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How could you not have known?

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Todd from Summerville, SC:
Could you please explain what G-3 stadium funding is?

Vic: Some years ago, the league enacted a program known as "Resolution G-3." Its purpose was to help finance stadium construction because it had become very difficult to fund stadiums publicly and that was especially true in the large markets. G-3 is a program in which the league finances a portion of the private funding and the G-3 money is repaid from the visiting teams' shares of the club-seat premiums. The problem for the individual teams is that they have agreed to forego their share of the premium-seat money so that it may be used to repay the debt. Here's the even-bigger problem for small-market, low-revenue teams such as the Jaguars: The players get 57 percent of the revenue the new stadium is going to generate, which means each team's salary cap is going to go up. There is not, however, a revenue-sharing plan in place. That means the Jaguars, for example, are going to accept a portion of the financial burden the new Jets-Giants stadium will create, but the Jaguars will not receive any of the new revenue. G-3 money was not used to fund any part of the construction of Alltel Stadium or its renovations.

Samuel from Jacksonville:
My question is regarding something you said about run-blitzes in your blog. What is the difference between run and pass-blitzing?

Vic: When a defense is blitzing on what it would expect to be a running down, it's a run-blitz. The Jaguars did some blitzing on first down early in Sunday's game. That's why I called it run-blitzing.

Jonathon from Wichita, KS:
You said the Colts' window was closing and that would appear to be true. At the same time, it would appear the Jaguars window is just beginning to open. Would you agree?

Vic: The Jaguars' window opened last year. The team is now in its prime years and should stay there for awhile.

Stanley from Bakersfield, CA:
You picked the Jags in every phase of the game in the "Game Preview." How did you know?

Vic: I don't understand how anybody couldn't know. The Colts are 32nd in the league against the run. That's all I have to know. You can't win against good teams if you can't stop the run. If the Colts are to have any chance of winning the Super Bowl, it rests not with Peyton Manning but with their defense. Tony Dungy knows that. Anybody who knows anything about football knows that. Forget about Manning. Concentrate on that defense. If Dungy can fix that defense, the Colts will have a shot. Otherwise, forget about it.

Rubin from Jacksonville:
I am a Jacksonville native currently stationed in Germany. I was able to watch the Colts game on AFN. I have to say it was very depressing to see all those empty seats in the middle of the second quarter against our biggest rival. Do you think the league execs are keeping notes of this when the topic of moving franchises comes up again?

Vic: I expressed surprise in my blog that there were so many empty seats, but it's not as though the place was empty. Alltel Stadium had a nice crowd of energetic fans and they did not leave at halftime. My surprise was that so many people chose not to attend the game. I just don't get it. The tickets were sold, which means people wasted their money and I don't understand why anyone would do that. It was a beautiful day; no icy, 69-degree rain. It was the first really nice day we've had in awhile. It was a one o'clock game on a non-holiday weekend and the opponent was Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts. It was the one game for which I can't think of one reason not to attend. That's why I was so surprised to see empty seats, and I don't wanna hear about the "Bud Zone." It would've exploded had all of the empty-seat people tried to get in there. I wasn't being critical. I was just registering my surprise. I don't understand why anybody would buy a ticket and not use it for such a high-profile game in such delightful weather.

Caleb from Tempe, AZ:
The previous two times the Jaguars won back-to-back games, the team has gone on to lose close games. Do you believe this new mindset, instilled by Jack Del Rio, will allow the Jags to be mentally focused enough to beat the hot Tennessee Titans? How have the Titans improved since the Jags trounced them, 37-7, earlier this season?

