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Halfway through the week

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Derek from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
I'm sipping coffee in my new "Ask Vic" mug and I'm noticing your inbox is a place of great anger.

Vic: There's nothing like that first cup of anger in the morning, in an "Ask Vic" mug, of course. Just don't put it in the dishwasher.

Howard from Homestead, FL:
Before overtime I said to myself, "If we win the toss, I hope we take the wind and not first possession." Has there ever been a time when you thought it appropriate to kick off after winning the toss?

Vic: That's a question Marty Mornhinweg could better answer.

Abe from Orange Park, FL:
Is it just me or can Courtney Greene lay the wood?

Vic: Big hitter, the Greene.

D.J. from Jacksonville:
Happy holidays, Vic. I noticed several times during the game that Brock Bolen was used as a wide receiver. Any ideas for the reasoning behind this?

Vic: It was an attempt at creativity with and utilization of personnel.

Dave from Snellville, GA:
Poor Mike Singletary. He actually thought all of the players of today would respect a coach and his decisions regarding what is best for the team, and you know Mike would just love to be able to smack these guys upside the head.

Vic: How could they not respect that?

Mitch from Ponte Vedra Beach, FL:
The coaches decided outside the two-minute warning that they were content going into halftime down 10-7 by running the ball. Fine, we get the ball at the start of the second half. The Redskins defense forces a three-and-out, then the Jaguars defense does the same. We get the ball back with about 30 seconds and decide to throw a screen. Garrard loses the ball but the referee luckily ruled him down. Why didn't they kneel it?

Vic: Because the Redskins were out of times out and the Jaguars had two remaining, so it should've been a no-risk situation: Take a shot at something and if you hit it, call time out. In other words, the Jaguars were in complete control of the clock. The manner in which the Jaguars ended the half, in difficult weather conditions, was textbook, if you prefer conventional-style football, as I do. The Jaguars expired the Redskins' times out, then flipped the field with a punt that put the Redskins in the same risky situation the Jaguars were in. When the Jags got the ball back, there were 28 seconds left in the half. What can happen in 28 seconds, huh?

Brett from Jacksonville:
Mike Thomas has 808 receiving yards on the season. Does he have the most receiving yards since Jimmy Smith's last season in 2005?

Vic: With 62 yards receiving this Sunday, Thomas will have the most yards receiving in a season by a Jaguars player since Jimmy Smith in 2005.

Jim from Salt Lake City, UT:
Seems like it's my favorite quote at this time every year: "Wait until next year, baby." It's kind of old but I live with it.

Vic: Inner strength is a great quality.

Daniel from Jacksonville:
What are your thoughts on postponing the Sunday night game to Tuesday night in Philly? What would the "Ice Bowl" players and fans have said?

Vic: These are different times. Everything is subject to greater scrutiny. Mistakes are magnified; people get fired. Pete Rozelle said his greatest regret as NFL commissioner was deciding to allow the games to be played the weekend of the Kennedy assassination. His decision met with criticism, but not much. Imagine the criticism it would've received today.

Dan from Egg Harbor Township, NJ:
Wrong again, Vic (like we should be surprised). Sunday's loss ended the Jags' chance at catching the Jets for the wild card. Had the Jags won, this Sunday the Jags would have a better chance of making the playoffs with a win and a Jets or Colts loss. Yet, again, you're wrong but, again, not surprising. I agree with Wayne; go back to Pittsburgh. P.S. Tebow's not doing so bad, is he?

Vic: Please, give me a little time. I called but I'm not sure they want me back.

Steve from Jacksonville:
Please stop making a fool out of yourself by whining about injuries. I think the team that kicked our butts may have had their share, too. Let's at least man up and say the Colts came up solid in crunch time and we wilted.

Vic: You're absolutely right. I am so foolish.

John from Alexandria, VA:
I don't think the anger begins, I think it's learned. I sat in front of a man with his five-year-old son at the Redskins game. The man spent the entire game screaming at how bad the Jaguars stink. It was sad.

Vic: My dad got so frustrated once during a Redskins-Steelers game that he made us leave early. When we got to the car, it was wedged in by other cars and would stay that way until the game was over. We tried to get back in but they wouldn't let us, so we went back to the car and listened to the roar of the crowd as Ed Brown led a furious rally that culminated in a game-winning Lou Michaels field goal on the final play of the game. My dad never said a word. I just stared at him.

Pete from Jacksonville:
I think the anger starts as soon as the parent starts with the anger and the child sees it. In my seat last game, I had to listen to a grown Redskins fan talk trash to a 12-year-old all game long.

Vic: At least he was 12.

Craig from Jacksonville:
A group of us laughed at your "players, not plays" comment. The scheme, plays called, was the reason, not the players. The Redskins had a handful of defensive starters out, so are you saying a bunch of second-stringers on the worst defense were just better players? Thanks for the laugh.

Vic: I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Sam from Daytona Beach, FL:
If Garrard would have run the sneak instead of the pitch to Jones-Drew against the Colts, we might have gotten the first down. Clearly, a play-call thing and not a players thing.

Vic: Wow! I'm really off my game this week, but here's the good news: If it's plays, not players, then the Jaguars don't have to get better players, just better plays. I can't wait to tell Gene Smith. He flew all the way to Phoenix yesterday to scout the Bowl. What a waste of time. He should've just called you and Craig.

Andy from Jacksonville:
The record for the hottest game in franchise history and the record for the coldest home game in franchise history; very metaphorical for this season's ups and downs. Fans experienced everything this season, wouldn't you say?

Vic: I sure would. This has been a wild season: Blowouts, cliff-hangers and everything in between. It's been very memorable. I'd love for it to continue.

John from Jacksonville:
Do you think Jones-Drew will learn to run out of bounds to save some wear and tear on his body?

Vic: Franco Harris was criticized for doing that. The bottom line is that players and coaches are going to be criticized for anything and everything they do following a loss. That's why it's important that they remember and apply themselves to one rule: Never lose. As long as they do that, everything will be fine.

Jake from Jacksonville:
By no means should management cater to the fans' wishes, but we can't always be wrong. We were not the ones who did not address the QB situation in the draft. Do you ever give the fans credit for suggesting something that eventually comes to fruition?

Vic: I have been horribly remiss at that and with New Year's Eve fast approaching, I have decided to make it my new year's resolution to give credit to the fans.

Jim from Jacksonville:
I do not understand how people can say that our team is not out there trying hard. This is a team that cares and wears its heart on its sleeve. My family has had season tickets since the team's inception, but I wish there was a way I could show appreciation directly to the team this year. I saw that someone left a t-shirt at the stadium where the players park last week. Does that sort of thing get noticed?

Vic: It wasn't where the players park, it's where all of us enter the stadium. It was a Colts-blue t-shirt and it bore words of encouragement. A sign of similar encouragement was also attached to the entrance gate. I saw them early on Monday morning following the loss in Indianapolis and they touched my heart. They remained attached to the gate for a few days. I promise you, they were noticed and appreciated.

Lester from Jacksonville:
I feel for you. You are an extended arm of the Jaguars. No matter how straight and narrow you think you are, the man signing your check is firmly on your mind when you type.

Vic: Thank you for those kind words, I think.

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