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'Jag Summer' big project

Join senior editor Vic Ketchman as he tackles the fans' tough questions.

Donnie from St. Augustine, FL:
Who is the Jaguars all-time leading scorer? Who has the most defensive touchdowns?

Vic: Mike Hollis is the Jaguars' all-time leading scorer with 764 points. Aaron Beasley is the all-time leader in defensive touchdowns with four; two by interception and two by fumble recovery.

Justin from Fernandina Beach, FL:
How is it that Jacksonville is the second-smallest market in football when it isn't the second-smallest city based on population? Nashville, Charlotte, Indianapolis and Buffalo are all smaller than Jacksonville based on population.

Vic: Are you sure you're comparing apples to apples and oranges to oranges? Jacksonville's city boundaries extend much farther out than most cities' boundaries. What would be suburbs in other places are figured into the Jacksonville city population. When you figure it that way, Jacksonville is going to have a larger population than a lot of cities that are significantly larger than Jacksonville in market size. The four cities you mentioned are all larger than Jacksonville in market size. As of the start of the 2003 season, Indianapolis was the nation's 25th-largest market, Charlotte was 28th, Nashville was 30th, Buffalo was 44th and Jacksonville was 52nd.

Steve from Jacksonville:
Just a thought about reasons Alltel Stadium doesn't sell out. In my opinion, ticket prices are really not that bad but the concessions tend to keep some people away. What do you think?

Vic: I think if I really loved football I could stop eating for three hours. Maybe I could bury something just outside the stadium so that when the game was over I could run right to it, dig it up and eat it before I starved to death.

Stephen from Kailua, Hawaii:
Are there currently any teams that have seats covered for this year?

Vic: No.

John from Tampa, FL:
I've heard the third preseason game is the most important indication of how an offense is doing in preseason. Why is it the third game and not the fourth, when the starters will play more?

Vic: Starters play longest in the next-to-last, or third, preseason game. Coaches actually do some game-planning for that game and it is generally considered to be the closest thing to a regular season game in intensity. The last preseason game is dedicated to roster battles. Coaches get their starters in and out so they can have them healthy and rested for the regular season opener, and play-calling is very basic.

Andy from Jacksonville:
I'm pretty sure you've explained this before but I guess I'm a slow-learner. What is the difference between one-gap and two-gap?

Vic: Two-gap technique requires a defensive tackle to play head-up on the offensive lineman across from him. A two-gap DT is responsible for the gaps on either side of the blocker he's engaging. One-gap technique puts the defensive tackle in a gap between two blockers, and the DT is responsible for penetrating and maintaining control of that gap.

Patrick from Morgantown, WV:
I just read on that they are interested in Anaheim, Calif., for an NFL franchise as early as 2008. Why put football back where it has failed or was unable to remain before?

Vic: Because a lot of people live in the Los Angeles/Anaheim area. It is almost inconceivable that the NFL doesn't have a team in Los Angeles. It will. Count on it.

Mike from Orange Park, FL:
Coach Del Rio made a mention in "Jaguars Summer" that Kyle Brady needs to step it up. Is this a preview of Kyle maybe being cut or will his great blocking keep him around one more year to let Wrighster develop as a blocker?

Vic: I don't know the answer to that question, but I know Jack Del Rio has clearly taken steps to motivate Kyle Brady to a higher level of performance. We'll see if it works.

Frankie from Atlanta, GA:
A lot was said regarding Tommy Hendricks when he came to Jacksonville from Miami. I've been impressed so far with what I've seen in camp. What's his status? Do you think he has a legitimate chance at starting?

Vic: Tommy Hendricks was one of the most pleasant surprises of training camp. If I'm reading the situation correctly, the Jaguars signed Hendricks to be a special teams star and a backup linebacker. My observations lead me to believe Hendricks will play a lot of linebacker this year and that, yes, he is very definitely in the hunt for a starting job.

Tom from Jacksonville:
I know you are a football guy and you don't care much for questions like this, but I've really been enjoying "Jaguars Summer" on NFL Network and it occurs to me that something like this could be done every year. A locally-produced version would not only be a revenue source for the team but would give the fans that inside look that we all crave this time of the year. Perhaps it would also create additional demand for tickets. What do you think, Vic?

Vic: "Jaguars Summer" is the most expensive undertaking in NFL Network's young history. We're talking about a massive project. You don't do what Phil Tuckett and NFL Films are doing with the resources available to local TV stations. Tuckett has a crew of 40 people in Jacksonville doing the video and audio gathering work, and a crew of eight editors back in Philadelphia who don't finish putting the finishing touches on each week's episode until a few hours before it's shown.

Jason from Orange Park, FL:
Hey, Vic, I was listening to the radio show and Jeff (Lageman) mentioned a kicker that used to kick both punts/kickoffs for the Jaguars. If I'm not mistaken, I think Steve Lindsey used to handle both jobs. Am I correct?

Vic: I think you are.

Kim from Jacksonville:
Have the Carolina Panthers had good attendance records since their inception? What is their stadium capacity? Have they had to deal with blackouts as well? Enjoy your column very much.

Vic: The Carolina situation is different from Jacksonville's because the Panthers initially sold "Permanent Seat Licences," which have helped in protecting the Panthers from blackouts. The Panthers have had two TV blackouts in their history, both in the 2002 season. Amazingly, they had none in 2001 when the Panthers were 1-15. The Panthers have had some very low-attendance games, but, again, the PSLs have insulated the team against blackouts. The PSLs have resulted in tickets being bought but not used. If you own a PSL and don't buy a season ticket, you lose your PSL. Bank of America Stadium seats 73,250. Without having sold PSLs, the size of the stadium in Charlotte would make tickets a very tough sell.

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