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It's a beautiful passer rating

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Vincent from Jacksonville:
I would like to know why is it that Mark is still on the roster and Gibson is gone. If I recall, they both made a costly mistake. Also, I've talked to a lot of people and most of them come up with the same opinion. They will become fans again when Tom and his faltered boy wonder Mark are gone. What do you think, and answer with all honesty?

Vic: I don't think you're being logical or fair.

Kevin from Tallahassee, FL:
What happens when a player retires? How does it affect the team's salary cap and does the player have to give any money back? For example, Eric Crouch signed a three-year, $1.3 million contract that included a signing bonus of $395,000.

Vic: Eric Crouch returned his signing bonus. Of course, he forfeited his salary. The Rams' salary cap will be credited with the signing bonus Crouch returned.

Chris from Los Angeles, CA:
First of all, Vic, I love your brutal honesty. Fans don't want to hear the Jags are rebuilding, but they are and this is a point you are totally correct on. My question is about the young offensive linemen we have. Are they talented enough and are simply waiting to gel, or is this line simply not talented enough?

Vic: This offensive line is talented and in the process of developing into a quality unit.

Jason from Norman, OK:
I enjoy your insight and journalism, so thanks from a Jacksonville native serving abroad in the Air Force. I may be "old school," but it always bothers me when players refer to the coach as "Tom." Despite how much money the players make, it seems a breach of discipline. After all, "Tom" is the boss. Maybe I live a life of too much discipline, but I would never call my boss by his or her first name. I call my friends by their first names, but if the players think any coach is their friend or equal, they're wrong, in my book. I know what it takes to have great teamwork. After all, the USAF can kick anybody's butt and it starts with teamwork. What are your thoughts?

Vic: There would seem to be different strokes for different folks. Most of Vince Lombardi's players referred to him as coach Lombardi, but Paul Hornung called him Vince and Lombardi loved Hornung more than any player he had ever coached. Chuck Noll and Terry Bradshaw referred to each other as Chuck and Terry, and they're still feuding. Forget about names. What's in a player's heart? Respect and affection don't require titles.

Patrick from Jacksonville:
With two games down, I have noticed the Jags offense has been able to have sustained drives. I haven't noticed any three-and-outs so far. Is this because we have so many new players Mark is forced to throw to, and that the opposing defenses don't know which receivers to cover as a threat, besides Smith? I, for one, am glad to see the new faces, which forces the team to use and develop the new receivers, instead of benching them if they drop a pass, as in previous years. We may have lost one half of the greatest receiving team when we gave up McCardell, but now we have receivers who are hungry.

Vic: I tend to focus on two reasons for the Jaguars' ability to sustain drives in the first two games this season: 1.) Mark Brunell is an accomplished, veteran quarterback; 2.) The Colts and Chiefs are two of the worst defenses in the league.

Lynn from Mandarin, FL:
I thought Brunell played as well as I've ever seen him in the game against KC. It can't just be the return of Jimmy Smith. To what would you attribute this remarkable change from what we saw in the preseason?

Vic: Jimmy Smith has clearly made a major difference. Beyond that, there's reason to believe the preseason is an absolutely meaningless indicator of a team's skill level.

Sharon from Port Charlotte, FL:
I wrote you earlier and asked your opinion on game one. You said you were satisfied but we were missing the deep ball. In game two, there was a real pretty deep ball. Do you think Mark and company are going to try and start using it again? It worked real nice against KC. They could be reading your column.

Vic: Tom Coughlin does not permit his players to read my column. The 79-yard touchdown pass to Patrick Johnson was supposed to be a five-yard hitch, but when Chiefs cornerback Eric Warfield assumed a press position in his coverage, Johnson broke deep. You might say the Chiefs called that play.

Jim from Jacksonville:
I really enjoy the web site and look forward to your "Ask Vic" installments. How is the quarterback rating calculated?

Vic: Jim, you really don't want to know, which is another way of saying the guy in "A Beautiful Mind" couldn't explain it. It's a very complicated formula that weighs touchdown passes and interceptions most heavily. How do you explain that Trent Green had a 22.9 passer rating after three quarters of Sunday's game were played, and Priest Holmes was at 39.6 with one incomplete attempt?

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