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Hit on Brunell among 'top four'

Join *Jaguars Inside Report *Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Ryan Nash from Jacksonville:
First of all, what is going on with these refs today? It seems to me that the replacements did a better job. What do you think needs to be done about the referee situation? Secondly, I'd like to hear what you have to say about the hit on Brunell against the Browns. Was it as bad as I took it to be? What kind of punishment can be incurred in that situation?
Vic: We all liked the replacement officials because far fewer penalties were called. Maybe the NFL should learn from that. What we don't need are officials who appear as though they have a chip on their shoulders. In fairness to the crew that worked the Jaguars-Browns game, it's understandable why they didn't see the hit on Mark Brunell. I didn't see it, either, because it was so far from the ball. Once the dirty tactics began, the game got out of control and officials shouldn't be expected to do the coaches' jobs, too. The hit on Brunell was one of the four most flagrant violations I have seen in the 30 years I've covered the NFL. I expect Gerard Warren to incur dramatic punishment from the league.

Joe Peters from Green Cove Springs, FL:
I agree with you that no one can criticize Taylor for that fumble with as much pain as he was in He is still one of the great backs in the league. How do you think the Titans will come out of this hole they have dug themselves into? Can they still compete for the division title?
Vic: The Titans must win at Baltimore this Sunday or, in my opinion, they will have no chance of winning the division title. Tennessee is going through one of those seasons when everything seems to go wrong, but they still have a playoff-caliber football team. I just don't know how they can rally in the face of their October schedule.

Brian Michalek from Hamburg, NY:
I know this sounds crazy, but in the Thursday night game you guys play against Buffalo, will you be wearing your teal jerseys or white? Usually, I see you guys wearing the white jerseys at home, but I'm wondering if you'll be like Miami and where the dark jerseys at night.
Vic: The Jaguars wear white at home for afternoon games, until November, when they switch to teal. However, the Jaguars wear teal for all night games, which means the Bills should bring their white jerseys for the Oct. 18 game.

Burney Dawkins from Jacksonville:
What is the average stadium size in the NFL?
Vic: The average size of NFL stadiums is 67,330. That puts Alltel Stadium 5,670 over average NFL stadium capacity.

Michael Telegdy from Daytona Beach, FL:
First of all, thank you for putting into perspective that football is merely a game. I have opened my eyes a lot wider since Sept. 11. Anyway, my question is who determines how long a player will be out due to injury? Obviously, ACLs and such are season-ending, but is it a physician or player or both who put a timetable on returning to the field?
Vic: It always begins with the team medical staff. A player must have medical clearance before he can return to the field. Once he has that medical clearance, it becomes a personal issue as to whether or not he can perform at his level of discomfort. That would vary according to position. Obviously, a lineman is much more able to play with a hand injury than a wide receiver. The medical staff's decision is based on whether or not the player can return to action without an obvious risk of further damage.

John Philips from Jacksonville:
How likely is it that Wayne Weaver will entertain the idea of covering the upper deck seats at Alltel Stadium, considering them "closed" in order to prevent future blackouts?
Vic: Wayne Weaver doesn't like the idea of covering seats because he believes it would cheapen the appearance of Alltel Stadium and might damage Jacksonville's image. There are two ways to deal with empty seats: Sell more tickets or reduce the seating capacity. Weaver wants to sell more tickets. I expect the Jaguars will expand the "cheap seats" concept they launched in the upper deck this season.

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