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Governor wants Tebow

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Mike from St. Augustine, FL:
So we learned on Sunday that every team is one hit on the QB away from mediocrity, and that a really poor play call can cost you the game?

Vic: Mediocrity? That's being kind. When Rex Grossman was at quarterback, I didn't see anything that resembled average. I saw way below average, but when Matt Schaub returned to the game, the pendulum swung decidedly in the Texans' favor. That's how much the quarterback means in today's game. I don't know if they win that game if Gary Kubiak doesn't call for that halfback-option pass, but I wouldn't want to go back and find out.

Clay from Jacksonville:
I'm so embarrassed.

Vic: I feel badly for you and everybody in this town who loves football and cares about Jacksonville's image. This town is taking a hit it may not overcome. Anybody who thinks that's ridiculous and elects to laugh it off has their head buried in the sand. What Johnny Carson did to Jacksonville is minor compared to what Jacksonville is doing to itself.

Eddie from Glasgow, Scotland:
There's a show in the UK that shows "Sunday Night Football" and they discussed the possibility of a London franchise and Jacksonville seemed to be the main contender for relocation. There is an overwhelming feeling on these two shows that Jacksonville, currently the number six seed in the AFC, should be selling out its stadium. They also discussed Tim Tebow as the potential savior of the franchise. From what I saw of the SEC championship game, I would take Garrard in a heartbeat over Tebow. Will going to the playoffs mean any spike in attendance next season, regardless of who we do or don't draft?

Vic: Whether the Jaguars make it into the playoffs or not, attendance should be expected to significantly improve next season or we'll know we have a major problem.

Eric from Albany, NY:
The Associated Press is reporting that Florida Governor Charlie Crist spoke to the Jaguars about drafting Tebow to help sell tickets. Since when did being a governor make you fit to make moronic suggestions to an NFL owner?

Vic: I wouldn't worry about that.

Bill from Chapel Hill, NC:
Love the column, Vic. What are your thoughts on Ndamukong Suh? Also, what are your thoughts on the last-second replay reversal in the Big XII championship game?

Vic: He's a sensational player who, along with his teammates, was wronged by the officiating crew's decision to put a second back on the clock and allow Texas to kick the game-winning field goal. It's another one of those fishy-smelling officiating calls in college football this year that seem to always favor the cash reward at stake for the conference. Why is that? You'd think that at least one of these fishy-smelling calls would favor the team that can't deliver the big payday to the conference. In my opinion, it's time for the NCAA to assemble a body of officials that are assigned to work all college games, and get the conferences out of the officiating business.

David from Tuscaloosa, AL:
Yet, if the Gators defense had miraculously started making tackles and stopping Alabama, Tim Tebow would have been praised for his amazing pep talk to the defense. The media creates nonsense to make it news.

Vic: What did the media create? It didn't tell Tebow to put on a sideline show. He did that on his own.

Kevin from Jacksonville:
I know I have been mean to you sometimes, especially after losses, and for that I am deeply sorry. I have been to every Jaguars home game the last five years and, frankly, this attendance issue is eating at me. When I look at the empty seats in the stadium every Sunday, it's just depressing. Vic, what can we do about this? How long can this madness continue?

Vic: It's like Yogi Berra said, if they don't wanna come, you can't stop 'em.

Kamen from Hawthorne, NY:
I was reading Garrard's situational stats and found a startling statistic. Garrard's overall passer rating this season is 86.6. In the first half it's 94.4 and in the second half it's 78.2. What I found amazing is that in the last two minutes of a half his passer rating is a phenomenal 119.1. Not Tom Brady, Brett Favre, Drew Brees or even Peyton Manning has as high a passer rating in the last two minutes of the first half. Truly incredible.

Vic: Fourth-quarter passing is where my interest is, for the obvious reason, and Garrard's way down the list at 77.8. That's what needs to improve. We've seen him do it at crunch time against the Rams, Jets and Bills, so we know he can do it. Now he needs to do it more consistently. Look at the quarterbacks at the top of the fourth-quarter passer ratings: Drew Brees (123.1), Brett Favre (119.9), Peyton Manning (115.5.), Ben Roethlisberger (113.2). Tom Brady (80.2) has fallen way off and that's why the Patriots appear to be in decline. It's all about the fourth quarter.

Brad from Lawrence, KS:
I think the Cardinals may have the best chance of challenging the Saints for the NFC crown. Their vertical game is unbelievable and I could see them making a run just like last year as long as Warner stays healthy. Your thoughts?

Vic: I like them a lot.

Chris from Atlanta, GA:
You were correct, top coaches aren't lining up for the Notre Dame job due to academic requirements and the disciplinary process. You spoke highly of Randy Edsall. If you were ND's AD, would you take Brian Kelly or Randy Edsall?

Vic: Edsall, because I saw something in Kelly on Saturday I wouldn't like if I was an athletic director. He got in the face of way too many people on his sideline. That's a dangerous personality trait in today's climate of political correctness.

Anthony from Melbourne, FL:
There have been a couple of times in the past and on Sunday where you seemed to be a prophet on calling plays. This week I remember a big one: You called that long pass to Johnson. How are you that good?

Vic: Watch the route trees develop over several plays. They are designed to bait and switch the defender. I watched Andre Johnson run a series of short routes and the coverage tightened. I could feel it coming.

Kenneth from Jacksonville:
Can you imagine Tebow on the Ravens? Excuse me, Ray, step aside and let me talk to the defense.

Vic: That's hilarious.

Sean from San Bernardino, CA:
Did I just see that Chad Henne threw the ball over 50 times? What happened to the wildcat? Did the Dolphins beat the Patriots?

Vic: Is Rusty still in the Navy? Is your house on fire, Clark?

Chris from Scranton, PA:
The governor thinks we should draft Tebow. Seriously? Maybe we should just draft according to the big board and put together a winning team with a mind toward the future.

Vic: Maybe the governor will be going to the combine with us.

Mark from Boise, ID:
Notre Dame's Jimmy Clausen just announced he'll enter the draft. Though Garrard is playing well, he won't be young forever and with the emphasis in the league being on staying young, would Clausen be a good fit for the Jaguars as a backup/starter in waiting?

Vic: You'll have to ask the governor.

Cory from Louisville, OH:
What do you believe it will take to regain the fan base?

Vic: I don't think it's a matter of regaining the fan base because I don't think a large enough ticket-buying fan base was ever established. The Jaguars have had tremendous churn in their season-ticket base and what's happened is the team has run out of new people to whom they might sell tickets. All franchises that are sold out on a yearly basis have one thing in common: A loyal base of season-ticket holders that purchase season tickets year after year after year. The Jaguars have never had that. In my opinion, the fans that are attending the games now may be the start of a loyal base. The fans attending games now could possibly represent the foundation of a base that will grow and end the days of churn. What will it take to increase that base? In my opinion, it will take years of blacking out games and developing a ticket-buying habit.

Jack from Jacksonville:
If you were Wayne Weaver, what would you say to Gov. Crist?

Vic: Go Gators.

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