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I like Florida over Oklahoma

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Joe from Orange Park, FL:
In the wake of the San Diego victory on Saturday, the Colt faithful are whining about the NFL overtime rules. I read on another site that many expect Bill Polian to start pushing the idea of going to a college-like overtime where each team gets the ball once. I really despise that procedure and prefer what we have in the NFL now: If you lose the toss, your defense needs to get the job done. Care to share your thoughts on this?

Vic: If the Colts had won the coin toss and had scored to win the game, I doubt that Colts fans would want to change the system. That's all you need to know.

Vince from Indianapolis, IN:
I guess Manning needs to get 100 yards rushing, too. What's funny is I don't remember hardly anyone predicting the Colts to go far this year, especially after their horrendous start, but the Jags? They were going to win it all; dead last. I know for a fact the Colts will get in the playoffs again. Can you say that about the Jags?

Vic: I know for a fact the Colts and the Jaguars will be playing the same team this week: idle. Hey, Vince, I called the shot. I told you who would win and why.

Michael from Toronto, Ontario:
A British medical journal has stated that the ping noise made by a metal driver head hitting a golf ball causes permanent hearing damage. Even if I believed this, it wouldn't stop me from playing golf, how about you?

Vic: I think it's also a fact that marriage often causes permanent financial damage, but we keep doing it, don't we?

John from Neptune Beach, FL:
What the BCS has in effect said is that USC had to be perfect to be considered for the national championship, but Florida and Oklahoma did not. So, for whatever reason, one team was held to a higher standard, and for Utah perfection wasn't even good enough. Essentially, Florida was forgiven for its loss to Ole Miss, yet, USC was held accountable for its. If I want to see the two-best teams compete in the last game of the season, should I even watch?

Vic: You watch for two reasons: 1.) It's all we have. 2.) Florida and Oklahoma are great football teams totally deserving of the right to play for a national championship. Unfortunately, some other teams are also deserving but will not be given the chance and that's wrong. One other problem I have is that Florida will play for the national championship in Florida. That is also unfair and I have grown very tired of a bowl system that has one team from 11 miles away and another from 2,500 miles away. Having said all of that, I want to commend you on a beautifully constructed explanation of the inequity of the system. You have explained it better than I ever have. Recently, I played a round of golf with Jaguars running backs coach Kennedy Pola, who is a long-time college coach and someone I seek for direction on college football matters. Kennedy is also a USC guy. After golf, we debated the bowl system vs. playoff concept and Kennedy was adamant that the bowl system is best for college football. He made several points, one of which was that the number one reason for going to college is to get an education and playing playoff games at finals time would be injurious to players' classroom pursuits. I think Kennedy knew what button to push with me and he actually got me leaning in his direction. Then I sat down on New Year's Day and watched USC and I completely rejected Kennedy's argument. If we're gonna do this, then let's do it right and let's move the playoff games around so that one or two regions of the country don't always have homefield advantage.

Rich from Jacksonville:
Why do players from the University of Florida never seem to do very well at the NFL level?

Vic: Several players from Florida are doing very well in the NFL, especially on defense. That would probably surprise a lot of people because most people think of Florida in terms of offense, but their defensive personnel has been very strong for several years.

Sean from Gainesville, FL:
Who do you like in the BCS title game?

Vic: I like Florida for a few reasons: 1.) They have a great coach. Urban Meyer, in my opinion, is a coaching genius. 2.) I watched the Ohio State-Texas game last night and I wasn't impressed by Texas; just a whole bunch of check-down passes and dinks and dunks. If that's symbolic of Big 12 football, then I would expect Florida to take that away. 3.) I can't get it out of my mind what West Virginia did to Oklahoma last year.

Cliff from Patuxent River, MD:
The Gator champ? Is that a Freudian slip?

Vic: No, it's proper use of the English language. Webster's defines champ as "to chew or bite hard and noisily."

Daniel from Jacksonville:
USC beat a very good Penn State team and they deserve credit for that, but come on, Vic, look at who the other Pac-10 teams beat in bowl games. It wasn't anyone astounding. The road was pretty easy for them to go 4-0 and USC played the only meaningful game for the fifth win.

Vic: That's your opinion. Alabama was a double-digit favorite to beat Utah and we know how that turned out. Alabama was number one in the country nearly the whole season. Are you using the opinions of the same people who blew that one? USC embarrassed Ohio State; Texas struggled to beat Ohio State and Texas wants to stake its own claim to the national title. USC would squash them like a bug.

David from Charlotte, NC:
What's the deal with attendance for Miami Dolphins games? They never black out, yet, the stadium appears virtually empty every game.

Vic: Those are no-shows.

Scott from Aurora, IL:
What do you think of Cal center Alex Mack and North Carolina wide receiver Hakeem Nicks? Think the Jags will be interested in either if they are available in the second round or later?

Vic: I noticed Mack in Cal's bowl win over Miami. I knew he was considered to be the top center in the draft and he validated that reputation. Nicks turned in what may have been the top performance of the whole bowl season. He made sensational catches. He's a certain first-round pick. Mack would seem to be a more logical second-round candidate.

Issak from Washington, IA:
I was way off in saying Peyton Manning was worthy of the MVP, with yet another one and done in the playoffs. So who was your MVP? How about Ed Reed? In crunch time he got it done. In the last seven games, he's got something like 10 interceptions and two forced fumbles.

Vic: The voters really fumbled the ball on this one. This was the perfect year to give it to a defensive player and prove that the award isn't MVQ but, in fact, is MVP. Reed would've been a fine pick. So would James Harrison or Troy Polamalu.

Bruce from St. Simons Island, GA:
Monday's column represents the old hard-hitting Vic; a pleasure to read. I'm worried about the Jags. Do you see any chance for major improvement next year?

Vic: I absolutely expect to see major improvement next year. That's my expectation.

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