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Happy medium, yes, but no reaching

Join *Jaguars Inside Report *Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Brett Grow from Glendive, MT:
With all the buzz of the draft and free agency, there are so many questions asked but they are all the same. I'm thinking you are probably tired of answering all of these monotonous questions so I've got a little question that might relieve this. Back in the days, the Jaguars had quite a few pretty good defensive backs, rather than a few great defensive backs. I'd like to know what happened to Deon Figures, Chris Hudson and Travis Davis. Also, what would be the possibility of Joel Smeenge coming out of retirement?
Figures has been out of football since being released by the Jaguars in 1999. Travis Davis played with Pittsburgh in the 1999 season and is now out of football. Chris Hudson played in Chicago in '99 and was with Atlanta briefly last season. Their careers appear to have come to an end. It's a young man's game; time to move on.

Eric Salter from Jacksonville:
Is Randal Williams still on the practice squad? I was very impressed with his performance during training camp and was wondering if they were going to give him another chance this year to develop into a valid option at wide receiver.
Randal Williams was claimed by the Cowboys off waivers from the Jaguars last season.

Ben Corby from Jacksonville:
How is it that two years ago Dan Snyder bought every free agent available with massive signing bonuses, yet, the Redskins are way under the cap now, whereas the Jaguars overspent on a few key guys and are currently in salary cap hell? And why in the world are the Jags re-structuring everyone again? Haven't Coughlin and Weaver learned their lesson about pushing money forward?
The Redskins pushed that money, for the most part, through their books last season. In the Jaguars' case, this year is the salary cap equivalent of what last year was for the Redskins, though the Redskins never reached the degree of desperation the Jaguars have. The Jaguars did not overspend on just a "few key guys," and they are not "re-structuring everyone again." Re-structuring the contracts of Tony Brackens and Kyle Brady has pushed money into the future, and that's always a concern, but they didn't use that money to then sign an overpriced free agent. In the past, the Jaguars had re-structured four players to sign one free agent. This year, they've re-structured one player to sign as many as four. I would prefer they didn't re-structure contracts, but I'm satisfied the Jaguars have learned from their past mistakes and have their cap situation under control.

Josh Thomas from Glynn County, GA:
Do you think Mark Brunell has a big season left in him, and do you think Mo Williams is going to be the future of the Jags offensive line?
There is plenty of talent left in Mark Brunell. He hasn't suffered any major injuries the last two seasons and his arm appears to be as good as ever. His supporting cast has been diminished and that's a major concern. How he reacts to that will also be a key issue. He has to prove he still has the fire to lead the Jaguars back to the top. The development of his supporting cast and the degree to which he wants to remain the Jaguars' leader will determine his production on the field. I'd only be guessing if I made a prediction. As far as Maurice Williams is concerned, he's certainly a key player in the reconstruction of the Jaguars offensive line, but one player isn't enough.

Lane Baker from Orlando, FL:
The Jaguars have drafted on a need basis the last few years. You believe in drafting the best player available. How do you feel about a hybrid between these two beliefs? For example, let's say the Jaguars' biggest needs are defensive line, offensive line, linebacker and running back. What if they took the best player available among those positions? Is there a happy medium?
When you have as many needs as the Jaguars have, applying the best available player philosophy in the first couple of rounds shouldn't be a problem. The real test will be in the middle and late rounds. What if the same position keeps popping up? If two or more players at different positions are separated by very slim grade margins, I can certainly understand why a team wouldn't want to keep drafting the same position. But that's as far as I'll go. No reaching!

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