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Here's the windup and the pitch

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Bryan from Daytona Beach, FL:
What team has the best press box?

Vic: The press boxes in the NFL today are palaces compared to the ones I sat in when I first started covering the league, but not all of them offer good views of the field. The one in Gillette Stadium is in the end zone. I almost feel as though I'm watching the game from across the street. Some are so high I feel as though I'm watching the game from the blimp. That's the case in Giants Stadium. As a division, the AFC North has the best. All four are fantastic facilities with a bank of TVs, lounge and bathroom nearby, and all four offer a sideline view. My favorite press box, however, is the one I'm going to next. The press box in Nashville is the closest to the action. I really like that place.

Greg from Jacksonville:
Vic, a co-worker mentioned that he thought that was the first time we played overtime at home, but I seem to remember having done that before.

Vic: The Jaguars are 3-0 in overtime games at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium and the Jaguars won the overtime coin toss in all three of those games. They beat the Lions in 2004 and the Texans in 2008.

Franchot from St. Augustine, FL:
I think Tim Tebow has a slower release than Leftwich. What do you think? I am a Gator fan, by the way.

Vic: You and I are on the same wave length. I watched Saturday's game and I can remember that at one point I thought to myself that Tebow has as big a windup as Byron Leftwich. Tebow's release, however, is slower because he also has a long stride and a little bit of a push delivery. His mechanics are getting worse and I think that's because his role as a runner has increased. I can't help but recall Dan Kendra.

Kelvin from Warwick, UK:
In the offseason, you said the Jags were "fixed" at wide receiver. At the time, it seemed like a throwaway line but do you genuinely think this to be the case?

Vic: Why would I back off it now? There was no way Gene Smith wasn't going to find some receivers, and I'll have you know that I've been told Tiquan Underwood has looked awfully good in practice lately. That's 4.29 speed waiting to get some playing time.

Michael from Columbus, OH:
I either have my hand on the wrong end of the stick or something very fishy and biased is going on with the scheduling. The Colts have the Jets, 49ers, Seahawks and Patriots at home, while Jacksonville and Tennessee have these same teams on the road. What's going on?

Vic: The NFL doesn't schedule teams, it schedules numbers. For example, the scheduling format demands that the Jaguars play AFC West number four at home and AFC East number four on the road. Four refers to fourth place in last year's standings, which corresponds with the Jaguars' fourth-place finish in the AFC South. The format also calls for the Jaguars to play the Dolphins, Cardinals, Rams and Bills at home, whereas the Colts play all four of those teams on the road. The two west coast trips put the Jaguars at a disadvantage, but I think it was to the Jags' advantage to have played the NFC champion at home on a day when it was 103 degrees in Phoenix. I agree with you that the scheduling format often isn't equitable conference-wide, but I think it works out well inside the divisions. Frankly, when you look at the way the Jaguars' schedule is rolling out, it's pretty favorable.

Dave from Jacksonville:
Pundits talk about certain NFL cities having great fans. Which NFL teams have great fans, in your opinion, and how do you rate Jags fans in terms of football knowledge and appreciation for the game? I'm not talking about the empty seats or college football town discussions; I mean the loyal fans that show up and root on the Jags.

Vic: The people at the game are fine. They're enthusiastic, supportive, knowledgeable, etc. They are everything a team wants its fans to be.

Kevin from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
"Tim Tebow is in the parking lot." That's a good one, Vic. I had to listen to all the "We want Tebow" and "Let's draft Tebow" stuff every time Garrard slipped up. People were actually doing the Gator chomp during the game. Why?

Vic: It's a way of showing dissent. That's all it is. Those people don't honestly believe Tebow would reverse the fortunes of the team. They're just using him to express their disappointment.

Andrew from St. Augustine, FL:
Any advice on how to handle belligerent fans that do not respond to rational pleas for civility? Fifteen years in attendance and I have never witnessed such a poor display by a fellow Jags fan (especially in front of two pre-teen boys). I finally left the game early, turning the matter over to the police.

Vic: You can't fight it, Andrew. It's the way it is in today's sports culture. The fans want to be part of the game and they were invited to be part of the game when players, coaches and teams started calling for the fans to assist the team's quest to win by making noise. As soon as that began, the grandstands became the playing field. I really don't have an answer for you other than to accept it as part of life today, and use it as an example in explaining to your sons what not to do.

Jason from Jacksonville:
In reference to the Colts game in December, can you give us a scenario in which this game might have playoff implications or are there too many variables between now and then?

Vic: There are too many variables, of course, but that won't stop me from giving you a scenario. Here it is: Using 10 wins as the playoff standard, the Jaguars would need to win a minimum of five of their next seven games, which would give them eight wins heading into the Indianapolis game, with a season-finale in Cleveland still ahead. Can you find five wins on the schedule between now and the Indy game?

Wallace from Jacksonville:
Why on earth did Gene Smith cut Steve Weatherford and keep Adam Podlesh?

Vic: I guess GM Gene decided he'd rather keep a guy who botched a PAT hold than a guy who botched the hold on a critical field goal attempt.

Stephen from Melbourne, FL:
Awful cold? It was in the 50's and 60's and sunny. Did you see the snow the Patriots and Titans played in? Now that is awful cold.

Vic: The coldest day is always the first cold day, so that must've really been awful at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, but it sure made for a great visual. I'll bet the TV ratings stayed high for that game, which was 45-0 at halftime, solely because people wanted to see snow. The TV people will tell you that nothing drives ratings as snow does.

Marc from Madison, NJ:
After having watched Sam Baker and Ryan Clady the past two nights, I have come away extremely impressed. Is the 2008 draft class for left tackles going to be seen like the 1983 draft was for quarterbacks?

Vic: It should be. If you wanted an offensive tackle, last year's draft was the time to get one. Eight were picked in the first round and they're all starters. If you ever doubt that you have to get the big guys early, consider this: After eight tackles were drafted in the first round of the 2008 draft, none were selected in the second round. Good tackles don't last long.

Tony from Jacksonville:
I listened to your "Jaguars Monday" radio show. Why was so much of the show dedicated to ticket talk?

Vic: It's almost unavoidable. On the calls monitor, one guy listed his topic as "Disappointment in the Rams game." As it turned out, he had a ticket problem. Another guy said he wanted to talk about "draft picks," and that was quickly turned into a reason for not selling tickets. Whether we like it or not, the empty seats and blackouts represent the number one topic of this season, and listeners can be divided into two groups: 1.) Those who want to give their opinion on the subject; 2.) Those who are embarrassed by it and don't want to hear about it because it hurts their pride. Unless there's some kind of dramatic ticket news that surfaces between now and next Monday's show, questions and comments about attendance will not be permitted. I all but begged people last night to let it alone.

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