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It works both ways

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Bruce from St. Simons Island, GA:
I agree totally about the college overtime. I find the 63, 62-point games unnatural.

Vic: Especially after a 10-10 tie at the end of regulation.

Beth from Orange Park, FL:
You stated that Donovin Darius can not return this season because he is on the injured reserve list. Am I wrong or wasn't Tedy Bruschi on the Patriots injured reserve list prior to returning to play?

Vic: Tedy Bruschi wasn't on IR, he was on PUP (physically unable to perform). PUP players get a window in the middle of the season, at which time they must be moved from PUP to the active roster or to IR. Bruschi, obviously, was put on the active roster. A player must be put on PUP before training camp begins.

Steve from Jacksonville:
Regarding the Fred Taylor "where do you stand?" editorial, don't we, the ticket purchasing public of Jacksonville, have a right to expect a professional quality performance from our pro team?

Vic: You absolutely should expect a quality performance from your pro team, and you have every right to boo if you don't like your team's performance. This is America and we are free to express ourselves. You must understand, however, that expression works both ways. I don't think it's fair to boo the players and expect them to say thank you. When you boo, you exercise your right to free speech. You're telling the players what you think of their performance. Taylor was exercising his right to free speech. He was telling you how he felt about being booed. What interested me about his comments was the courage it took to make them. There isn't a player in the locker room who didn't want to say the same thing. Taylor was the guy who stood up for them. He was the guy who spoke for them and took the heat. I like that.

Brian from Rowland Heights, CA:
You mentioned that the greatest offensive player of all-time is Jim Brown. I can't argue anything about that because I have never seen him play. How close will LaDanian Tomlinson come to these ranks? I mean, come on, receiving touchdowns, rushing touchdowns and now passing touchdowns?

Vic: There wasn't anything Jim Brown couldn't do. In addition to his football exploits, he might've been the greatest player in lacrosse history. If you have a favorite player you consider to be the greatest of all-time, that's fine. I can tell you that Brown wasn't my favorite player; it's just that his talent was undeniable. If you ask 10 football historians who the greatest player of all-time was, probably nine of them would say Brown. Some might even tell you he is the greatest athlete of all-time.

Josh from Jacksonville:
Did you hear the noise the fans brought late in the fourth quarter when the Jaguars had finally reached that 30th point? Even though it doesn't matter how many points you beat the opposing team by, how did you feel?

Vic: I was delighted to see it happen so we could get the whole 30-point thing out of the way. In my opinion, it got way too much attention.

Mike from Orange Park, FL:
In my opinion, the player of the game is Mike Peterson, because of his all-around awesome performance. Who do you think is the player of the game?

Vic: Mike Peterson had a killer game; 10 tackles, a sack, an interception and 26-yard return for a touchdown, and two passes-defensed. I'm going to give the nod, however, to Matt Jones. Sunday was his coming-out party. He had five catches for 115 yards and a touchdown, on a day when no other receiver did much of anything. With Ernest Wilford injured, Jones will probably take on a greater role in the Jaguars passing game, which means Jones could become a real important guy in the Jaguars' stretch run.

Ronnie from Jacksonville:
After those two running plays near the end of the first half, I thought, here we go again, playing not to lose. When they threw the long pass with four minutes to go in the game, I thought, finally, going for the juggler. I hope this leads to the open offense we were promised.

Vic: I'm not a go for the jugular kind of guy. We see football from very different perspectives.

Tim from Fayetteville, AR:
I am surprised it took Jacksonville this long to figure out how to properly use Matt Jones' talent. Throw the ball downfield and let him go get it. I have been wondering why they have waited so long, but maybe they now have it figured out. He is a freak, and although you will never admit it, he could be the go-to guy on this team if Byron would remember he is on the field.

Vic: I agree with you that the way Matt Jones was used against the Ravens is the way he should be used. His height makes him a guy you want to get out in space, along the sideline or in the corner of the end zone, for example, where he can use his size to overwhelm a smaller defensive back. If you run him over the middle, he's a big target for defensive backs. If you run him into open spaces, he's a big target for the quarterback.

Robert from Las Vegas, NV:
Who do you think was the biggest NFL draft upset in NFL history?

Vic: I assume you're referring to a draft steal, which, in my opinion, would be Tom Brady.

Dan from Rochester, NY:
Is it me or is Byron one of the only guys who really, truly seems to express himself and not hold anything back when he's interviewed? It just seems like he has the most confidence in this team and always has something positive to say about the team. Do you feel this way, too, when you interview him?

Vic: Byron Leftwich is a great interview. He is one of the most media-friendly players I have ever known. He has respect for the job we have to do. He has respect for the whole pro football process, which I love about him. He's a fan of the game who loves to talk football. I admit Leftwich's treatment of the media has deepened my support of him.

Joel from Orange Park, FL:
What are the requirements for a fair catch signal and is there a penalty for making a misleading gesture?

Vic: "A fair catch signal is valid … when one arm is fully extended above the head and waved from side to side. A receiver may legally raise his hand(s) to his helmet (but not above the helmet) in order to shield his eyes from the sun." An invalid fair catch signal results in a five-yard penalty from the spot of the foul.

John from Jacksonville:
Last night the Steelers played three quarterbacks. Batch started and got hurt. Maddox relieved and Randle El took a snap from center. I thought once a team played their third quarterback in a game he had to finish the game at quarterback. What exactly is the rule for playing your third quarterback in a game?

Vic: Antwaan Randle El was not designated as a "third quarterback." The Steelers did not designate a "third quarterback" for the game against the Browns.

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