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It's all about T.O.

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Aaron from Gainesville, FL:
How can you say it's about players and not plays? That's double-speak. Every postseason team has one thing in common: great coaches and average quarterbacks.

Vic: This is one of the most ridiculous e-mails I have ever received. Tom Brady average? Football is a real game played by real men of real courage. It is not played inside a video toy. It is played on a 100-yard field of human confrontation. I pity you that you don't understand or appreciate the human drama that is the game of football.

Chris from DeLand, FL:
I was recently watching some old Super Bowl footage and the narrator spoke of Landry's Cowboys using a "Doomsday" defense. I was curious if you could explain what that scheme was?

Vic: "Doomsday" was just a nickname put on that defense, such as the "Steel Curtain," "Purple People Eaters," "Fearsome Foursome," etc. The scheme the Cowboys' "Doomsday Defense" employed was known as the "Flex Defense." It moved its defensive linemen a yard-and-a-half off the ball, to give the linemen time and space to read the offensive line's blocking scheme and react accordingly. It was something between the traditional two-gap defenses of then and the one-gap defensive technique of today. So what are two-gap and one-gap techniques? In two-gap, a defensive lineman plays head up on the offensive lineman across from him, and the defensive lineman is responsible for the gaps to his right and left. In one-gap, the defensive lineman plays in the gap between two offensive linemen, and the defensive lineman is responsible for penetrating that gap and maintaining control of it.

Raymond from Jacksonville:
To me, personally, it doesn't matter if you're 5-7 or 6-6, play-makers come in all sizes. Sanatana Moss and Steve Smith ripped secondaries apart all year, while Matt Jones and Randy Moss had an average year. Does size really scare scouts off?

Vic: I don't think scare is the right word, but size certainly matters in the scouts' evaluations of where a player fits on a value board. You know that.

Matt from Jacksonville:
Regarding Terrell Owens and the Jags, I really do believe we need someone to lead our receiver corps. All due respect to Jimmy, he has lost a step or two and is not the go-to guy anymore. How can he teach these young guys about separation techniques and not dropping passes when those have been issues for him the last few years? As much as I personally dislike Owens, he's a play-maker and he does his job well. I think giving him the responsibility to be a leader instead of a malcontent could help both he and the Jags.

Vic: In other words, all the Jaguars have to do is ask Terrell Owens not to be a bad guy. Gee, why didn't the Eagles think of that?

Aaron from Warner Robins, GA:
Signing Terrell Owens would be considered suicide for the Jags. He is one of the best wide receivers ever, but his attitude is a disruption to the team's morale. He is selfish, which contradicts the team philosophy Del Rio is trying to institute in this locker room.

Vic: I've heard that. This is something we need to discuss on a daily basis. The Terrell Owens situation just hasn't been scrutinized enough. We need to spend more time on it.

Otto from Oberpffafenhofen, Germany:
Do you think the Jags should wear their all-black uniforms when they face Coughlin and the Giants if it's a game in September to make the statement, "we are tougher than you," to get in their heads?

Vic: What's with all the "f's?"

Joe from Jefferson City, MO:
Have you heard anything about Brad Smith? What are your opinions of him?

Vic: He's a tremendous athlete, in the mold of Vince Young and Michael Robinson. Unfortunately, he's a player without a position. Maybe some team will have something in mind for him.

Charlie from Ohio:
I'm so glad you agree that we should acquire Terrell Owens, if we can. Most of the older guys would never want T.O. on their team. Byron would get along with anybody and there's no way T.O. will screw around now so late in his career. I know you say it's a young man's game but this guy is a play-maker.

Vic: Yeah, I'm with you. We gotta get this guy in Jacksonville. Great guy; salt of the earth. I'm sure he's seen the error in his ways. He won't be a problem again. The most important thing is that we keep talking about it. We can't let this die.

Lacy from Jacksonville:
Besides plays and sit-ups, T.O. would get Jacksonville mentioned on every sports-related TV and radio show. Even though most of it would be bad publicity, isn't national recognition what the fans want so bad?

Vic: You're right. It's all about national recognition. Who cares about winning? It's all about getting the pub, baby. Look at what T.O. did for Philadelphia. He got them a lot of pub.

Trey from Jacksonville:
Brett Favre did for the Packers what Michael Vick did for the Falcons. Neither team made it to the Super Bowl. What is your point? Please don't give me that crap where Byron is improving and poised for a big year. You and everyone else in Florida would take Brett over Byron Leftwich any day. Maybe you can find space in your column to post this instead of that C-SPAN CBA stuff.

Vic: I'm not sure what I like best about Favre's stats last season, the 29 interceptions or the 70.9 passer rating. Kyle Boller had a higher passer rating. I guess that's my point.

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