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Goodbye Arkansas

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Elouise from Hot Springs, AR:
Why did you leave Matt Jones off your list of top 10 players in Jaguars history? He can run around the field faster than Forrest Gump, never drop a pass as a receiver, play tight end and level defenders if he chooses to, plus, be an effective second or third-string QB. Leaving him off your list was a gross oversight, since you picked Leftwich based on his potential.

Vic: I should be tarred and feathered.

Shannon from North Little Rock, AR:
Don't worry about the naming rights to Alltel Stadium. After the naming rights expire, everyone will demand that it (stadium) be renamed Matt's House.

Vic: OK, this would be a good time to say goodbye to my friends from the great state of Arkansas. After all, what more can be said after renaming the stadium for a player who has yet to put on shoulder pads? I think you people are great. I love your enthusiasm. Don't change a thing about yourselves; not even your socks. Goodbye everyone.

Dave from Jacksonville:
This is like the seventh e-mail not answered! I read that the Eagles don't want to trade a conditional third-round pick for Travis Henry. Surely, with the injury problems to Fred (and Fu's history), we should trade a third-round conditional pick for Henry. Your thoughts?

Vic: What it would cost to trade for Travis Henry isn't the issue. The issue is his contract, which has one year remaining. Henry will be paid a $1.25 million salary in 2005, which would make him attractive in a trade. His contract expires at the end of the '05 season, however, which means that you'd be trading for a guy you might lose in free agency. So the issue is: What does Henry want in the way of a new contract? Does he wanna break the bank? In my opinion, you'd have to negotiate a new contract with him before you trade away a first-day pick for him. The Bills aren't exactly desperate to trade Henry. They need him for one more year, to make sure Willis McGahee is fully recovered from his knee reconstruction of two years ago. It would make all the sense in the world for Buffalo to hang onto Henry one more season, at a good price, then bid farewell in free agency.

John from Jacksonville:
I'd like to add my favorite Coughlinism. Since I can't remember the exact quote, I will paraphrase: "He doesn't know how to fall." Coughlin said that when criticizing a receiver for injuring his shoulder when he landed awkwardly after leaping for a pass.

Vic: That's a good one.

Sol from Atlantic Beach, FL:
Your Friday column generously contained the names of two of the great people from NFL history: Tom Matte and the Colts trainer of that era, Ed Block. Yet, the Colts-Packers playoff game in which Matte played quarterback had a significant impact on NFL rules. Do you know what rule change occurred from that game? P.S. The wristband is in Canton.

Vic: I sure do know what rule change resulted from that 1965 playoff game: The goalpost uprights were heightened in 1966 as a result of what is thought to have been an incorrect call on a Don Chandler field goal that sent the game into overtime. Part of the lore of that call is that Chandler reportedly kicked the dirt thinking he had missed. Jim Tunney, one of the best officials in NFL history, is the guy who blew the call. Without that goof, the Packers would not have won three consecutive NFL titles. Thank you for your e-mail. It's readers such as you who distinguish "Ask Vic."

David from Portsmouth, OH:
I know Seattle released Chad Brown. I was wondering if the jags might make a move from Brown.

Vic: Chad Brown has reportedly agreed to a deal with New England. It had come down to a decision between New England and Pittsburgh. Jacksonville had not pursued him.

Jason from Springfield, IL:
If Kellen Winslow Jr. is required to pay some bonus money back to the Browns, what, if any, affect would that have on the Browns' salary cap for this season?

Vic: It would have no affect on this season. Should Winslow have to return bonus money this year, the Browns wouldn't receive credit for the returned money until 2006. The manner in which it would be credited back to future salary caps involves a complicated formula.

Randy from Eden, NC:
Is it true Matt Jones tweaked his hamstring during practice? What is his condition?

Vic: Matt Jones sustained a hamstring pull in the second practice of mini-camp. He was held out of the team drills in the final three practices of mini-camp. There was no report on the extent of his injury. Jones is expected to be present when the Jaguars go back on the field for their next spring practice, on May 17. His hamstring will no doubt be the subject of media scrutiny this spring.

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