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Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Jason from Orange Park, FL:
I have seen statistics saying the vast majority of NFL starters were picked in the first two rounds of the draft. Knowing this do you think it would be wise for a team that already has depth to trade away the second half of its draft for an extra first or second-round pick?

Vic: Sure, but you wouldn't get it. Teams aren't going to trade a first or second-round pick for another team's second-day draft picks. In terms of players who become starters, the draft has become a three-round event.

John from Atwater, CA:
Why are the Cowboys not giving the starting job to Drew Henson? I mean, it's not like Vinnie is having a Drew Brees-type of season. Is this just another example of Parcells' stubbornness when it comes to replacing one of his boys?

Vic: The Cowboys are nearing the point that Drew Henson will move into the starting lineup, but you must remember that he's a special case because he had been out of football.

Scott from Jacksonville:
Vic, I'm only 16 years old and the passion I have for the Jaguars is unparalleled. I doubt nobody lives and dies with them as I do. The other day I heard a rumor that the NFL owners want to move my Jaguars to Los Angeles and then possibly bring an expansion team into Jacksonville. If they took my Jaguars away it could be the second thing to ever make me cry (first being the movie "Rudy"). Do you actually see this happening?

Vic: If you're 16 years old and you've only cried once, you're on your way to a great life. Whatever you're doing, don't stop. Don't change a thing. Oh, don't worry about the Jaguars, either. They're not going anywhere.

Patrick from Columbia, SC:
What do you think of Michigan WR Braylon Edwards?

Vic: Braylon Edwards is outstanding, but I like the guy throwing him the ball better. Wide receivers aren't difficult to find, but franchise quarterbacks are. Chad Henne is a true freshman who has the look of a future number one overall pick.

Rick from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
Have you ever had the opportunity to watch yourself in the streaming video at I don't know about everyone else, but on my computer there can be considerable video lag. My player often freezes for a couple seconds during the multimedia clips. You would be amazed at how ridiculous a person can look when frozen between syllables. Have you ever had the opportunity to observe yourself in one of these hilarious moments? It's brilliant.

Vic: That's not video lag. I do that on purpose. It's part of my shtick.

Robert from Jacksonville:
Most sports analysts seem to be defending Ron Artest's actions as being the way any man would react. This is what I find to be the most disturbing aspect of this event. Maybe it is the fans' fault if they continue to support the NBA. I know it's not the NFL but after your "Monday Night Football" editorial, can we count on you to be the voice of reason?

Vic: I don't think everyone would agree that my opinions are always the voice of reason, but I guarantee they will always be an accurate representation of what I believe. My message in that editorial was that it's time for NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue to get tough. NBA Commissioner David Stern has. But it doesn't stop there. The fans better begin understanding they are not part of the game. I espoused that opinion a few years ago on "Jaguars This Week" and I was roundly booed, but I maintain my stance because to think otherwise is dangerous, and I use the incident in Detroit as an example. The bottle-throwing incident in Cleveland is another example. On another front, I saw the long-version tape of the South Carolina-Clemson brawl and it literally depressed me. I'm waiting for the leaderships of those two universities to speak up, and not with hollow, self-serving language. I want to know if they're willing to follow Stern's lead. Clean it up or shut it down. That's my message.

John from Neptune Beach, FL:
While the Jags may be committed to stopping the run defensively, they sure don't appear to be committed to running the ball offensively. Is there a course for coaches to learn how to keep the clock running?

Vic: I'm not gonna lay this one on the coaches. The Jaguars had a second-and-two at the Titans 43, leading 13-10 with 11:27 to play in the game. LaBrandon Toefield was stopped for no gain off left tackle. On third-and-two, Greg Jones was stopped for no gain in the middle of the line. A series later, the Jaguars had the ball at the Titans 31, leading 15-10 with 8:19 to play. David Garrard threw incomplete on first down for Reggie Williams, Fred Taylor ran for five yards on second down, Garrard threw incomplete for Williams on third down, and Josh Scobee missed a 44-yard field goal attempt on fourth down. How is any of that Bill Musgrave's fault? He tried to run it and he tried to pass it. Neither worked.

Howard from Homestead, FL:
Where does Sunday's game rank among the most inexcusable losses in Jaguars history?

Vic: I don't see it that way. I think Tennessee deserves our respect for having played with great heart on a day when it would've been very convenient to surrender.

Shaun from Jacksonville:
I love your column and the insight you provide, that's why I need your help. Where is Reggie Williams? I know he's a rookie and needs time to develop, but it's week 11 and he didn't show up again. What gives? What should we be expecting? Does he show any flashes of breaking out? How well do you expect him to do the remainder of this season and next season?

Vic: Clearly, our expectations for Reggie Williams exceeded his current production. It would be a lie to say otherwise. Maybe he would be better-served to have his role reduced. Maybe he would benefit from being demoted. Maybe he just needs more time. Frankly, I don't know what the answer is.

Mike from Jacksonville:
Do you think the Jags still have a real shot at the playoffs?

Vic: Yes, I do. It's a matter of winning games. The Jets have a brutal closing schedule and they're without their starting quarterback. The Ravens have to go to New England, Pittsburgh and Indianapolis. The Chargers have two games left against Kansas City, a home game against Denver and have to go to Indianapolis, too. The Jaguars' first goal should be to get to 10 wins. This isn't over. Yeah, the Jaguars hurt themselves big-time by losing to the Titans. They've fallen a game behind the Colts and the division title tie-breakers are clearly lost, but winning will fix what's broken. It's time to win. That's all. Just win.

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