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It was about personality

Join Jaguars Inside Report Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Patrick from Pittsburgh, PA:
Do you feel Weaver made the right choice? What do you think Del Rio has that Mularkey doesn't? Were you surprised by this choice?

Vic: Based on what Wayne Weaver wanted, which is to say someone who could pump life into this team and its fan base, I believe he has made the right choice. Jack Del Rio appears to be someone with boundless energy and he exhibited that energy in his interview with Weaver. Having covered Mike Mularkey when he played for the Steelers, I know Mike to be a very reserved person. He was always a great interview and spoke volumes, but his personality is not pep-rally-like. From what I understand, his interview with Weaver lacked the kind of fire and brimstone Weaver was seeking. For that reason, Del Rio is not a surprise choice.

Philip from Woodmere, NY:
Love your column. Check this out and tell me what you think. An overtime where a team gets the ball with 7:30 on the clock and has that time to do with it what they will. If they score a touchdown or a field goal, they get the ball back again on a kickoff, and if they are too far to kick a field goal they have to go for it on fourth down. No punting! If they fail on fourth down they get the ball back off another kickoff. The object would be for the offense to score as many points as possible in 7:30. Afterward, the other team's offense would get 7:30 to do the same. If they can top the amount of points the first team accumulated in under 7:30, the game is over. It seems simple and fair. The only thing is that it's a little bit innovative and the NFL may not like that. However, I don't see any "fairness" argument that could arise. Of course, if the teams are tied at the end of the overtime periods, it can be a tie. If it's the playoffs, do it again. Sounds like great football to me. What do you think?

Vic: It's not fair or simple. Teams that run the ball would be at a distinct disadvantage. I like sudden death. Simple and dramatic. If it was good enough for Johnny Unitas, it's good enough for me.

Sharon from Port Charlotte, FL:
Some say women pick football teams by their uniform or appearance. I sort of did that and became an avid Jags fan. It was 1996 and a friend was watching football and the Jags were playing. He taught me some aspects of the game and I became a fan. What I'm getting at is Weaver seemed to have done the same deal with his new coach. I didn't go wrong with picking my team, and a handsome coach is a nice addition for the female fans. But can this guy do the job?

Vic: The suspense is what makes this so interesting. You'll have to live it.

Bharat from Jacksonville:
With the hiring of Del Rio, where does Brunell stand? Will Peete's presence in Carolina last year also influence Del Rio to go with a veteran presence? I'm curious and excited about this new era.

Vic: Your question will be one of the first asked of Jack Del Rio; maybe tonight, but certainly Saturday morning when he sits down to breakfast with the media. Let's wait for Del Rio to answer the question.

Dave from St. Marys, GA:
Is it normal to invite the public to a press conference?

Vic: No, but the Jaguars did it last April on draft day and the event was a major success. Wayne Weaver is trying to win fans and favor for the Jaguars in Jacksonville and this is one of the ways to do that. As a stodgy, old member of the media, I have no complaint.

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