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It's a give-and-take deal

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Tony from Orlando, FL:
Please answer this question. If the Jags are still interested in Jason Sehorn and keep Donovin Darius, what will happen to Jags starting safety Marlon McCree. The Jags can't afford to lose him. Do you agree?

Vic: You're pushing panic buttons. Let it all unfold.

Eric from Omaha, NE:
The Jaguars have certainly attracted a lot of attention as of late, with big free-agent acquisitions and a new head coach. Are there any figures that show how many more fans are going to attend this season's games?

Vic: The Jaguars say they've sold about 5,000 season tickets as a result of excitement for the new era and, of course, new ticket pricing. But we're not going to really know what the real impact is until we see people in the seats.

Steve from Glenside, PA:
There is all this talk about giving Brunell an extension, which I am in favor of, but would his new contract give him a raise, keep his salary the same, or will he take a pay cut to help the team and ensure he retires as a Jag?

Vic: A new deal for Mark Brunell is expected to be a combination contract re-structuring and extension. I would expect Brunell to add 2-3 years to his current deal and move money from the current contract into the future, which would provide salary cap room this season. It's that simple.

Dan from Montreal, Quebec:
In your opinion, what was the worst draft year in Jaguars history? I feel it's a toss-up between 1997 and 2001. What do you think?

Vic: The 2000 draft takes the prize for one obvious reason: R. Jay Soward. He became an embarrassing choice, the stigma of which lingered for two more years. Soward is the only first-round bust in Jaguars history, and in this day and age of seven-round drafts, you can't afford to be careless with your first-day picks.

Ralph from Jacksonville:
What are your thoughts on Marcus Trufant. If we would pick him on draft day what does that do to our secondary? Will we release Fernando Bryant?

Vic: Marcus Trufant is a talented cover-corner and kick-returner who would make any defense better. But I wouldn't expect Trufant to force the release of Fernando Bryant. The Jaguars need a nickel corner and overall depth at the position.

Jeremiah from Jacksonville:
First, I am glad the Jags have extended Fred Taylor's contract. Is the deal as cap-friendly as it appears?

Vic: It's a fair deal and it's structured very responsibly. But you don't sign a player of Fred Taylor's talents without providing a significant signing bonus, and that's where the risk is in this deal. Eight million dollars is a frightening figure. The trade-off appears to be the very aggressive salary incentives to which Taylor agreed. He wanted the signing bonus; the Jaguars wanted the incentives. Cap-friendly? I view the deal as give-and-take.

Kevin from Jacksonville:
I know this doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the Jags, but why in the world is Bill Parcells always referred to as "The Tuna?"

Vic: You don't see the resemblance?

Troy from Murrieta, CA:
I love your opinions! I was just wondering, when the Jaguars make a new deal with Brunell, what will they do with David Garrard?

Vic: Continue to groom him for the future.

Steve from Jacksonville:
We hear and read about Tony Brackens re-negotiating his deal to stay here with less of a cap hit. Are there any real conversations between the Jaguars and Tony Brackens' people? Or are all of these just hopeful thinking? If so, how do you think these negotiations are going and will they get done?

Vic: I expect a contract re-structuring agreement with Tony Brackens that will lower his 2003 salary cap hit significantly.

Tyler from Jacksonville:
On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the hardest), what would you rate our schedule for next year?

Vic: I'd give it an eight.

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