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I expect rapid progress

Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

James from Palm Coast, FL:
Now that we know Vick is playing for the Eagles, is this a good move by Philadelphia? Vick likes to use his legs. How will playing in the northeast during winter affect his game? He will not be able to run like he did in Atlanta.

Vic: Running with the football is exactly what you want to do in the cold weather. Passing the ball from cold fingers to cold fingers and through icy winds is what you don't want to do. I don't know how this will turn out, but I'm absolutely sure that if Michael Vick has the same legs he had a few years ago, they'll be a good thing for the Eagles to have on their side in cold-weather games.

Anthony from Jacksonville:
I have been to just about every practice and although I am no scout or expert, the rookie wideouts have looked very inconsistent. Is that not the exact same issue we had with the previous group?

Vic: There were a lot of issues with the previous group. With this group, inconsistency would seem to be the only issue. It's what you expect of rookies. Mike Thomas looked quick and fast until he pulled a hamstring. Further evaluation of him must wait until he's recovered from the injury. Tiquan Underwood has made a lot of big plays. I still love his upside. The only knock on him is that he has dropped passes that should've been big plays. Todd Monken is working with Underwood on his technique. He's working with Underwood on keeping his hands together as the ball nears him, instead of widening his hands and allowing the ball to get to his body. Jarett Dillard is a mystery right now. He has always been a catch-everything guy, but over the last week of practice he has dropped a lot of passes and it may be affecting his confidence. There's plenty of time for him to snap out of his slump but, clearly, he has to do it because he wasn't drafted for size or speed; he was drafted for his hands.

Chad from Jacksonville:
What's the bigger risk with Vick: the potential disruption via media and fan fallout, or that his abilities aren't what they once were?

Vic: The Eagles don't have enough invested in him to warrant much of a risk that he's not the player he was. It's the distraction/image risk that's most significant. I think the Eagles underestimated the downside risk of the decision to sign him, and that really surprises me. It appears to me Andy Reid has taken a big risk on this one. His job may be on the line. I don't get it.

Zach from Little Rock, AR:
Any chance the Jaguars take back Matt Jones? If there is an injury in the middle of the season, I don't see why they wouldn't give him another chance.

Vic: I think you should check to see if he has any eligibility remaining.

Bill from Jacksonville:
How much input did Tony Dungy have behind the scenes to get Vick back on the playing field?

Vic: He had an enormous influence. Dungy is one of the most respected men in football. Had he told the Eagles Vick wasn't repentant and committed to personal recovery, there's no doubt in my mind this signing would not have occurred. I'm personally trying to draw my forgiveness from Tony's involvement. I won't try to kid you, it's difficult. I hate what he did, but I want to be able to forgive.

Jami from Arlington, VA:
With Monroe missing the first two weeks of camp, how big is that for him earning the starting left tackle position?

Vic: The first time I saw him in mini-camp, he already looked like a guy who was ready to be a starting left tackle in the NFL. I have no doubt he'll make rapid progress. My expectation is that he'll be the Jaguars' starting left tackle soon.

Gene from Jacksonville:
Has Fred Taylor played in the preseason, yet, and what is his slot as a running back with the Patriots?

Vic: Fred and Kevin Faulk are listed as the second-team running back on the Patriots' depth chart. Sammy Morris is the first-team back. Don't put much stock in any of that. Bill Belichick has a particular role in mind for Fred and it has nothing to do with a pecking order. I suspect that Fred will be used a little here and a little there and according to specific plays the Patriots have in mind for him. He did not play in the Patriots' preseason opener in Philadelphia. Fred got my attention with something he said recently. "I was wondering why they always kicked our (butts) in the playoffs," Fred said, referring to the Patriots' postseason wins over the Jaguars. "Now you see why up close and personal," he added, referring to Tom Brady. Gee, Fred, you hadn't figured that out? You should've asked me and I would've told you. It's Brady. It's always been Brady, in the regular season, too. He's the best. Before him, the Patriots were 5-13 and their coach was on his way to being fired. When he was out with a knee injury last season, they missed the playoffs.

Jim from Jacksonville:
Do you get annoyed with "coachspeak," such as Jack Del Rio's stock response, "We're workin' hard," or do you just accept it?

Vic: I'm OK with it because you learn to understand what it means. Through the years, I've been able to develop a coachspeak dictionary. "We're workin' hard" means the team is young, in transition and not qualified to speak of any expectation other than being the best they can be. In other words, this is rebuilding.

Chris from Tallahassee, FL:
If we are not going to get a young guy this year at quarterback, why not trade for Brunell? He still can play and would be able to run our team if David goes down.

Vic: The first thing the Jaguars are going to do is take a look at Todd Bouman and Paul Smith, beginning tonight in Miami. If the Jaguars don't like what they see from Bouman and Smith in the preseason, they'll almost certainly have interest in what comes free around the league. Arizona, for example, has three quarterbacks competing for one backup job; it sounds as though the Cardinals are only going to keep two quarterbacks. The backup quarterback situation with the Jaguars is far from settled.

Chris from St. Augustine, FL:
You profess to be a no-excuses guy. So, please, go ahead and tell us why you think this team struggles to sell tickets.

Vic: I've already said it. It's because this town is accustomed to watching football on TV. It's never been a go-to-the-game town, and that's a big problem.

Ryan from Jacksonville:
I understand that we need to buy more tickets, but other teams have difficulty selling tickets. Why are the Jags being talked about as if they are the only team?

Vic: They must not be the only team being talked about or you wouldn't know other teams are having difficulty selling tickets, right? I think you're overly sensitive to one team being talked about having trouble selling tickets. It bothers you because it embarrasses you. Am I right?

Duane from Chapel Hill, TN:
Last season, I went to the season opener against the Titans and saw our team fall apart in the fourth quarter. Then I traveled all the way to Jacksonville, hoping for revenge and a glimpse of hope. Again, our team fell apart in the second half and crushed hope for the rest of the season, and I vowed not to go to another Jaguar game. Tell me, Vic, what would make me spend my hard-earned money again to see another Jaguar game in person?

Vic: You should've told them you were coming to the game. I'm sure they would've played better. Come on, man, the time for this kind of whiney crap has long since passed. Why do people spend their hard-earned money to see their favorite team play? Because they want to do it. You needed to be told that? It is what it is. It's crunch time.

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