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Interest in Courtney Brown

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Josh from Jacksonville:
Do you think our current group of linebackers is good enough for next season or will we see some new additions before the offseason ends?

Vic: Linebacker is a position at which I believe the Jaguars have need. I would expect them to address that need in the draft, provided a linebacker is worthy of being selected. There is depth in this year's crop of outside linebackers.

Wade from Gainesville, FL:
I was wondering if the NFL, like the NCAA, limits the amount of time the head coach is allowed to "coach" the players. If not, is Del Rio working with our guys now?

Vic: The NFL has rules about practice time, especially in the offseason. The Collective Bargaining Agreement provides those guidelines. For example, the players get an off-day each week during the season. In the offseason, conditioning programs must be voluntary, teams that don't have a new head coach are permitted only one mini-camp, and 14 on-the-field, no-pads practices are allowed during the spring. There are a lot of rules that govern practice time. Those are just some of them. As for right now, the Jaguars are still in an "off" mode. The voluntary offseason conditioning program will begin on April 4, and the Jaguars will conduct their post-draft mini-camp on the weekend after the draft. Then the 14 practices begin, etc.

Joe from Dallas, TX:
Could you please give us the details on the recent contracts we gave to Fu and Troy Edwards? I haven't found that information anywhere.

Vic: Troy Edwards signed a two-year deal that paid him a $500,000 roster bonus and includes a salary of $800,000 this year and $1.3 million in 2006. That means Edwards is a flat $1.3 million hit on each of the Jaguars' next two salary caps. Fu got a two-year deal that paid him a $250,000 roster bonus and salaries of $665,000 and $670,000. So what does that make his salary cap hit this year?

Mike from Jacksonville:
Let's play what if. How much pressure will be on Jack if he doesn't make the playoffs? And on Byron if he consistently fails to move the offense? And on the fans if we fail to stop the blackouts, given all the seats being covered?

Vic: There's no what-if about it. This is professional football. The pressure is always on. Winning is good and losing is bad. As far as the fans, they have an advantage: You can't fire or cut them.

Talia from Miami, FL:
Do you happen to know what Tavian Banks is up to now?

Vic: How long are we going to keep doing this? Is this some kind of a game; where is Tavian now? It was six seasons ago that the guy suffered a complete blow-out of his knee. I've worn out a lot of khaki pants since then. You don't have to play football. You're allowed to do other things, and here's the great part: You don't have to tell anyone where you are or what you're doing.

Robert from Gloucester, VA:
If you had to guess, where will Courtney Brown wind up?

Vic: I'm starting to get the feeling he could end up with the Jaguars. Brown underwent his physical examination on Monday and I believe the Jaguars still have interest in him today. What does that say?

Mike from Indianapolis, IN:
Vic, why are you such an idiot? Tuna has seen Henson in practice, according to your theory, decided he's no good and, therefore, has decided to mortgage the Cowboys' future on Drew Bledsoe? Yeah, right. Tuna is nothing but a stubborn man of habit, and the fat man has always had a habit of bullying quarterbacks, hence, keep Henson on the bench and test his mettle. Man, I can't wait to hear your expert explanation if, once the old man is gone, Henson turns out to be the quarterback he could be. Your opinion means nothing, bench-warmer.

Vic: I wish I had talked to you first before I answered that question yesterday.

Jason from State College, PA:
Most people say cornerback is the biggest need on the Jaguars team, although, many say its left tackle. I agree. What position, in your opinion, is by far the biggest need for the Jaguars?

Vic: Going into free agency, I thought defensive end was the position of greatest need. Now, after having signed Reggie Hayward, I think it's cornerback. The Jaguars have to find a starter at right cornerback. Mike Pearson told me he'll be fully recovered for the start of training camp. He was adamant about his recovery. The Jaguars, however, still have to have concern about their depth at left tackle because knee reconstruction is a legitimate reason for concern, especially when it involves your quarterback's blind side. There will be a good player available at either position when the Jaguars make their first-round pick. In fact, early indications are that a cornerback or left tackle will probably be the highest-rated player available when it's the Jaguars' turn to pick, so just pick him.

James from St. Petersburg, FL:
The past few years the Patriots haven't had what you would say is a top defensive lineman, which looks like what the Jags are trying to get, but the Patriots have won it all by not looking for the best players, but the right players, so why not have an all right defensive line and have really good defensive backs?

Vic: You lost me on this one, James. Richard Seymour is a first-round pick. Willie McGinest, formerly a defensive end, is a first-round pick. Vince Wilfork is a first-round pick. Ty Warren is a first-round pick. Marquise Hill is a second-round pick. Ted Washington was a top free-agent acquisition. You can't have enough big guys.

Jack from Oakville, Ontario:
In the spirit of free agency, I was wondering how much commission the average agent makes?

Vic: Three percent is the highest allowed by the players association, which is responsible for certifying agents to represent players.

Chris from Orlando, FL:
If the Jags "franchise" Marcus Stroud when he becomes a free agent, do you think a team would give up two first-round picks for him?

Vic: No.

Brandon from Prestonnsburg, KY:
What are compensatory draft choices and why didn't the Jags receive any this year?

Vic: Compensatory draft picks are awarded to teams for having lost more value in free agency than the team acquired. It's an arbitrary system of evaluation in which all factors are weighed. Fernando Bryant signed a big deal with Detroit, but the Jaguars signed a lot of guys and those two facts canceled each other out. That the Jaguars did not receive a compensatory pick this year is the NFL's way of saying their gains and losses in free agency last year were even.

Fred from Portland, OR:
Fabian Washington blew all of the CBs away at the combine with a 4.25 40. We're talking rare world-class speed. Is that enough to push his stock into the first round?

Vic: He ran a 4.26 and that will probably push him into the first round; at the least, very high in the second round.

James from St. Petersburg, FL:
The Jags haven't had an anchor on their offensive line since Tony Boselli. If we saw a chance to grab a Tony Boselli-type tackle over a defensive end, do you think the Jags would take him and do you think there is a Tony Boselli-type tackle in the draft, like maybe Jamaal Brown?

Vic: Tony Boselli isn't in this draft. He wasn't in last year's draft, or the year before that, or the year before that, etc. Offensive tackles of his quality don't come along very often.

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