Vic: What you're saying is the Jaguars should beat everybody and the only reason they lose is because they don't try hard enough. That's ridiculous. Good teams lose to teams with bad records. That's the way it is. It happens every week in the NFL. Ask the Seahawks about that. The Titans are 6-7. They're in the playoff hunt. With a win over the Jaguars, they'd have a chance to overtake the Jaguars in the AFC South standings in the final two weeks of the season. How are the Titans different now from what they were six weeks ago when the Jaguars beat them? The difference is in the running game. The Titans were 12th in rushing when the Jaguars played them on Nov. 5. Now the Titans are fourth in the league in rushing. The gain is the direct result of Vince Young's rushing. In most other ways, the Titans are the same team. They were 28th overall on offense on Nov. 5 and now they're 24th. They were 29th in passing and now they're 28th. They were last in the league in total defense on Nov. 5 and they're still last in the league in total defense. They were 31st against the run and 17th against the pass and now they're 28th against the run and 25th against the pass. Let's see, how do you beat the Titans? Stop Young from running. Mike Smith will be able to identify that challenge very easily.

Jon from Van Buren, AR:
I think Fred Taylor had his big game, don't you agree?

Vic: He helped his cause. The players and coaches will cast their Pro-Bowl votes this Thursday. I think it's to Fred's favor the voting will be complete this week because I worry that his sore hamstring could cost him some yards.

Mike from Mill Valley, CA: :
Maurice Jones-Drew is what Reggie Bush was supposed to be. Is he the rookie of the year?

Vic: Please, let's get off the rookie of the year kick. There are as many rookie-of-the-year awards as there are rookies. It's not as though the league awards one such award. The league, in fact, makes no such award. It does, however, recognize several different awarding agencies. Here's a list: AP offensive and defensive rookies of the year; "The Sporting News" rookie of the year; "Pro Football Weekly" offensive and defensive rookies of the year; "Sports Illustrated" rookie of the year; Diet Pepsi rookie of the year. And I've seen a lot more. I have no doubt Jones-Drew will win some and lose some, but I don't need awards to tell me what I've seen. Jones-Drew has been a difference-maker for the Jaguars. He's one of the main reasons this team is 8-5.

John from Jacksonville:
Is the only scenario for the Jags to win the division to win all three remaining games while the Colts lose all three remaining games? Also, what is the advantage of being the fifth seed versus the sixth seed for the playoffs?

Vic: I'm not going to look too deep into the tie-breakers for something that's not going to happen, but I played a little game with the tie-breakers and decided that if the Jags and Colts finished tied, the tie-breaker could come down to common opponents, and you'd have to be clairvoyant to know how that would turn out. My advice is concede the division title to the Colts and focus on the wild-card race. Fifth seed or sixth seed? Well, a sixth seed can never host a playoff game, but it's not likely a fifth seed would, so, I think it comes down to where would you rather play, in Indianapolis, New England or Baltimore?

Paul from Gainesville, FL:
Is it safe to say the Colts are in steep decline now? Was that a window slamming shut yesterday?

Vic: I thought their window was shut by the Steelers last January. That's the one they may never get over. The table was set for them. All they had to do was win two at home and then take the bus up to Detroit. They never had to step outside. That loss to the Steelers may forever haunt the Colts.

John from Orange Park, FL:
That was the best running performance by a team I have ever seen. Have you ever seen better?

Vic: No.

Ben from Jacksonville:
The Jaguars are first in the NFL in the stat of strength of victory with .559. Isn't this a good sign with just three weeks left in the season?

Vic: It's a very good sign because it legitimizes the Jaguars' record. In fact, it tells me the Jaguars are better than their record. This is not an 8-5 team. This is a team that's better than 8-5. Last season, I wasn't buying the 12-4. I thought it was a soft 12-4 because the Jaguars had a .375 strength of victory. It was a nice coming-out that they made the playoffs, but the playoffs ended very predictably. This season, I expect the Jaguars to make the playoffs and win in the playoffs.

Daniel from Arcola, IL:
In your blog, you made a comment: "Now it makes sense, all of those near-losses." What did you mean by that?

Vic: I was referring to the Colts' near-losses to the Jets, Titans, Broncos and Bills. The Colts had a way of avoiding defeat, but it appears as though it's caught up to them.

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