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It's time to put this to a vote

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Bill from Orange Park, FL:
If we can't get transcripts, then don't do it. Where is the advantage? It isn't more entertaining (though not less either), but it does limit your potential audience. I am confident the video will not grow your audience beyond the "Ask Vic" readers.

Vic: First of all, how could you know that? Do you have access to surveys with which I am not familiar? I really can't stand the whining and crying any more, so here's what I'm gonna do: I'm gonna have the IT guys post a poll in this column. The question will be: Do you want "Video Ask Vic" to continue? You'll be able to vote "yes" or "no." As I've said, providing a transcript is not an option. I'll do whatever answer the poll results favor. Voting results will not be viewable during the voting process. Voting will end at 10 a.m. tomorrow. The results of the voting will appear in Tuesday's "Ask Vic."

Joe from Pontypridd, Wales:
Brilliant, Vic. I've had at least five guys watch "Video Ask Vic" who had little to no knowledge of football and they already want the Jags to win because with a guy as funny as you on the website, how could the team not be cool? You got five Welsh cops to be Jags fans just because of "Video Ask Vic."

Vic: They'll have a chance to vote.

Craunc from Conway, AR:
I'm not into Fantasy football at all but's front page had a blurb from Michael Fabiano that I had to check out because of Joe Montana. It made the difference between statistical analysis and real football patently clear: Neither Joe Montana nor Walter Payton were in the top 10 players for fantasy football because their stats didn't indicate enough touchdowns. How about winning? Leadership? This experience has reinforced my decision to avoid fantasy football and video games. The human element is immeasurable.

Vic: They are what they are. One doesn't recognize the most important aspect of the game of football, which is to say the battle of the line of scrimmage. The other is a confrontation of pre-programmed results. I have no problem with people playing fantasy football or video football. If you enjoy it, do it. There's nothing wrong with either one. Just, please, don't equate either one with real football. Please, don't even mention them in the same breath. We had a situation in this column last fall in which the video football people didn't even know the coin-toss rules because video football had to doctor the rules to accommodate their game. What did they eliminate? The human factor. They eliminated the potential for doing the unpredictable.

David from St. Augustine, FL:
Well, the schedule looks very exciting. Is it too early for a win/loss prediction?

Vic: If I had told you last April that Greg Jones would be lost for the season, Reggie Hayward would be lost for the season in the first game of the season, Mike Peterson would be lost for the season in the fifth game and that Byron Leftwich, Donovin Darius and Marcus Stroud would all miss big chunks of the season, would you have thought it was too early to make a win/loss prediction? I don't understand the need to predict a win/loss record. If I tell you 10-6, what good is that if I don't tell you whether or not it'll be good enough to get into the playoffs? That's the only prediction that matters: Will the Jaguars make the playoffs? I can tell you that making the playoffs is the expectation. I can tell you that I believe the Jaguars have a playoff-caliber roster. My concern is at quarterback. I need to know it's stable, and it's going to take training camp and the preseason before I can come to that determination. In my opinion, it's all about quarterback. I need to know that position is settled and stable.

Ryan from Jacksonville:
I know you find the schedule favorable and all, but I have been in mourning since the release. You see I am getting married out of town on Oct. 13 and start my honeymoon on the 14th and don't get back to Jacksonville until the 23rd of October. I will miss the Texans game, the Monday night Colts game and not see the Jags at home for two months. What should I do?

Vic: If you don't know what to do by now, you should seek counseling.

Tim from St. Louis, MO:
How is it if you hold a golf tournament it is considered in the total revenue, but if a player holds one they can put the money in their foundation? Aren't they both related to the Jaguars?

Vic: It's an interesting arrangement, isn't it? The Jaguars have to share all of their revenue, but the players are allowed to keep theirs. Imagine a marriage in which one spouse uses their salary to pay all of the bills, and the other spouse is free to do as they please with their salary.

