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How 'bout those Bengals?

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Mike from Jacksonville:
Which did you vote as the "greatest moment" in Jaguars history?

Vic: From the list the Jaguars provided, my choice is the win in Denver in the 1996 playoffs.

John from Jacksonville:
The subject of my question is the waiver wire. During the 24 hours a team has to put a claim on a player, are they aware of how many other teams have also claimed him (to see the apparent interest and value of the player), or is that info only available to the league office and released after the 24-hour window?

Vic: Teams are not aware of claims made by other teams until after the 24 hours have expired.

Don from Jacksonville:
I wouldn't want to live anymore if I could not check out the "Ask Vic" offerings. I fell off my chair while reading about your "nightlife." My question is: Do the players ever read their fan mail. I recently sent a letter of apology to Byron Leftwich and I'm wondering if players actually read that stuff.

Vic: You bet they read their fan mail. We all like to have fans and so do they.

Don from Buffalo, NY:
Great column! There has been a debate around the office and I said, "I know exactly who to ask." So here goes. My example is Randy Moss. When he lateraled the ball after that long catch a few weeks ago (I forget to who), did he get credit for the yards he obtained? Does he get credit in any way for the touchdown? I know it was a lateral, therefore, it would not be a touchdown pass. Thanks for clearing this issue up for us.

Vic: Yes, it is a touchdown pass. Daunte Culpepper gets credit for throwing it and Mo Williams gets credit for scoring it, and Williams is credited with the yardage gained after Randy Moss made the lateral. The yards gained after the lateral are credited to Williams as receiving yardage but, of course, Williams does not get credit for a reception. Moss gets credit for a reception and for yards receiving up to the point of the lateral. Culpepper gets all of the yardage.

Luis from Jacksonville:
I don't always like to hear what you say, but since the week of the first Titans game in 1999 you have been right on the money on everything. Looking at the Times-Union website, I see yesterday's game was not over before all the "Take Byron out and put in (Brunell or Garrard, take your pick)" started up again. With your vast experience covering the NFL, is this a normal reaction or is Jacksonville just a little weird? It is as if no one understands the concept of rebuilding or developing young players. What are your thoughts?

Vic: It's normal. Nobody likes to lose and everybody loves to complain.

Greg from Orlando, FL:
I am furious with a certain call in the Titans game. It was third down and Leftwich threw to Smith. The refs said the ball was not controlled but in the challenge the commentators said it was clearly a catch and the refs missed that call. What are your views on that play?

Vic: Once the call was made that it was an incomplete pass, replay had to prove conclusively that it was a catch for the original ruling to be reversed. As soon as I saw the two replays available, there was no doubt in my mind the play would stand. In my opinion, too much of the football was blocked from view for the call to be reversed by replay.

David from St. Marys, GA:
The Jaguars were slipping and having a hard time with their footing at the Titans' homefield. Does the equipment manager carry cleats with a deeper bite than what they were using on the road?

Vic: Equipment manager Drew Hampton carries with him long cleats, short cleats, shoes without cleats, etc. If Hampton doesn't have it, it isn't made, and he fills the belly of the airplane with his equipment. The Coliseum hosted a college football game Saturday. It rained in Nashville Saturday and into Sunday. As a result, the field was wet and soft. Sometimes it happens that way and all you can do is deal with it.

Matt from Gainesville, FL:
Is it my imagination or is the majority of Byron's interceptions off tipped passes? Is that a phenomenon or the norm?

Vic: You're talking about a feel for the pocket. The NFL game is faster, pass-rushers are more skilled at locating the ball and rookie quarterbacks must develop a feel for what's going on around them. The ball Robaire Smith tipped was intercepted by Samari Rolle. The pass that glanced off Kyle Brady's hands and was intercepted by Rocky Calmus was the result of Brady having fallen down and Leftwich throwing the ball without having noticed Brady was on the ground. Leftwich may have been throwing to a spot. He appeared to hurry some of his passes yesterday, and it may have been the gameplan to throw more quickly and on rhythm, so as to avoid the Titans' pass-rush. On the fumble Keith Bulluck caused, which the Jaguars recovered, Leftwich was holding the ball low and away from his body, again. In time, he'll become more comfortable in the pocket and he'll learn that the ball must be high and tight at all times.

Derek from Fort Dodge, IA:
With the great effort our defense had this week, do you think we will be ranked in the top 10 overall?

Vic: As of this morning, the Jaguars have the 10th-ranked defense in the NFL. Pittsburgh and San Francisco are ranked fifth and seventh respectively, so the Jaguars will remain in the top 10 following tonight's game.

Justin from Jacksonville:
Props for the Cincy over KC pick, or are you part of the vast NFL conspiracy that manipulates the outcome of all games?

Vic: During a break in the pregame radio show, I turned to Jeff Lageman and said the Bengals are going to beat the Chiefs. I knew he'd look at me like I was crazy, which is what I wanted to happen because that meant the hook was set. I just like to irritate him and I figure if you throw enough mud against the wall, eventually something will stick. Well, Lageman says, "I'll betcha." We shook hands but never settled on the stakes. That's OK, I just like irritating him.

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