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I'll remember Rich's smile

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Jody from Fernandina Beach, FL:
I hear you talk often of how the game began to change around Johnny Unitas' time. What did Unitas have that made him the catalyst for change?

Vic: He had great talent. Don't be fooled by the hunched shoulders and high-top shoes. He had a top arm and could make all the throws. The things that put him over the top were his toughness, his leadership skills and his feel for the game. Even in today's game, he would be the prototype pocket passer. We're talking about a guy who called his own plays and once called time out to reprimand Don Shula for sending a play into the game. It was Unitas' offense and it was Unitas' huddle and nobody talked in it or over him. He wasn't mobile, other than being able to move within the pocket, but his quick release and mental command of the game would allow him to be just as effective in today's game as he was in his own era, even minus out-of-the-pocket mobility.

Lee from Jacksonville:
Do you consider Big Ben's absence from the Pro Bowl roster a snub?

Vic: The Pro Bowl has been off my radar since the league gave fans the right to vote. They've ruined it.

Demond from Indianapolis, IN:
You do realize that Baltimore stole the Colts from Dallas in 1953?

Vic: Giles Miller, the owner of the Dallas Texans, returned the franchise to the NFL in the middle of the 1952 season and the league moved the team to Hershey, Pa., for the remaining games of that season, to save the franchise from financial ruin and to allow it to make payroll. When the season ended, the league awarded the franchise to Baltimore, where it became one of the NFL's model franchises. You might wanna brush up on your command of the Colts' history.

Andrew from Jacksonville:
I watched the Super Bowl shuffle for the first time the other day. What were your thoughts back in 1985 when it debuted?

Vic: I don't watch those things. I purposely ignored it. I have nothing against that kind of silliness, I just don't like it and I don't want to see it. I've always regarded football as a noble endeavor. Maybe that's silly.

Donny from Lake Mary, FL:
After enjoying nice "Ask Vic," I realized that it's so nice to know that you're a fan of the late George Carlin, who was a big sports fan as well. Do you have any favorite Carlin bits to share?

Vic: When I was in college, one of the guys in the dormitory was a friend of Carlin's and he persuaded him to do a private appearance for us in the dormitory lounge one night. It was fabulous.

Bill from Jacksonville:
He has now completed three full years in the NFL. Is it now safe to say Reggie Bush is not a good NFL back and should not have been taken number two overall?

Vic: I don't agree. He won me over when I saw him in person last season. I think he's a weapon. He's a Lenny Moore/Frank Gifford hybrid. Bush was dogged by injuries this season.

Logan from Saskatoon, SK:
Remember everyone who wanted us to trade for Jason Taylor? He says he wouldn't be surprised if the Redskins release him after the 2008 season. He is due $8 million in 2009. "I'm a realist, I'm not worth $8 million. I've had two surgeries in the last two months. At the end of the day, I'll be the first to tell you I stink right now." Taylor has only 25 tackles (17 solo), 1.5 sacks and no forced fumbles in 11 games.

Vic: You had to be an idiot not to see that coming.

Ryan from Kokomo, IN:
I was so irritated with Nelson's play on Dallas Clark that I went straight to "Ask Vic" to get your opinion. Clark catches a nice ball up the sidelines and beats coverage, Nelson is two steps too late, puts a good hit on Clark after he has caught the ball for a first down, then jumps up like he won the Super Bowl and makes a gesture with his hands as if Clark is sleeping, and Nelson is proud that Clark isn't moving on the ground. Classless! Your thoughts?

Vic: Why do you think I like it so much that Johnny Unitas just walked away? I don't want the show, I want the result. Don't make the celebration, make the play, and after you make the play, don't make the celebration then, either. Just stand on your performance. It's all that matters.

Anthony from Jacksonville:
Jeff Saturday was not drafted. Wow! Can you explain the chemistry and impact that he has had with Peyton Manning over the last 10 years?

Vic: Chemistry and impact? What I know is that Saturday is two-foot-eight and looks like the uncle that tells everybody in the family he would've been in the NFL but he blew out his knee his freshman year in college, yet, Saturday gets it done. He always gets it done. He's the perfect example of you find football players where you find football players.

Josiah from Spring Hill, KS:
We also had a meltdown in our second game against the Titans. That game might have saved the season and this one would have allowed for some dignity and hope. Why can't we hold onto a double-digit lead in our most important games?

Vic: You make a great point. It bothers me greatly that the offense didn't score a point in the fourth quarter, but it should not be ignored that the Jaguars led by 10 points after three quarters. What was the problem on defense? The problem was that Peyton Manning appeared to be throwing against air.

Joe from Leeds, England:
It's 4.07 a.m. on Friday morning. I just stayed up to watch Garrard throw it away every time possible. What happens to him when he just makes the stupid error?

Vic: If you're talking about the interception that was returned for a touchdown, then I'll tell you that, in my opinion, the double slant on the left side of the formation, involving two receivers in close quarters, leaves me scratching my head. Against single-high safety, Keiwan Ratliff was clearly going to pass Dennis Northcutt off to Bob Sanders. I don't the like the combination.

Cedrick from Jacksonville:
What happened? Why did we stop using Northcutt?

Vic: They didn't stop using Northcutt. In fact, I thought David Garrard overused him, but if you're asking why Reggie Williams all of a sudden took on a more prominent role in the fourth quarter, I think the answer is that Northcutt got dinged late in the game. That's what I was told.

Greg from Orange Park, FL:
Without sarcasm or tongue-in-cheek, could you tell us what you think of Peyton Manning?

Vic: He played as well as I have ever seen him play. He was on target all night, but one throw in particular in the third quarter, a deep route over the middle to Dallas Clark, maybe, was as good a throw as you'll ever see. Manning is on fire and the Colts will go as far as he takes them. Otherwise, they have nothing. He's "The Man." He's always been "The Man," but never more than he is now.

Olly from Oxford, England:
Just wanted to say that your blog of the Colts game was the best yet. The emotion and excitement that came through your words was unbelievable. Thanks very much.

Vic: I think Rich Collier did it to me. He charged me up; no question about it. We're all struggling with what happened to Rich. His appearance touched me last night. Is it possible that we can put the disappointment of last night's loss behind us and remember the night fondly for the smile that Rich flashed at midfield during the coin toss? Hey, it was just a football game. Let's remember the night for what Rich gave us, which is to say a real-life memory.

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