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It's back: 2013 reader mock draft


JACKSONVILLE – For better or worse, it's back.

And if it seems like this third version of the reader mock draft is debuting a bit later than normal this year, well, that means a couple of things:

  1. You are among the two or three readers who monitor such things.
  1. You're quite astute when it comes to all things

The 2013 mock draft is indeed debuting a couple of weeks later than normal, with the reason being we're going to tighten the process a bit. Instead of running it each weekday for a little more than six weeks, we're shooting to get this done in about three weeks.

To do this, instead of the usual formula of going from selections 1-32 in one-pick-per-day format, we'll  have readers select the first 10 selections of the first round over the first 10 days. After that, we'll go more quickly, with the readers selecting picks 11-15 one day, 16-20 the next day, 21-26 the day after that and 27-32 the following day.

We'll then close it out by having the readers select for the Jaguars at No. 33, the first overall selection of the second round.

As has been the case the past two years, the idea is to get a feel for what the readers are thinking about the draft – not just about the Jaguars' selection but beyond. And as also has been the case, the senior writer reserves the right to step in and veto the readers' pick.

That last part sometimes seems unfair. Hey, life isn't always fair.

Mostly, as also has been the case the past two years, let's remember that this mock draft is essentially the same as all other mock drafts. It's not going to nail every pick, and it will probably get a lot more right than wrong. Its point, again like all other mock drafts, is to have some fun and pass the days until draft day.

The way this works, for those new to the process:

The senior writer will offer up a possibility at the ensuing selection. The readers will then vote on the selection by commenting at the end of the story, with option of voting for the senior writer's suggestion or offering a name of their own.

The "votes" will be tallied to produce a selection. Historically, the leading vote-getter gets the nod. Sometimes, the senior writer steps in because  . . . well, because, hey, life isn't fair.

Enough explanation. For better or worse, it's time to get this thing started, and toward that end, we'll offer up left tackle Luke Joeckel to the Kansas City Chiefs.

This is a wide-open draft, a truism that holds just as true at No. 1 as it does for selections 2-32 and beyond. But for now, Joeckel is the player believed by many to be the best overall player, and there are plenty of reasons he makes sense to Kansas City, so until Wednesday – the day the Jaguars will go on our clock at No. 2 – Joeckel is the selection for the Chiefs.

Agree? Disagree? Whatever.

Have at it.

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