Joe from Jacksonville:
If you had your choice to pick any player in this year's draft, who would it be and why?

Vic: It would be the best available player. In other words, if you tell me I have the first pick of the draft, my selection is Adrian Peterson.

Owen from Pittsburgh, PA:
I called Jacksonville home from 1995 until just late last year when I moved to Pittsburgh for a job. I'm still an avid fan of both the Jags and your column. What Primanti Bros. do you plan on visiting? I wouldn't mind you having the sandwich and beer on me.

Vic: I wouldn't mind having the sandwich and beer on you, either. See you at Market Square.

Doug from Jacksonville:
If you were the GM and or head coach, who would you take with the 17th overall pick in this year's draft?

Vic: What am I doing wrong? Why am I unable to make everyone believe that I truly do believe in the philosophy of drafting the best available player? Why? Because I think it's better than taking a player that's not as good.

Michael from Jackson, MS:
Who is the better back out of college, Reggie Bush or Adrian Peterson?

Vic: In my opinion, Adrian Peterson is a better running back, if you're using that term in its true sense. Peterson is a better inside runner. Peterson is someone to whom you will give the ball on third-and-one and fourth-and-one, instead of giving it to someone else. Reggie Bush is a versatile player. He's a player you have to get out into space. He's not a true running back. Peterson is.

Joel from Jacksonville Beach, FL:
What is a Primanti Bros. sandwich?

Vic: It's a meal – French fries included – on a bun. That's right, the French fries are in the sandwich. That way, you can hold a beer in your other hand, instead of a fork. It saves time.

James from Sierra Vista, AZ:
I thought your "Video Ask Vic" was much improved over last week. Last week it looked like you were jumpy, nervous and you didn't really answer the questions that well or provide entertainment. This week? Great job. Here's to hoping it gets even better.

Vic: Thanks, but I think you're taking it a little too seriously.

Brad from Fort Worth, TX:
I think your comments on backups being backups for a reason is a little off the mark. When I think of those situations, I think of a guy you might have heard of: Priest Holmes. He was the backup to Jamal Lewis and look how that turned out. The Chiefs won big on that one.

Vic: How about Rob Johnson? He was a backup. Did the Bills win big on that one? How about Elvis Grbac? Did the Chiefs and Ravens win big on that one? Lamont Jordan was Curtis Martin's backup and the Raiders paid Jordan a lot of money because they believed he had star potential. It didn't turn out that way, did it? How about A.J. Feeley? Ouch! Mark Brunell was a backup and that worked well for the Jaguars. Of course, he was backing up Brett Favre. Steve Young was a backup. Of course, he was backing up Joe Montana. Each situation has to be judged on its own merits, but I could name a lot more backups who turned out to be busts than backups who became stars.

Gregory from Jacksonville:
Let me try to put this so you can understand, old-timer. Imagine there was a daily column in the newspaper you love to read. Then, one day the column disappears on Fridays and is replaced by a TV program instead with the goofy, bumbling writer now trying to parlay the success of his column into a TV show. Please, lose video Vic or at the very least offer a transcript.

Vic: Wow! You're really tough.

Stephen from Robinson, PA:
Since you are taking fond memories as payment, here is my deposit in the "Ask Vic" account: I was in the Navy and was stationed in Jacksonville back in 1995. I was an original subscriber to "Jaguars Inside Report" and have followed "Ask Vic" ever since. My favorite memory to deposit in your account was while being at sea our sports news was very limited. We pulled in for a day and my wife presented me with all the "JIR's" that I had missed. There was my wife, who I had not seen for some time, with a handful of "JIR's." What a wife! Having those with me for the remainder of that deployment was one of the greatest gifts I have ever received. They provided a much-needed break from the routine of being at sea. Thanks for all the great years of reporting on the Jags and looking forward to the next chapter of the 2007 season.

Vic: If there had been more sailors like you, we wouldn't have gone out of business.

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