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I can't wait to watch

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Jeff from Tallahassee, FL:
A few days ago you mentioned that strength of schedule was the sixth step in breaking a tie for a playoff spot. Has it ever reached that far? What is the farthest step down that has ever been reached to settle a tie for a playoff spot?

Vic: I don't know the answer to your question but I remember one year getting deeply involved in calculating points for and against, which are the tiebreakers just beneath strength of schedule. It was driving me crazy. I added up all of the points for and against and then somebody from the league told me I did it wrong because I forgot the point differential in the head-to-head games between the two teams; that was in the day before computers did all the work. Now, we don't even bother getting involved in this stuff. We just ask the league and they give us all of the permutations. Back in the day, the league left it up to the beat reporters.

Tony from New Jersey:
How can James Harrison be fined $25,000 for roughing the passer while Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan get the same fine for throwing punches? It doesn't seem fair to me.

Vic: It's because Harrison is a repeat offender. Rumor has it he'll be fined $5,000 for being caught this week not washing his hands after he left the men's room.

Scot from Jacksonville:
You forgot about Greg Jones for the Pro Bowl.

Vic: You're absolutely right. I did forget about Greg Jones and that is a gross mistake on my part because he is, without a doubt, the best blocker of all the fullbacks in the AFC and blocking is what defines the position.

Mike from Bridgeport, CT:
Do you think Dallas has a shot to beat Indy this Sunday?

Vic: I don't give the Cowboys much of a chance because their secondary has played so poorly, but I've talked to "experts" this week who think the Cowboys could win this game because they have a big-time pass-rusher in DeMarcus Ware. Jeff Lageman likes the Cowboys in this game.

Gabe from Jacksonville:
Your friend Snoop quotes and gives credit to Al Davis for his insightful words.

Vic: I invented "Just win, baby" and I gave it to Al. I've been telling Snoop that for years but he doesn't believe me, so I give up. If he wants to give Al the credit, I don't care.

Joel from Jacksonville:
If the league goes to an 18-game schedule, how will it affect roster size? How much would you like to see it increase and why?

Vic: I have no preference, but I would expect they'll increase roster size significantly because, as Hines Ward said, the league is extremely concerned about player safety.

Charlie from Jacksonville:
I think the way Derek Anderson acted on the sideline was proof that he won't ever be a Manning or a Brady-caliber quarterback and that he just doesn't care. When Manning and Brady make a mistake, they sit with their respective offensive lines and make adjustments and come out and bury you under points. Anderson does not.

Vic: Anderson isn't likely to become a Manning-caliber or Brady-caliber quarterback, but it's not because of what he does on the sideline, it's because of what he doesn't do on the field. That sideline stuff is "Entertainment Tonight." You can't score touchdowns on the sideline. What Manning and Brady understand that Anderson obviously doesn't understand, and it's because Anderson has never reached the level of attention and scrutiny Manning and Brady have, is that when you're the quarterback the camera is on you all the time. You don't dare laugh when you're losing because that's going to become a controversy and controversies are distractions. Anderson got careless. Manning and Brady know not to get careless.

Brad from Jacksonville:
Dave started this season with a crunch-time TD drive against the Broncos in the opener and don't forget the perfect "honey hole" throw to Underwood to set up the win over Indy. Four of our six wins have been a result of Dave stepping up at crunch time.

Vic: David Garrard has played at extremes this season. He was extremely good against the Broncos, Colts, Bills, Cowboys and Texans. He was at the other extreme against the Chargers, Eagles, Titans (until getting hurt) and Browns. I think that's an accurate representation of his performance. A lot of fans, however, pledge allegiance for or against a quarterback and they refuse to be objective in their evaluation of the quarterback's performance. Garrard's backers trumpet his successes and shrink in the face of his failures, allowing Garrard's critics to spring forth with their premeditated harangues. Garrard's critics, of course, never trumpet his successes. After the Eagles game, I thought Garrard's future with the team had dimmed considerably. As it stands now, I think he's playing well enough to maintain the starting job next year, while the team begins to search for or groom his successor. The final verdict lies in what's left of the season. If he plays well, he'll reinforce that opinion. If he falters, then he'll support the claims of his critics that the Jaguars need to replace him. It is what it is. What's most important is that we see the situation for what it is, not for what we want it to be.

Jonathan from Radford, VA:
Hines Ward and Terrell Suggs: When those two agree, the league should realize there might just be something wrong.

Vic: The league needs to listen to its warriors, not its sissies. It's the warriors that drive the popularity of this game.

Fred from Naples, FL:
I have read several responses from you now in the past few days regarding how dangerous the Titans are. Do you expect the Jaguars to go into LP Field and win this Sunday?

Vic: The only strong feeling I have for this game is that it's going to be a true battle. I'm not confident of victory, only that the Jaguars are going to put their hand on the ground and look the Titans square in the eye. This is when the Titans are the toughest, when their backs are to the wall. The Jaguars, however, are playing their best football of the year. I have no interest in making a prediction. I'm just going to sit, watch and enjoy.

Tyler from West Des Moines, IA:
To expand even further on Terrell Owens: He has caught seven balls for 99 yards and no touchdowns in the Bengals' two wins, and has caught 58 balls for 815 yards and eight touchdowns in their nine losses. Way to help your team win.

Vic: Just sayin'.

Paul from Arlington, VA:
Is NFL Films the greatest media entity in sports? I say yes. I hope the NFL continues to keep that organization as is and not change it like they do everything else.

Vic: What Ed Sabol did with NFL Films as a start-up video production company in the 1960's is one of the great success stories in sports history. I have great respect for Sabol and the role NFL Films played in entertaining the generations as the game's popularity grew exponentially. What I respect most is what they did with the crude equipment of the time. Somehow, some way they were able to capture the "Ice Bowl," most importantly Bart Starr's game-winning quarterback sneak, despite temperatures that were freezing camera shutters and the hands that held those cameras. Pete Rozelle's genius allowed him to see the value of Sabol's work and Rozelle remained loyal to Sabol through the years, even though Sabol has said that his company was on a one-year contract that had to be renewed each year and that he fully expected some big production to come in and take that contract away from them one day. It never happened. I like that kind of loyalty. I'd like to think it still exists, but that would be awfully naive of me, wouldn't it?

Michael from Columbus, OH:
Peyton Hillis or John Riggins and why?

Vic: You gotta be kidding me. Why do young people think everything new is better than everything old? Did you know Riggins, 6-2, 230, was a 100-yard dash champion? He was one of the fastest players in the league. We're talkin' about a big, fast, athletic man. After Hillis has rushed for 11,000 yards, won a Super Bowl MVP and has been inducted into the Hall of Fame, ask me the same question. By the way, Riggo was a journalism major at Kansas and I love the video rip jobs on the Redskins he does standing in front of a woodpile. That's one of my retirement goals: I wanna stand in front of a woodpile and rip people. Riggo will be a free spirit to the day he dies. He's from a great generation of players and they were a lot of fun to cover. Riggins

Jason from Jacksonville:
Hey Griswold, where are you gonna put a tree that big?

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