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Join Senior Editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Ryan from Jacksonville:
Great article on Toefield, but it leads me to think about the Jags' running back corps. You mentioned Greg Jones and Fu (vowel rationing) as the power, and Toefield and Allen as the hands, but where does Marc Edwards fit into the mix? After all, wasn't he signed last year with the intention of being more than just a blocker?

Vic: Marc Edwards is a fullback who can catch. He has reliable hands but not much in the way of after-the-catch ability. LaBrandon Toefield and David Allen, on the other hand, are potential touchdown-makers. That's the difference. Edwards caught 31 passes last year, but his receptions fell off in the second half of the season as Toefield's catches increased. That's a trend I expect to continue.

Scot from Jacksonville:
About how many running backs (including fullbacks) do you think will make the 53-man roster for the Jaguars? As many as six?

Vic: Five is a more likely number. Last season, the Jaguars carried four running backs (Fred Taylor, LaBrandon Toefield, Fu (vowel rationing) and David Allen) and one fullback (Marc Edwards). We have to keep an eye on how the Jaguars use Greg Jones and whether or not he's capable of that role. Jones' training camp and preseason performance will go a long way toward shaping the Jaguars' backfield roster, which is one of the deepest areas of this team.

Dan from Kane, PA:
I would first like to say this is a great column and could you please answer my question? My question is about Jason Gildon and Jeremiah Trotter. I would love to see them in Jacksonville this season, any chance or any interest?

Vic: I don't expect the Jaguars will sign either player.

Trent from Litchville, ND:
Do the AFLers who want to come to the NFL go through the draft or are they just free agents? Do you like the AFL and why or why not?

Vic: They've already gone through the draft. They're free agents now. Yes, I like the arena football game. I became fond of it a couple of years ago when I did radio for the since-defunct Jacksonville Tomcats of AF2. The Tomcats had an exciting kick-returner named Shorty Pullen who returned something like nine or 10 kicks for touchdowns that season. On a 50-yard, indoor, rock-hard surface, he was the quickest thing I've ever seen in shoulder pads. Arena ball is a gimmicky game and that kind of turns me off, but when I got close to it I developed a strong attraction to the players' desperation and the game's business-on-a-shoestring intrigue.

Gene from Keystone Heights, FL:
I am confused by the NFL college graduation prohibition. How can Wilford be at camp but Williams cannot? And is Williams the only rookie not at camp?

Vic: Reggie Williams is not at passing camp because the University of Washington has yet to complete its semester; Ernest Wilford's Virginia Tech classes are over. Williams will be in attendance for the final week of spring practices (June 15-17). Washington teammate Rich Alexis, an undrafted player, has also been absent this spring. They are the only two rookies still absent.

Lou from Charleston, SC:
I am new to Jacksonville but love the Jaguars and the radio broadcasts. My question is that I heard on your radio show that Cole Pepper was a fill-in for Brian Sexton, and the other day I saw a bottle of barbecue sauce with his name on it. Is that the same person?

Vic: Yes, Cole is now in the barbecue-sauce business. Frankly, it's pretty good. He gave me a free bottle and I'm using it. When it's gone I'm going to ask him, why didn't I get one of those free bottles like all of the other guys did? I'll see how many times I can pull that off before he says no and makes me buy the stuff.

Ryan from Jacksonville:
Any chance the Jags might look at someone like Jason Gildon, who played DE in college, to help their pass-rush, or do you think the Brackens re-signing will be the last major move made by the team this offseason?

Vic: I wouldn't bet a sleeve of balls on it, but I'm inclined to believe the Brackens signing is the Jaguars' last major roster addition of this offseason.

Jason from Jacksonville:
I'm the guy who asked what would be a good strategy for flag football. We used the "sunburst" defense all year. Other teams in our league started using it. Seriously, Vic, it has become a trend to not set your defense until the offense is already set. You can hear coaches on the sidelines yelling, "Don't show it, don't show it!" So thanks a million, we actually used your strategy and it worked!

Vic: I read your letter to Jaguars defensive coordinator Mike Smith and I asked him what his reaction was, and Smith responded, "You da man, you da man." Personally, I think he might steal my idea and use it with the Jaguars defense.

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