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I don't like it on mouse

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Mike from Bridgeport, CT:
Where on the website do I go to listen to the radio show on Wednesdays?

Vic: During the "Jaguars This Week" show, which is from 6-7 p.m. on Wednesdays during the offseason, the broadcast may be accessed by clicking on the "Jaguars This Week" box that will appear in the right-hand corner of the home page banner. That'll do it. Listeners must have "Windows Media Player."

Scott from Jacksonville:
Your answer to the guy trying to get his wife to let his son play football had me laughing for five minutes. Your one about the guy going through withdrawal trying some family interaction wasn't too shabby, either. Oh, and let us know how you do with your efforts to scam Cole out of more of his barbecue sauce.

Vic: How about this one? Hey, Cole, I found a dead mouse in that last bottle of barbecue sauce you gave me. You know I don't put barbecue sauce on mouse.

Bryan from Rock Falls, IL:
When is the Jaguars 2004 training camp and is it open to the public?

Vic: Training camp practices will begin on July 31 and it will be open to the public.

Stormy from Jackson, TN:
We've been hearing reports of Jimmy Smith making lots of long catches from Byron; beating Bolden, who is covering him in drills. Is Jimmy that good or Bolden that bad, and why is Mathis not covering Jimmy in the drills? I'd think he would be the number one cornerback covering the number one wide receiver?

Vic: It doesn't work that way. Rashean Mathis has also been covering Jimmy Smith in spring drills. I guess Smith hasn't beaten him. Yes, Smith has had a great spring. I caution that it's only spring, but I need to start seeing a little more out of Juran Bolden.

Adel Yazji from Jacksonville:
I had a thought today about a very intriguing substitution package for the Jags this season. I was thinking that while the Jags were in "nickel," they should replace a slower linebacker with Donovin Darius, who hits you just as hard if not harder than a linebacker, and put Cooper at safety. What do you think?

Vic: I think you just turned a "nickel" into a "dime." Substitution packages are about personnel groupings. Five defensive backs is "nickel" and six defensive backs is "dime."

Ontario from Roanoke, VA:
Just wanted to drop you a note of thanks. "Ask Vic" and are my main source of information for the Jaguars. With the Super Bowl coming up, your talk of good old barbecue makes me miss Jax. Please let your local readers know they should enjoy their Jags experience to the fullest, or feel the sickness of enjoying it via the web!

Vic: Barbecue did that? It has other effects on me.

Randall from Orange Park, FL:
I couldn't agree more with your assessment of free stuff. As I am now doing my second tour of purgatory in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, I was wondering what I would have to do to get a free "Roar" poster to hang up in my tent. It would do a lot for team morale and bring a small taste of home to this pestilent craphole. Thanks, and here's wishing you much free golf.

Vic: Don't do that Randall. You'll drive yourself crazy. What you need is some barbecue sauce.

Zach from Jacksonville:
When a player goes out of bounds, what are the rules regarding the game clock?

Vic: Outside the last two minutes of the first half and the last five minutes of the second half, the clock is started when the ball is spotted after a play that carries out of bounds. In the "old days," the clock remained stopped after a play went out of bounds, but that procedure was amended by the league to prevent games from becoming too long.

Dan from Jacksonville:
I keep seeing a number 83 in mini-camp videos. There is no number 83 on the website. Who is he?

Vic: Todd Yoder.

Howard from Homestead, FL:
Any chance Cole will provide free barbecue sauce at the "Ask Vic" reunion you're planning? If so, I'll drive up from Miami.

Vic: I'll require that Cole provide a complimentary bottle of his barbecue sauce in each golfer's goodies bag. You'll have to provide your own mouse.

Tim from Tampa, FL:
I understand there's no more "Jaguars Inside Report." I was wondering if there are any plans to have some other type of team newspaper for fans who do not live in the Jacksonville area, to keep up with the happenings of this franchise.

Vic: There are no plans for a team newspaper for this season. Hopefully, will satisfy your needs.

Justin from Callahan, FL:
I enjoy reading "Ask Vic" every day. I don't send very many questions, though, because most of them are asked by other people and the last thing you need is a few more e-mails to read every week. Just wanted to let you know there's a huge faction of us out there who don't write in very often, or ever, that are daily readers. "Ask Vic" is sweeping the globe. Now, my question: If I wanted to find the individual stats of a player for a specific game, how would I do that? I'll give you a chance to show your reporter's prowess, but you have to tell me your sources so I can do my own research next time. The game was the first playoff game at Alltel Stadium, against the Patriots. The date was Jan. 3, 1999. I need to know Fred Taylor's and Jimmy Smith's stats for that game.

