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How much more would it take?

Join *Jaguars Inside Report *Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Kyle Singleton from Thunder Bay, Ontario:
I got a question that's really troubling me. Do you think Wayne Weaver will offer Jimmy Smith a new contract or will Jimmy Smith (my favorite player) end up like the next Terry Glenn and get traded?
In my opinion, the Jaguars would be willing to "sweeten the pot" for Jimmy Smith, but not at an amount that would throw this team off its course for salary cap recovery. The more appropriate question is: Will Jimmy Smith accept what the Jaguars are willing to offer?

Miguel Angel Jimenez Santos from Mexico City, Mexico:
Do you think the outcome of Jimmy Smith's situation will be considered a precedent for future players to analyze, whenever they feel like they deserve more money?

Nick Daniels from Savannah, GA:
Will Winn-Dixie be distributing Jaguars tickets in Georgia? It would be a great opportunity to build your season ticket base in the outer markets.
Call Winn-Dixie and ask them to supply the locations of the stores providing free Jaguars tickets.

William Anderson from Alma, GA:
I think Mark Brunell has always had trouble developing timing with his receivers and the receivers usually get the blame, bad routes, etc. Could part of the problem be that Brunell is so short that he has trouble seeing past the linemen? The Jaguars really look bad this year. I don't see much hope for this season, even if Jimmy Smith returns.
Mark Brunell didn't have any trouble seeing over the Ravens' defensive line in 2000, when Brunell torched the Ravens for 386 yards and three touchdowns. As far as I know, Brunell hasn't shrunk since then.

Griffin Rice from Locust, NC:
I wish the Jaguars would try some more razzle-dazzle plays. Do they ever try any in practice?
Yes, the Jaguars practice razzle-dazzle plays, but preseason isn't usually a time when coaches reach deep into their playbooks.

Tom Crumpton from Jacksonville:
Just came back from the Tampa debacle, Vic. Is it time to panic? I haven't seen the team this bad since 1995. The pass-defense was as bad as the pass-offense. I see a very long season for the Jags coming up. Is this a make or break season for coach Coughlin?
There's only one man who can answer that question, and I'm not that man.

David Wielgus from Orlando, FL:
The Jags offensive line and running backs can't handle blitzes and I think every opponent knows this. I think it's a huge problem. If you were the coach, what would you do to improve the situation?
Eventually, the answer to all questions is the draft.

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