celebrations.

Vic: There you go. I agree. We need more celebrations. I think the game should be stopped for a mandatory dance by the scoring team.

Marcel from Jacksonville:
I'm a huge Jaguars fan and I'm not a know-it-all but why do we only run up the middle? How predictable are the Jaguars? I know you love to run but after the third quarter, when the run was not working, why were the Jags still running up the middle?

Vic: Because it was better than being sacked. Is that a good answer? Seriously, though, how many years have the Jaguars been in the league? Isn't it about time we stop asking this question? I mean, Steve Spurrier's been gone from Florida for a long time now and he hasn't done anything since then anyhow, so why don't we just accept the fact that running the ball up the middle is what professional football teams do? Maurice Jones-Drew and Fred Taylor averaged 4.3 yards per carry and the Jaguars averaged 3.9 net yards per pass play, so I think running up the middle might've been the better option.

Brian from Jacksonville:
During the first half, the Titans were called for defensive delay of game. I've never heard of this before. I would think it would be too many men on the field or not enough, offsides, etc.? Can you explain?

Vic: Cortland Finnegan was attempting to simulate the snap count. That's not allowed. Jeff Fisher knows that. He's on the competition committee. I'm sure he'll instruct Finnegan never to do a deceitful thing like that again.

Jay Dee from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
How would you describe the crowd during the game?

Vic: It was supportive and it stayed for the second half, until the Titans increased their lead to 10 points. The fans were fine. They gave their all.

Ben from Jacksonville:
This has to be the most disappointing season in the 14 years of Jaguars football. The expectations were high but it is inexcusable to be 1-4 at home. The Jaguars always played hard at home and you could always count on them to have a good home record. In your opinion, has this team underachieved worse than any other Jags team?

Vic: Maybe our expectations were the problem. Have you considered that possibility?

Jake from Tampa, FL:
I know you're not a psychologist but you're a lot cheaper than one, so here I go: Can you please explain to me the reason a person can feel so emotionally upset over something as simple as a football team's loss? Why does it hurt so bad?

Vic: The answer is simple: Because it is the emotional high point of your week. If you were, for example, smitten by a romantic love that dominated your every thought, you wouldn't think twice about a football game. Love always wins, if you know what I mean. For most of us, football is what we do after we're done being smitten. Hey, we need something to fill the void, right?

Mike from Middleburg, FL:
Are we experiencing the perfect storm, combining non-productive first-round draft choices and free agents? Significant injuries and a roster that is getting older cannot be a recipe for winning.

Vic: We're experiencing the realization that we, and I include myself, overrated the Jaguars' roster depth. If this team hadn't lost its starting guards, David Garrard wouldn't be one of the most sacked quarterbacks in the league. Imagine what it would be like if he couldn't scramble as well as he does. If the defensive line depth was as good as we thought it was, the Jaguars wouldn't be losing the battle of the line of scrimmage. Injuries are not a recipe for winning, but there are a few teams in the league right now that are winning despite devastating losses to injury and the Jaguars overcame injuries last season. How were they able to do it? With depth. That depth doesn't appear to be on this year's roster.

David from Jacksonville:
How did a textbook first half turn into a disgusting second half for the Jags on Sunday?

Vic: That's the $64,000, or $64 million if you allow for inflation, question. I don't have an answer for you but I saw guys getting bull-rushed and then there was that ridiculous tackle attempt by Reggie Nelson on Justin Gage's first touchdown catch, and those kinds of things are red flags for me. For whatever reason, the Jags were not as physical in the second half as they were in the second quarter. Why? That's the question we have to ask Jack De Rio today.

James from Augusta, GA:
When you look at the coaches tape, I'm sure you will see Garrard getting hit in the head by a Titans lineman when he threw the interception. Why don't the officials call all of the calls?

Vic: Oh, please, no. I couldn't take any more penalties.

Ricky from Melbourne, Australia:
Titans win. They are now 10-0. Are they that good?

Vic: They are a good team. I am very respectful of what they've done. They are strong in the middle on defense and their offensive line gives Kerry Collins great pass-protection. I don't, however, think they are as good as their record would indicate and I'm going to drop them out of the top spot in my all-important power rankings on Tuesday. I watched the Giants flatten the Ravens and I decided the Giants are the best team in the NFL.

Joshua from Fontana, CA:
Garrard was the difference. He did not make a play when he needed to. Where was the Garrard of last year in Pittsburgh? Where was Garrard the accurate passer?

Vic: On his back.

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