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I'll take sportsmanship

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Christopher from Columbus, GA:
How does the franchise tag work with trades? Does the new team still owe the old team two first-round draft picks?

Vic: Trades are separate from the rules that govern the "franchise" designation. If two teams agree on a trade involving a "franchise" player, the terms of that agreement do not include additional compensation, and the "franchise" tag does not go with the player and it immediately becomes available, again, to the team trading the player.

Alan from Jacksonville:
Not doing a good job? I've been president for a day and how many e-mails have you gotten? Have everyone e-mail me if they want to sign up. It will take a little while to get a website for the group off the ground, unless one of the other guys has more experience with computers than me. But, seriously, I think this could be a great grassroots movement. We could be "Vic's Volunteers," traveling the country to fight for the Jaguars in stadiums near and far.

Vic: I think we should begin with a golf outing.

Mike from Jacksonville:
Anybody interested in the Jaguars travel club to home games and away games, e-mail me at Vic, I nominate you as vice president. Sorry, Alan.

Vic: No splinter groups. Work together, guys.

Vince from Jacksonville:
Why did the Jags abandon the run early in the game? I mean, it looked like they were in it. I honestly believe they would have had a chance if they gave it to Fred and pounded it to them. I just don't understand. Why did they not run the ball? It looked like they were doing good.

Vic: The Jaguars didn't have the ball enough in the first half to establish their running game. They had only 24 plays in the first half and Fred Taylor got eight carries. Taylor got seven carries in the third quarter and it appeared as though he was beginning to establish his presence. His last two carries of the third quarter went for seven and five yards, then Byron Leftwich connected with Marc Edwards for 12 yards and a first down. But you know what happened next. On the first play of the fourth quarter, Leftwich was intercepted by Tyrone Poole and the Patriots scored a touchdown. It was catch-up the rest of the way. That's why they abandoned the run. They had no choice after they fell behind by two touchdowns.

Patrick from Lima, OH:
Owens had a Sharpie; Horn pulled out a cell phone. I enjoy the game of football, but I also enjoy the entertainment some of these players provide. What do you feel about celebrations after a great play? Can't we let them be entertainers for all of us; have a little fun doing their job?

Vic: I'm entertained by the qualities of sportsmanship.

Brian from Jacksonville:
What kind of response do the players have, if any, to their head coach wearing only a turtleneck in freezing cold temperatures and snow?

Vic: Most of the players I talked to felt Jack Del Rio scored a major fashion victory over Bill Belichick, who opted for an olive-green, hooded ensemble that was intended to make a military-type statement. Belichick was clearly playing on the capture of Saddam Hussein, but the Patriots coach just didn't pull it off. As the snow mounded on the top of his head, he began to fade into the New England landscape. It's a good thing Belichick can coach, because he sure can't dress.

Ron from Peoria, AZ:
How important is it to keep quality players on your practice team, or are they just marginal players?

Vic: I consider the practice squad to be a very valuable addition to a team's active roster, and I believe teams do themselves a disservice when they treat the practice squad as an active roster reservoir on which players are signed and cut according to the team's immediate needs. In my opinion, the practice squad is a place where young players might be secured and developed. The practice squad has produced a lot of productive players. Rich Tylski spent time on the Jaguars' practice squad before becoming a fixture on the team's offensive line. Yancey Thigpen was on San Diego's practice squad before becoming one of the best receivers in the league. Bobby Shaw is a former practice-squader.

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