Vic: Media guides are time-honored sources of information. In finding the information you requested, I went to the play-by-play. I keep the play-by-play accounts of every game I cover. In that playoff game against the Patriots, Fred Taylor carried the ball 33 times for 162 yards rushing and one touchdown, a 46-yard run. He made no pass receptions. Jimmy Smith caught five passes for 56 yards and one touchdown, a 37-yarder. By the way, that information is also available in Taylor's and Smith's bios in the Jaguars 2003 media guide, and will no doubt be included in the 2004 edition.

Mario from Oviedo, FL:
I enjoy reading your column! It's a great way of teaching us football fans the game. I have a question regarding the Tony Brackens deal. According to an article on, the new signing of Brackens negates the savings the Jaguars realized when Brackens was cut. If Brackens wouldn't have been cut, his cap number would have been about $9 million. After being cut, the cap number was $7 million. Now that he has been signed again, the article says that with the new contract Brackens' salary cap number is almost equal to the $9 million that was originally scheduled. How true is that? And if it is true, I don't think having cut Brackens was a good idea in terms of salary cap savings.

Vic: That information is correct, but it doesn't account for the future amortization the Jaguars extinguished when they cut Brackens, and it doesn't account for the $6.5 million salary of real money the Jaguars won't have to pay. In terms of comparing salary cap numbers for this year only, the information you're citing is accurate, but what about future salary cap numbers? Because Brackens was cut before June 2, and because he was re-signed to a contract for one year only, he does not appear on any of the Jaguars' salary caps beyond this season. In doing it the way the Jaguars did, there is significant savings in hard salary and in future amortization.

Rajesh from Jacksonville:
At the end of "Ask Vic," can you add "Vic trivia" about NFL games, players, etc.? You can post the answer the next day. This should increase's (cha-ching) fan following and you could be doing some new fans a service.

Vic: I like the idea and now and then I'll do it, but not every day. In fact, I was just talking to someone about some seldom-known information, so I'll put it in a trivia question for you. Instead of "Ask Vic," we'll call it "Vic asks." Today's question is: Who invented the zone-blitz? Pick from this list of coaches: Dom Capers, Vic Fangio, Dick LeBeau, Bill Cowher, John Rosenberg.

Ralph from Jacksonville:
I just wanted to tell you about an article on concerning Dan Connell's resignation from the Jaguars. It says it's hard to sell tickets in a "small beach town with little passion for football." Where do these guys get these opinions and why don't people who know the truth correct them, because this town is football crazy with the Gators, Seminoles, Bulldogs and Jaguars. The only reason we are not selling tickets is because of the lack of winning in recent years. Do you agree?

Vic: Winning will help ease the problem, but you can't win all of the time and cities with reputations for being great football towns sell out their stadiums in losing years, too. In my opinion, winning isn't the issue. The issue is supply and demand. The size of Alltel Stadium doesn't fit the size of Jacksonville. If Alltel sat 60,000, I believe the Jaguars would be sold out, and then everybody would be saying they could sell 80,000, and that would be a lie.

Darralyn from Kilgore, TX:
Now that Josh Scobee has been in camp for three weeks, what is your impression of him? How is Marler doing now that his sore quad has recovered?

Vic: Seth Marler, Josh Scobee and Jeff Chandler each have talent. Chandler has a booming leg that gives him great upside. When he becomes more accurate, he will leap into a great career. Maybe that will happen with the Jaguars. Scobee gets the ball up quickly and kicks a pretty-looking ball. Spring practices should help him chase away the rookie butterflies, and that should allow him to compete against Marler and Chandler in training camp. Marler seems to have gotten into the coach's doghouse, but he has talent and a year of hardening behind him and I hope he's ready to go for training camp because I think he has a future in this league. What I'm saying is that each guy is a legitimate candidate for the job. It's spring and decisions don't have to be made, yet. I expect one of the three to surface in a big way. If one doesn't, then it'll be time to hit the waiver wire. The Titans lost their kicker after their season-opener last season, then signed Gary Anderson and he was 27 of 31, which was the third-best percentage in the AFC. I just don't think this is as big a deal as people are making it out to be.

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